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  1. This peer is a good example of how it seems only labour inner london councils can actually charge cheap rent for their council homes, but when we see how they allocate them, it seems that even still , no one in need is benefiting. In other places (non-labour stooge run/favoured authorities), people in work are struggling with supposedly 'affordable' council housing rents. I remember learning about rotten boroughs etc at school, it all seems so horribly familiar now.
  2. What about 'affordable housing'? If rents are almost market rate for council housing because its all outsourced and they have to make a profit now, how will people afford to pay it with wage deflation (which I see all around me)? Surely the whole point of council housing is to be affordable, for those who don't qualify for housing benefit? What happens when the housing associations charging almost market rate rent, chuck struggling tenants out for non-payment? where do they go then? the street? The whole system is broken. (I feel a 'this country has gone to the dogs' rant coming on...)
  3. My key worker housing was in the middle of a dodgy estate (where toddlers were to be seen wandering alone in the middle of the night in just their nappy), and the view out of my window was a factory. We decided that paying the £100 extra a month to live in a nicer place was worth it. What we saved on the contents and car insurance alone by not living in and around 'council housing' justified the extra expense! Wanted to add that this is a deliberate social policy of this government to place the 'ne'r do wells' with the 'working class' people, in the hope the work ethic rubs off. Unfortunately, in my experience it just means that they have to travel less far to rob.
  4. Actually even council housing has been 'outsourced' now. Private housing associations run/provide most of it, so council house rent (unless you are on benefits) is at market rate pretty much, it's just easier to get repairs done. When I was eligable for 'Key worker' housing, my rent on a tiny 1-bed housing association flat was £800 a month, and it rose by rpi +1.5% a year! That was a big hike when the figures were at a couple of % or more. The only people benefiting from cheap 'Council house' (Housing association) rent are those completely out of work. Those still with a job, but needing housing are in for a shock when they see their rental contract from the local housing association I can tell you! It is far from cheap!
  5. I used to work for your council (W&M). You would not believe the amount of that 60 mill council tax receipt money that has to go back to the government because your area is seen as 'affluent' and therefore does not need (apparently) all those receipts for social housing. I don't know about you, but when I lived in Maidenhead I saw a LOT of people who were far from 'affluent' in fact a tide of them growing so fast I moved out of the area. W&M are heading for a significant shortfall in funding for housing in this recession as they have always been milked by government, who see the area as rich (when it hasn't been for years, and those who were have now lost their city jobs). As the MP is Tory (Theresa May), Nulabour sucked it dry even more. At some point the council will hit a financial wall and it's not far away believe me. Edited for terrible spelling!
  6. Based in Berkshire, near Newbury. You wouldn't be in the military police or anything! Mostly civis/engineers there now.
  7. AWE = Atomic Weapons Establishment. Nice place to work if you're not an 'objector'. 24? Try 32.
  8. Actually we employ several civil and aeronautical engineers, who have left the police force, having served as traffic cops. Some were qualified before, some qualified on the job with us. AWE or Highways/Traffic depts in local authorities would employ in you in a shot as you will have learned to deal with difficult people AND have engineering knowledge. Perfect.
  9. Yeah I think I will jack it in. We've got a 'restructure' in September and things are going rapidly downhill, so I think I'll slog on until then, then resign. I'd like to work for the national trust or english heritage. I've got an obsession with historical buildings and their contents. Might be an opportunity to actually use my post grad certificate in curatorship that has never come in handy Only down point is they pay almost nothing. Like £12-16k in the SE! I'd be earning under a third of what I do now, and that is the single thing that has been stopping me. It really annoys me I'm such a wage whore!!!!
  10. I was actually agreeing with you. Degrees are overrated, nonsense degrees should be outlawed (I wouldn't advise anyone to do what I did - Bad careers advice in schools is an issue in all this too). But btw, I do still paint, and I do sell them, but it's not a living. Point is, I'm quite bright, so despite wasting time and money doing an art degree, I actually ended up as a Project Manager in engineering and do rather well out of it. So I got the highly paid job despite my youthful mistake at uni. However, now I'm here, with no debt, good job, waiting for the HPC, I've realised I don't actually LIKE what I do. I followed the push push push to get more and more money, and it gives me no satisfaction at all. I think it is a ponzi scheme, started in schools, aided by careers advisers, borrow to learn, earn to pay it off. Well I've done that, it's paid off, and i'm standing here thinking, 'What was the point of it?', as I don't feel like I'm contributing to anything that matters to me. So I'm thinking of resigning and everyone thinks I've gone mad.
  11. Me too! I earn more than I ever thought I would (having a Art Degree!). I'm a Project Manager. As middle management, I have to take loads of [email protected] and work all the hours god sends staring at a screen drafting report after report and chart after chart. I'd hate myself if I wasn't me. I'm going to chuck it all in and go and do something I'll find rewarded for feck all. This money sh1t is overrated, it's not making me happy at all. It's taken me a long time to find that out. Thank god my student loan is paid off!
