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  1. oh this is a good thread....my mother finds herself in a similar position due to her mother dying recently...interesting to see what everyone thinks. Much argument in my family at the mo!
  2. There's a lot of good people gone. I think it's because the people who do a good job, stand up for themselves and tell the management how they could do things better. they don't seem to like that. It just makes the good people targets and most of them have gone. They've left a few 'doers' such as myself to make sure it doesn't totally mess up, but most people left, are as you say, ****licking sycophants. It makes it so much more depressing to work there as well, surrounded by those people!
  3. Ahh, marvellous. thank you for telling me what i wanted to here. It's genuinely cheered me up no end. The wait continues...
  4. My sister's buying a house because 'it's London, it's different'....*despairs*
  5. I am a Bear, but I'm having a fed up waiting disillusioned day (probably not helped by the heat and being very pregnant). I fear the government preventing further falls, and royally stuffing us once more. I believe Brown would to ANYTHING to prop up prices.
  6. The frustrating thing is my husband earns really good money. Way way above national average, but our two bed terrace we rent at £365k lowest valuation is still 6 times his salary! So they won't lend (not that we'd buy it at that price - £200k maybe). So we is stuffed. Paying some poncy oiks' mortgage (I'm generalising, he is), who mew'd to buy more and more houses, now partly paid for by us. Great.
  7. Can borrow about £200k, got £30k deposit, that won't buy you a two bed round these parts however small, let alone the three we'd ideally need.
  8. Well husband is in I.T so most jobs are on the M4 corridor so Berkshire is best, but having got so disillusioned with the deluded estate agents (valued our tiny 2 bed mid-terrace west of Reading we rent at £365k to £400k in Jan 09 ), we are looking at Wiltshire, South Oxfordhsire, and North Hants...All seem pretty pricey though, unless you want to bring your children up in the ghettos of Swindon or Reading that is. Edited to show full delusion of EAs.
  9. I'm experiencing this right now! A 'restructure' has taken place for 'efficiency', however it doesn't seem very efficient to have huge numbers of functions/roles now completely unresourced and done on an ad hoc basis by people who have no qualifications or experience of performing that role, and that have another full time job! I'm pretty demoralised i can tell you. If I wasn't such a wagehoare I'd be off...
  10. One of the problems we face as ftbs, is that it's taken us so long to save the deposit we are now 32 and 30 yrs old. So now we aren't what i would traditionally call FTBs because a flat, which was typically a first home for a twentysomething ftb, will not accommodate our growing family. I think this will be a common problem. My parents did the ladder thing. Married early twenties bought a flat, then a maisonette (mum got preggers), then a small house (I was born), then a big house (my sister was born). My husband and I, on the other had to contend with such hpi that saving a deposit large enough to buy anything means now we are in a position to buy the goalposts have moved. We need the small house straight away as ftbs, and in Berkshire they are VERY VERY expensive. We are stuffed unless someone dies, which is not nice. Edited for spelling
  11. I would just ask your landlord if he would be willing to give you a pet reference. If you want to keep your move secret then perhaps a previous landlord could give you one? You will only need a pet reference if you have to persuade a reluctant landlord to let a pet live in their rental. If you find a pet friendly place you won't need one. Even if the advert says 'no pets' it's always worth asking if they mind a cat, because often the ban is in reference to a smelly dog, and in cases where the property has had a rental void period they may be more flexible (desperate). Edit: Pets are more readily accepted in unfurnished properties so that's your best bet.
  12. We have 4 cats! (don't ask...) We only had two when we first started looking for a new rental, and it was tough. Any nice place was pretty much a no go for pets. Came across one eventually that ticked all our boxes and would allow cats, but it will reduce your options considerably when looking at properties. You could lie, we considered it, but then you have to keep up the lie and can't put a cat flap in or anything. It makes looking for a new place a little bit harder, but it is worth finding somewhere that either has already had cats in (our landlady lived here with cats so was cool with it), or getting a pet reference from your existing landlord. In this competitive rental market, if you pay the asking rental, you should be able to negotiate permission for a cat no worries.
