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  1. You seriously think there will be regular flights to and from the UK in the medium to long term?
  2. Jim Sinclair no doubt makes his squillions by scaring people into buying overpriced gold.
  3. Low rates result from a quasi-ideological desire to maintain high levels of GDP "growth". Thought you'd know this, tbh.
  4. I think the phrase being used is "pounding sand down a rathole". The holes opening up in the banks' balance sheets aren't just the mortgages but all the derivatives/securities etc. based on these mortgages. As far as I'm aware the value of these derivatives is many times the size of the entire global economy.
  5. As far as I'm aware we're in deflation mode in terms of broad money, but in inflation in terms of CPI, which is largely a result of sterling devaluation. The idea of printing money until it "percolates" is fundamentally flawed as the result is as likely to be a) none, due to it simply entering into cavernous holes of debt in the banks' balance sheets or b ) an uncontrolled wave of inflation due to them overprinting. My suspicion is that what they want is reasonably controlled inflation at around 5% to erode debt levels over 10-15 years, but that remains reliant on a certain level of economic stability. As there is no indication that they're considering straight-out printing at the present time, I think it's still too early to call deflation or inflation.
  6. We call him mister monkeybatman around here, sonny.
  7. Yeah that should be the plan. The strange thing is that during the Lib/Lab coalitions in the 70's, Wilson always managed to duck out of delivering PR. The Libs are pretty expert at not getting what they want, in historical terms at least.
  8. Well they've never voted in Westminster yet, even on the most crucial votes. They claim full expenses though!
  9. Cameron = public schoolboy Clegg = public schoolboy
  10. Not sure about that. If the Libs had got 70+ seats so that they could ensure a majority, they could throw their weight around a lot more. As they can't do that, they've got to hedge their bets a bit themselves. We shall see, though.....
  11. On BBC now - he's stated that Tories get first dibs.
  12. Interesting article: http://www.thetrumpet.com/index.php?q=5243.3532.0.0
  13. You should know that Big Soap would never let it happen.
  14. You've got to be a bit careful with the Germans, because they have this cultural tradition called "five minutes to midnight". What it means in practice is that they faff around for ages appearing to be clueless, then one of them says "gentlemen, it is five minutes to midnight" and they make whatever unpleasant decision has to be made. It's what did for Rover. The reason it's dangerous now is because it might mean the end of the global financial can-kicking.
  15. Tricky one though. No Germany = no Eurozone. Maybe there was a reason why Gerhard Schroeder was so keen to cement those energy ties with Russia.
  16. Can you explain why Proctor and Gamble's shares fell 37% then? Did somebody announce a technological breakthrough that removed the need for soap?
  17. QE or "orderly" ( ) series of expulsions and defaults. Depends on whether the Germans are more committed to the European Project or their own fiscal probity.
  18. Jesse's running a poll on this, and the favourite appears to be JPM. I'm surprised Barclay's isn't there, as I've long suspected them to be chock-full of raw sewage.
  19. South Korea, like other Asian tigers such as Indonesia, Singapore etc. was pretty much a dictatorship, if a relatively soft one. But yes, a sense of national purpose combined with social discipline (either innate or imposed) is key, I think.
  20. Untrue. Britain spent it on things like V-bombers, aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines etc. At the Americans' insistance, of course.
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