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  1. Hmm, doesn't this just mean that when prices fall by a further 20-30% that you just lose more money buying a more expensive house now?
  2. Ahh, just had a look at the comments posted on the Times site. It's nice to know that HPC members don't take this crap sitting down. As others have mentioned it's also good publicity for the site too. I really can't believe people who were ramping up that market just a short while ago are now behaving like they saw it coming all along.
  3. Good point. One thing I've learnt over the years is the amount of bias or 'marketing' that makes it way into newspapers articles, which is then passed off as fact. The major property market vested interests have been issuing 'favourable' press releases for years. These are cut/pasted and regurgitated by columnists with little additional thought. Mr Joe or Ms Josephine Public read these articles, and are heavily influenced by them. This well oiled heavy weight marketing machine is a monster, and it isn't afraid to push aside any HPC spanners that are thrown into the works. As we sit hear eating crisps and watching telly, these marketing minds are working hard. Words like crash are replaced with 'the property market pauses for breath'. Predictions for falls in prices are replaced with 'it's futile to try and make predictions about the future of house prices', and if I hear that damn 'the underlying fundamentals are sound' argument again... I find HPC an excellent site for countering this marketing spin. Here I don't feel like the odd one out for not having ones head stuck firmly in the sand.
  4. Good point, I first heard about HPC when a deluded Times columnist was slating it back in 2005. I remember the day, sitting in the canteen eating chips with the sun shining. P.S. I don't know if it's already been done, but a where did you hear about housepricecrash.co.uk poll would be interesting.
  5. http://timesbusiness.typepad.com/money_web...092220 Quote: The end of annoying one-issue websites. The harbingers of doom at websites such as www.housepricecrash.co.uk and www.propertysnake.co.uk will have nothing left to warn us about. House price crash? Been there, done that. Been there and done that? What?? I thought the crash still had years to run, and won't be behind us for some time. With VI spin like that to combat I suspect HPC.co.uk will be around for a while yet. Edit: fixed url for article
  6. I wonder if Gordon Brown ever comes here
  7. Old Donald Trump, on the verge of a 1 billion investment in UK real estate, feels that we will avoid the worst of any property plunge. Nothing like a bit of VI spin to feed the bulls out there. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle4193503.ece
  8. Another free site: http://www.nethouseprices.com/ and I also like to use Microsoft Maps to view satellite images of properties. Probably better than Google Earth, as it has a nice birds eye view option. http://maps.live.com/?mkt=en-gb
  9. A bit too early to leave the planetary economy though.
  10. Well you could also correctly say that house prices have never gone up and stayed up...
  11. http://www.zombiesarecoming.com I remember the days when hpc.co.uk was considered ridiculous...
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