  13. I think there must be something that happens to you when you let out your house, that turns perfectly decent people into prize c-nts. I have rented dozens of houses in the last ten years (due to uni, moving for jobs etc) and I have NEVER ever come across a private landlord that wasn't greedy, lazy and an absolute c0ck. Don't be surprised B, it's par for the course I'm afraid.
  14. Getting him to leave his mother for even that long might prove difficult
  15. The husband and I are in our early thirties, both are grads and post grads, both have above average earnings. Guess what. We can't afford a house where we live in Berkshire with enough bedrooms to start a family (2), in an area where you could send them to school without them turning into scumbags . I have family in France who could put us up while we sort ourselves out, I am now desperate to leave the uk. I see no decent future here for my children (when they arrive). Persuading the husband to leave though is proving tough. However [email protected] it gets here his family are here and that seems to be overriding the other factors at the mo.
  16. We told our landlord we had two cats. We had four. He never sees them all in at once so he just assumes it's the same two cats. We had a nightmare finding a rental that would take pets at all. Nearly all were marked 'no pets - no negotiation', this is the case even more now with people renting out their own houses instead of selling at a reduced rate. A dog reference is a very good idea, if previous LLs can support your claim that the dog won't destroy their property you have a much better chance of getting agreement from the LL. Agents are usually supportive of people with pets simply because not taking pets cuts out a large proportion of potential tenants. Unless it was absolutely stipulated 'no pets' on the advert, or with the agent, it is worth declaring the dog, with references. Speak to the agent and they will give you an indication of what the LLs feelings are on the subject and that will help you decide what to do.
  17. My husband is a freelance software test lead/manager. ALL of the teams he's working in, in the last three years, have had software tester roles filled by Indians on work permits. How they got permits to do something that we are churning out graduates to do, lord knows. He used to get really cross about it because generally, as a rule, the cheaper labour was rubbish. They would just say 'yes' to every request, and not deliver. Sometimes he joked that they must have only been taught the word yes. He'd often say he wouldn't have been able to work his way up to manager if he graduated now, as he would be passed over for lower testing roles for imported labour. Interestingly though, no one he knows in testing has had an Indian manager who wasn't British born. Judging by the standard of work he was getting out of the lads on work permits, there is NO WAY they could have managed the team/been a test lead. In most cases my husband had been brought in to sort out the mess caused by employing the foreign labour, who were a disaster and had quite obviously lied about their qualifications, their abilities and their knowledge testing methods they had been employed to use. As I'm always telling the husband (admittedly mostly in reference to shoes though!) Cheap is not good, Good is not cheap!
  18. I only ask because the letting agent said we'd still have to pay up to the end of tenancy even if the property was repossessed...I thought it sounded ridiculous so I thought I'd check with the experts
  19. Is it the case, as this tenant seems to believe, that he is responsible for paying the rent up to the end of his contract, despite the property being repossessed part way through? Only ask as we are in a similar position, the LL has stay of execution due to interest rates being so low, but it's only a matter of time when they start to creep up and he's repossessed (probably next year). I don't want to get stung with paying rent on a house we've been turfed out of!
  20. Had a friend who did exactly that. Parents (lived in same council house all their married life) moved away for his dad's work. He was 19 so took over the tenancy. Bought it for £30k under right to buy in 1999 and sold up in 2006 for £400k....needless to say he's never had a full-time job in his life, and now owns a flat in town outright (he's single and has no plans to settle down so its all he needs), and lives of the proceeds of his investments (not BTL). Lucky fcuker.
  21. That's not good. Have you checked the flood plain maps etc to make sure there aren't other issues here?
  22. The tiny two bed terrace we rent in west berks went on the market at Christmas for £365k! But that wasn't the highest valuation. Some dimwit girl came round from the village estate agents and told my landlady she could get £400k for it! They paid £150k for in 2000 but can't reduce the asking price below £300k because they MEWed to buy other rental properties.... Needless to say it hasn't sold...
  23. He's only 24! He's probably gauging opinion so he doesn't make a massive mistake. Seems fairly reasonable to me.
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