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  1. Just what i was thinking.

    No way would 3 EAs be coming round to give a figure for insurance.

    It's what she did 4 years ago, the last time she needed a valuation for the buildings insurance. 3 agents valued and we didn't hear anything more until now, when it needs doing again. If she's supposed to get a surveyor round for the insurance to be valid then that's her problem. I have my contents insurance so I'm covered.

    She did put it on the market in 2005 and 2007 but got offers £100k less than asking so withdrew it from the market after 6 months and only 2 viewings (resulting in 2 realistic offers of £240k and £260k on her £365k eventually reduced to £315k asking). When she was planning to sell those times she told us straight away, before any valuations were done. For that reason I have no reason to be suspicious this time.

  2. My landlady has the EAs round today doing valuations for her buildings insurance. I expected maybe a little tiny bit of bearishness, just a smidge. Oh no....

    The nonsense is flowing from them like it is 2007 all over again! Apparently our tiny 'dining room' which used to be the back parlour is now a 'snug' :blink: Our landing is now 'versatile office space' and our grotty gravel covered, weed ridden garden is 'low maintenance'!!!

    It's a freezing cold victorian mid terrace with a downstairs bathroom, no room to extend and a leaking roof for goodness sake!!!

    It might be my hormones but only one has been round so far (2 to go) and I want to commit a homicide already.

    Edited as it is supposed to say Berkshire in title! So cross I've lost the use of English!

  3. Your average first time buyer is late 30s often with a family, the days of early 20s FTB looking for a 1 bed apartment are long gone.


    We're ftbs, mid 30's, baby on the way, second planned to follow shortly after. If the average age of the unsupported ftb is 37, they are likely to be just like me and the husband. Why would we buy a 1/2 bed flat? We need 2 beds with room to extend or 3 beds (if you have a boy and a girl they legally have to be in separate bedrooms by the age of 12), with a garden (modest), in the SE...which is why we're still renting. Where we live a 2/3 bed terrace is £325k minimum. With interest rates only likely to go up in future it would be madness for us to stretch to buy now. Not that we could anyway...we saved 60k for a deposit and it's nowhere near enough! :blink:

    With baby on the way, that sum is not going to get any bigger any time soon!

  4. It's madness round here. Just saw a nice two bed semi in Aldermaston. The bedrooms are 11"x9" and 9"x8" (so one double and a babies room). No garden to speak of. Only enough parking on the frontage for one car.

    Do you know how much it went up for!?! £395k!!!!! Just reduced to £380k...Bargain...not...

    John Redwood is our MP too, so it's no good writing to him to complain about the state of things. He'll just tell me we're 'lazy' or unaspirational or something for not being willing to spend that much on a pretty shoebox.


  5. Yep, especially in Berkshire. If a half decent two bed comes on at £250k or there abouts, there is a scrum to offer up to £300k. The problem being we've all been waiting so long a flood of ftbs descends on anything in that price bracket around here (West Berks). So they sell quick and go for more than asking (usually to someone with family money or an investor). Leaving us 'ordinary' ftbers back at square one.

    I'm quite fed up waiting for a hpc tbh. There doesn't seem to be one in our neck of the woods. At least the house we rent is nice enough to stay in while we wait (and wait, and wait, and wait).

  6. That was me when I first started work in London! I earned £16k and worked in Old Street. I had to live in a room no bigger than a single bed in a shared house in Hackney and walk to work as I couldn't afford the bus fare! I used to have to steal toilet roll from work because I couldn't afford it!

    I was 22 and had just left uni. I clawed my way up over the next ten years to a much more comfortable position.

    I can't imagine being 50 and having children in this situation. How awful. We seem to be regressing to the days of victorian slums.

  7. Oops, now being reported as a strike over redundancy pay.

    Got a friend that works at a local council. Apparently they used to have contracts where they were paid a few grand for every year of service over 2 yrs. So you can imagine the ones with 10-30yrs service rubbing their hands with glee at potential redundancy. Friend says they are retrospectively withdrawing that from their contracts next week, so they'll only be getting statutory redundancy payments like us plebs. There's outrage apparently.

    I used to work for the same council as said friend, and there were a lot of people who hated their jobs just riding it out to get out in the next round of voluntary redundancies and take the generous payoffs. They must be furious they stuck it out for nothing (except the massive pensions ;) ).

    Hence the strike...

  8. I'm reminded of the part in "Jurassic park" where after being told all the Dinosaurs are female so they cannot breed they find hatched eggs. "Life finds a way", they conclude.

