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  1. It's not exaggerating to say that wasting a pretty substantial some of money she's not had to work for, when she's been skint all her life, because she's been brainwashed by Krusty et al would be be a personal tragedy for her. Heartbreaking for me to watch too. There are clever ways of buying in a crashing market and silly ways (like just paying the over optimistic asking price straight out a la mum). My mum, bless her, is not going to make the shrewd decision without advice and help. I would like to think, having loitered on this site as a guest for years, and soaking up all the info and debate like a sponge, and being a ftb in waiting myself, I could be in a position to help. But after speaking to her today I wonder whether some people just won't ever 'get it'...may be they just don't want to. After all, I think accepting the end of the housing boom is a major cultural and mental shift for a large proportion of our population, including my mother, who truly thought it would never end, and she's lived through at least three HPCs before! Are people's memories really so short?
  2. I am offering to help her. She's not reacting well or accepting the offering substantially below asking price thing (she's a homeowner and just can't see why you'd want to price in future depreciation in your offer!!) She's never had much money and this is the chance for her to be mortgage free, comfortable in retirement and happy. I really want that for her...or she could buy property in 2009... Will she or won't she accept my advice? I'll keep you posted. She's fully indoctrinated in the media ramping, 'prices may be dropping but not in my street' mentality, so if I manage to stop her making one of the biggest mistakes of her life I'll eat my hat
  3. A year or two. Do you know women? The money is burning a hole in her handbag! I should have known she be a numpty with her inheritance when she started buying expensive clothes on her credit card before it was even through probate... She's got a small mortgage (under £20k) on our family house. Guess what? shes not going to pay it off!!! She's just going to sink the whole lot into an 'investment' property. I think in this current climate, there is no such thing. I want to scream.
  4. My mum has just come into some money. We talk about HPI and HPC a lot. I've tried to open her eyes to what is happening in the market and what is likely to happen. My mum doesn't have a private pension. So... She wants to use all her inheritance, a couple of hundred grand, to invest in property!!!! Talking about buying a holiday let in the South or South West. After everything I've said about pricing out locals and buying in the first half of the HPC being not a great move... Just spent a whole afternoon telling why she shouldn't do it just now...still doesn't get it. I know she's my mum and all but what is wrong with people!?!?!?! Do I carry on trying? Possibly falling out with her in trying to save her financial ar5e. Or do I give up now and watch her pay the asking price for a depreciating asset?
  5. I think the issue here is CHOICE. With HPI at an unsustainable level, with houses where I live being 6/7/8 even 9 times the average salary, couples had no choice but to both work to provide a home of an adequate size for a family. You could only afford to be a stay at home mum if you were either on benefits (and therefore getting your rent paid) or if you all crammed into a tiny flat and shared beds victorian slum stylie. At which point you'd probably find yourselves visited by social services. So this HPC should, fingers crossed, allow couples to have the choice to look after their children at home, or not. I'm not saying the best thing for everyone is to have one stay at home parent. But I'm angry some families never got the choice, even though they were in average/good white collar jobs. My point is, that HPI took away that choice from people. They both HAD to work to afford a roof over their heads, regardless of their personal preferences. It was unsustainable and it was sociological madness long term.
  6. Lol, sweeping judgements? I have friends who cry themselves to sleep at night because they have to work, and what they really want is to stay at home with their very young children, equally I have plenty of friends who found themselves unable to be a full time mum because they didn't feel 'themselves' unless they were working. Fair enough. I won't know until I get there, but I intend to, and more importantly WANT to be a housewife and I'm not afraid to admit to it, and am prepared to take a cut in living standards to achieve it! HPC will help us and our plans no end. Amongst us thirtysomethings it's not really done to admit that, people express shock and even disappointment at your lack of ambition (or willingness to put something other than money first). I've got my career now though but, having a family, looking after my hardworking husband, and maybe if I have time, doing a Heritage management MA part-time would make me much happier. They are my true ambitions. I was after all talking about myself, and how I feel now at 32, newly married, childless, renting in rural berkshire and paying through the nose for it, not you or anybody else for that matter. I just personally don't see the point in having children if you don't see them from breakfast until bedtime? It's like a house share with toddlers...
  7. We planning to do something really controversial when we have kids. I have a good degree (earned before dumbing down began), a post-grad, a well paid job at a charity (still can't afford to buy a house in Berkshire though!)...but, I'm going to stay at home and look after the child we've made. We going to attempt to live off my husband's salary...our home owning friends are aghast. I think they think our kids will look like something from 'Oliver', all rags and dirty faces! But what is the point of having children if someone else ends up bringing them up because you're both trying to earn enough to pay your mammoth mortgage!?! This HPC can't come quick enough. We'll be able to buy an adequate family home and live in it on one salary for 20yrs. Ok we might have to move a bit further west on the M4 corridor, but what a change from this situation we were in a couple of years ago unable to afford even a new build flat in a vile deadend town like Maidenhead... Vive la revolution! (and sticking two fingers up to the establishment)
  8. This government have never rewarded childless hardworking people, so paying people to remain so was never going to happen. They now rely purely on the underclass and media nimbies for their votes. Interestingly, several of our friends have expressed shock that we even chose to get married, because you are financially penalised for it in this country. Other friends have seen buying a house together or having children (out of wedlock) as more a show of long term commitment. I get the feeling our generation (I'm 32) seem to judge everything by cost/financial gain/personal wealth. How sad. Some of the comments on this thread support that - Hamish! How dreadful that we have condensed our lives to purely be measured by money. I think HPC is the last bastion of sanity in this country at times (with the exception of Sibley and Rynosorous or whatever his name is)!
  9. Congratulations! Personally, we have chosen not to have children until we were: a) married (did that on March 6th) Owned a house, renting is too unstable and moving around every year when LLs try to shaft you with a rent rise at the end of every contract is a nightmare without kids let alone with (planning to buy 2010) c) able to afford it (kids don't have to cost you a lot, you don't NEED that £400 buggy, just get a handmedown, but you do have to be able to feed them to a reasonable standard!) I don't think its a case of whether you do or don't see children as a financially worthwhile exercise, it's when and how you have them, and how you choose to bring them up that dictates how much of a strain they are on your finances. We never had a foreign holiday when we were growing up, going camping instead. My parents chose to do that so they could buy us a bike for christmas, or whatever. Some people, just give their kids too much, buy them designer baby clothes etc, and still expect to go abroad every year. They should cut their cloth accordingly, not moan that they can't have a weekly manicure like they used to before they had children. They should get over it. Can you tell I don't suffer fools!?!
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