  12. I sincerely hope so. What abhorrent little people they are. Made me want to throw a shoe.
  13. They're not helping themselves. Houses sell if they are priced right even in this market. They won't get commission/fees if it doesn't sell, so what is the point of valuing unrealistically. I thought by now they'd be vaguely honest with the vendors at least. We as vendors have our eyes open about the correction, we want to price it to sell. The estate agents are making a rod for their own backs. I was so incensed by their idiotic overvaluations of the house we need to sell, I told them to stick it. We don't want sales falling through at survey/valuation stage, which will cost everyone time and money. We want to price it reasonably and sell the blasted thing!
  14. I don't know what estate agents are doing. I think it's them in denial rather than the vendors. We've just had to put a house up for sale because of a family bereavement, and we got several estate agents to give both a probate valuation (generally less) and a valuation for marketing the property (we had to get these for the files). We were very clear and realistic about our situation. We accept there has been at least a 20% price drop in the SE, we want to sell the property quickly we told them, no messing about while it just loses more value. We want to sell it for what we can sell it for, not hang on to an empty house holding out for a higher price. I think that is pretty clear instructions to the EAs valuing don't you? The houses on the street (a small cul de sac, yards from the village school) are all the same compact size (3 beds), layout and all have a garage and a small garden. The last property on the street sold in March 2007 for £274k. There's me thinking they will say, £240k maybe...oh no. , how wrong could I be. ALL the estate agents valued the property we had to sell at MORE than the March 2007 sale price. Not much more, £284k, but more none the less. I asked them all 'How can it be worth more than the last sale price when prices have fallen 20% since 2007?'...we were told the same bullhang they would tell a buyer...'Village premium' blah blah blah, 'desirable location' blah blah, 'buyers waiting for these houses to come up for sale' blah... Are they all on drugs!?! If this is how they are behaving en mass (we got 5 separate agents in, one from the village, 4 from two separate nearby towns), when instructed to price a house to sell, they deserve not to sell any. They are idiots. We're going to sell privately for a true market rate (i.e what someone will pay for it) and save ourselves their overinflated fees.
  15. Blimey you're cheap! I'd want a lot more than that if I was ever, theoretically, to pimp myself on the internet
  16. I'm not sure my husband would be comfortable with that! Male pride and all...He's the big hunter gather don't you know. Needs deep down to provide house for wife, not rent from mother in law!
  17. I do sometimes wonder if I'm adopted... how can two people so wildly rubbish with money (dad remortgages to pay credit cards, which were maxed out on booze and fags, and running two cars for himself, while my mum can't get her head round why randomly buying houses for full asking price isn't a good idea) could produce a prudent little saving, debt free and waiting for HPC to buy her first home, bunny like me I don't know!
  18. Her reasoning is he'll spend the extra £300 on booze and fags...which he will.
  19. This is the issue. How able will she be, in 15 years, to administer a rental let in her 70s? Which she will need to do to make it worthwhile. If I think about my own life, would I want to be dealing with tenants issues, maintenance, letting agents (possibly) and the like, when I'm late 60s/70s. Absolutely not!
  20. Get this..her logic is.. My dad (to whom she is still married) pays the £300 per month mortgage, so if she pays it off with her inheritance, SHE won't see any reduction to her monthly outgoings. Such is the mentality I'm dealing with here. Mr Nice, thank you for that. I'm going to get all the financial graphs etc together and sit down with her and work through it so hopefully the most cost effective solution will win through.
  21. The reason i'm expressing such concern is because having spoken to her she so blatantly doesn't have a plan. It's just a 'nothing's safer than bricks and mortar' thing. Blind faith in Krusty's mantra.
  22. Thanks for your advice everybody. I will try and put her off buying anything until at least the end of the year/beginning of next, and try to make sure, if she is insistent on buying a 'holiday let' type property that she goes in with her eyes open and lets me do the price negotiation/bidding at auction! Out of interest, if she is looking at buying cash, and wants something that will provide her a stable 'income' as a form of pension (on a monthly basis I'm guessing), would you say residential let (regular monthly income in theory) or holiday cottage let (able to charge more per week in season) is the way to go for her intentions? We need to make the best of a bad job here I think. It's a sorry state of affairs that even now, with HPC beginning in ernest, people who have had time off to have children and have never earned an average wage have little or no option than to invest in property for a high enough monthly income in retirement to get by. That's one of the things that caused this housing boom, and it's still happening. Shocking, and goes properly against the grain for me if truth be told. HPCrasher/proper bear's mother buys 'investment' property shocker...will I ever live it down!?! Edited for spelling!
  23. Absolutely not. My parents have been so skint all their lives, I never ever thought there would be anything for me to inherit! I knew someone once (an ex) who was forever counting up what he would inherit and telling me how much he'd be worth when his parents popped their clogs (even put little effort into his life because he perceived money to be coming his way in a few years), I found it rather vulgar, and promptly left him! I'm not that kind of girl.
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