    The state wants to create parameters around the price people will sell their labour for, but they find a way. Personally I don't have a philospohical problem with people making free choices to do this kind of stuff; I do think it's poor business by the employer who must have completely given up on getting high added value input from employees, but if he wants to run a company like that it's not my business to tell him otherwise.

    I do have a problem with people needing £10+ an hour in order to generate something semi-reasonable because so much of that money is required not to feed themselves but to pay rentier and state costs.

    In my case, to save themselves some cash, they are swapping an employee with ten years experience who can run the whole thing without support, for an intern who has no practical experience, who will need handholding and will be much less productive. It's a false economy in my mind.

    You pay peanuts...

  9. I'm on a fixed term contract at a charity, working on their websites. My contract runs out next month and they are not renewing it due to 'budget' issues. However, the role still exists and will be filled by a graduate internship (on less than minimum wage).

    I'm sure that's illegal....and wonder how many more companies are up to the same thing, reducing wage bills by exploiting unemployed graduates.

  10. Things were starting to look interesting, however, now it is back to the simple argument that it is more expensive to buy than rent. I know this vaires around the country and in the South East rents are higher I think. However, in the North, house prices are massively higher than rental prices, so it looks like a further year of staying where I am.

    No, the mortgage on an equivalent house in the SE is still more expensive than the rent on it. That's why we're still renting.

  11. Software testing contracts still seem to be around. The husband is on a rolling 3-monther, has been for about a year, but gets calls all the time from agents. Rates being offered are still £300-350 a day, so around average, maybe a bit below, for those contracts in the SE.

    Surpisingly a lot of financial Comps in the square mile have started recruiting again. Stopped for about a year but hubby is getting loads of calls about roles at banks etc again now.

    Seems Test Lead consultants so far have escaped relatively unscathed.

  12. Been thinking this stock market rally is unsustainable and is defying logic. Several people in the know are making noises in the press now that it's all going to go pop before the end of the year...so...

    We need to boost our FTB deposit. Should we wait for the market to take a dive (I think it will) and then stick some substantial sums in a Fund ISA near the bottom (i.e when no one else will touch it)?

    What advice would you give/what should we read up on for investing in a fund ISA?

    What should we look at when choosing funds or fund managers?

    I don't have much knowledge of this sort of investment so any pointers would be good.



  13. Did you actually see the item on the BBC this morning though? I nearly fell off my chair when the BBC reporter allowed, and they didn't edit out, the lady boat owner to say "It's great, the boat cost us £40k and we did it up ourselves, we have no outgoings we paid cash. We'd rather do that than be a slave to the debt of a mortgage."

    Are the Beeb on the turn? Prepping the Sheeple for the downturn and resulting anti-debt sentiment?

    Editing for wine based spelling

  14. Five months JSA for me pays our rent for a month.

    A months rent in our parts would be a year's JSA.

    I think you'd get £250 on minimum JSA over your 6 months claim. Begs the question, what's the point?

    I had to claim incapacity benefit when my sick pay ran out, when I was very ill, a couple of years back. Going to the job centre was the most soul destroying experience. Out of curiosity I had a look on one of their job search pcs. All the jobs were manual, low paid stuff. They looked at me like I was an alien, they were so used to dogs on strings and children with their own children in tow, and let's not forget the hoards of junkies milling round outside. What they will do with all these degree qualified or experienced white collar workers is beyond me.

    edited for rubbish spelling

  15. My parents just put my grandmother's house up for sale. At peak late 2007/early 2008 it was valued £284k. They put it on with an agent at £268k and had an offer of £263k within three days. So we can safely say the SE villages near Heathrow are still overpriced, by people don't seem to mind. Good for my inheritance, bad for me as a ftb...I shall bank my portion of the cash I get given from it and carry on waiting...

  16. When I was elected as a District Councillor in 1986 we were paid if I remember correctly about £12 per meeting and 35p a mile travel.The £12 was taxable.Considering that some meetings lasted 5 hours it probably corrsponded to what the minimum wage would have been had it existed at that time.Around 2000 the system was altered and you got about £200 a month,again taxed,regardless of the number or length of meetings.

    Local Authority Councillors get between £16k and £18k a year depending if they are in charge of a 'portfolio' or not. Of course, they are keen to give themselves a payrise, believing they are underpaid. It's only this recession that's put pay to that idea...for the time being. A lot of them continue with second jobs as a result. I used to work for them so I have first hand experience of what they are like. There's the odd one with some integrity, but most are self serving, greedy and high on the power. Pathetic. I had to resign because I was developing homicidal thoughts towards them...some nights I still dream about walking into the council chamber with an AK47... :ph34r:

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