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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk...siness-18014077 Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock........................ Spain has defaulted on its National Debts more times than any other country in the world....... Spain has gone bankrupt a staggering 13 times in all since 1500. Its almost a foregone conclusion, that Spain will default again isnt it?
  2. http://news.sky.com/home/business/article/16207433 Slums of the future?
  3. Listen to the original here (29 min; right towards the end) So if someone can create money out of nothing, they get value for nothing? And are charlatans? Does this only apply if you're printing paper money, or does it also apply to the banks that have created over £2trillion of money out of nothing electronically? Did they get £2trillion of value for nothing? Something for us all (and especially the Bank of England) to ponder! *Positive Money's Newsletter
  4. I thought exactly the same thing upon viewing the Wonga Ads, whilst channel surfing. Really Alien.
  5. Short, sweet, informative. Highlights the outright Evil of our modern Banking System and how we arrived here. Religious/historical told from a Muslim perspective.
  6. The reactionary aspirations of the French aristocracy in the period leading up to the French Revolution, to defend their own [indefensible] fiscal and political privileges, was the immeadiate cause of the French Revolution.........
  7. I complained about a local councils mortgage authority scheme, on 5 different occasions, asking questions, all were ignored by said Labour councillor. Frustrated at being ignored, I sent a short mildly insulting Email, to whom I believed was the moderator of the site, to which the councillor replied using intimidation, stating he would not respond to any of the pertinent points I raised, and would send my final email to the local borough solicitor. I also sent him a link to the discussion on this website, regarding the issue. I believe he may frequent the website, now and again........... W_A_N_K_E_R
  8. Yet its completely acceptable in the eyes of the states propganda machine the BBC, for 40 year olds to have spent their entire working lives, paying tens upon tens of thousands in rent to liar loan landlords, and not be able to afford a rabbit hutch, then have their money stolen to pay to keep other peoples houses at massively overinflated levels. When the priced out riot, the BBC should be one of its first targets. It's become Orwells 'Ministry of Truth' How about a report showing how many of the thousands of executives, paid six figures, at the BBC invested directly or indirectly in BTL property from the years 1997 to 2007? Property which would have historically have been bought by a FTB? No? How convenient. "We were only following orders"
  9. I know someone, whom has been shopping at Morrisons for a long time. Decades. Over the last few months, she's noticed on her reciepts, that Morrions have been overcharging her, nearly every week. Last week it was two Carte Dor tubs of Ice Cream marked at £5 for 2, charged £3.49 each. The week before last it was some rowntrees aliens sweets for kids, marked at 0.72p. Charged £1.55 And quite a few other items. This has been going on for months, and because she doesnt have the time to check her reciept at the checkout, she only realises when she gets home. Morrisons must have made a killing by labelling deals, and food at one price, then charging the full price at the till. [The last time she went, she did check it at the checkout, and found 5 items which had been labelled at a lower price than they charged her.] She mentioned this, no apology, the manager, just said we have 3 people who are supposed to go around the store checking prices, or it could be someone pressing the wrong button in a different office...... Needless to say she has kicked them into touch. But I bet its still going on, and nobody does anything about it.......
  10. I assume the BBC clearly stated the reason for this was because of High House Prices? I've yet to see one BBC commissioned program which links A to B to C, and clearly states. This is why house prices tripled in a decade. Instead they push 'Shared Ownership' on everything from the News to Countryfile. Then again, with their £3.2 billion budget, and thousands of executives on six figure salaries, they were all acquiring BTL property, historically bought by FTB's over the boom period. Whilst commissioning endless property porn programmes and ignoring massive mortgage fraud for many years. BBC are part of the problem. Get rid of the license fee. [They have always been extremely self interested and biased whilst pretending to be impartial. Thats why Orwell resigned from the BBC, whilst working in British Ruled India]
  11. The world would be a better place without Tesco........ This just comes off as a pathetic attempt by Leahy to justify his £15 million annual pay, whilst workers in Bangladesh, who make products for Tesco, get paid 70 pence per day.....for 14 hours work. In other countries, Tesco have policies, which would not be allowed in the UK, because of the Animal Cruelty involved. http://www.tescopoly...ntent&task=view
  12. This is an interesting video: http://www.cbsnews.c...ated;photovideo At 3:29 in it shows a chart showing billions of dollars of Subprime Mortgages. It then shows the ALT-A and option Arm resets which are coming, in the Billions of dollars, which has not 'hit yet' It is beginning to hit now, and will continue over the next few years, as the artificialy low interest rates on mortgage deals run out, and are reset at higher interest rates: 'North of 50% of these are expected to fail" And the debt for Alt -A and Option Arm is bigger than SubPrime... So the mortgage crisis in the USA is just beginning......
  13. I know that people who try and buy USA properties and rent them from the UK, often will quit, as it is too difficult unless you are actually located in the USA. for the last few years lenders in the USA are struggling to balance between keeping foreclosed properties off the market, to keep prices as high as possible, whilst at the same time drip feeding repo's through. But the amount of Repo's is accelerating, whilst the buyers are not.
  14. I could post MANY examples like the one I posted above for under $30k In every county in Florida Some of them are in very nice areas/communities. There is nothing wrong with these houses. Interiors will be finished to a higher spec than in the UK. The national Average wage between the USA and UK is roughly the same. Property Taxes vary widely from state to state. A million dollar home in a desirable neighborhood might pay $20,000 or more in taxes, or a $500k home, may pay $10,000 in taxes, whilst a modest home in a rougher area might only pay a fraction of that amount, all depends on the valuation of the property. So not very different from UK Council Tax Bands. The Average American spends under $3000 PA on healthcare. And there are normally hundreds of schools to choose from. http://www.greatschools.org/florida/ The HUGE YAWNING difference between house prices in the UK, and the USA is shocking.
  15. Either that or life in the UK is just 30x better than in Sunny Florida......Errrr............. March 2012: Vancouver Shack vs Irish Luxury Hotel. Vancouver [still in Bubble] Listing Price: $899,500 Description: "This 1 [?] story home has been extensively renovated over the last few years. The spacious kitchen has birch cabinets and Soapstone counters and opens to a 20x12' deck. Has a Kids Sandbox Ireland: $860k [Bubble Popping] 55 bedroom luxury hotel overlooking the Donegal coastline
  16. Everything Red or Pink on this chart is in Foreclosure in 2008.... Apparently its got a lot worse since then........Mind boggling..... Coming soon to a UK street near you............Amazing we havent seen a revolution over [email protected] Bankers.
  17. Florida: Under £30k. UK: £865,000 http://www.rightmove...y-26369594.html Mmmmm.......
  18. Uncomplicated accurate version: The Rich people have stolen all the money which means the average joe cannot function properly, economically. On a scale unseen, which nobody fully appreciates. The last time this happened on this scale was just before the French Revolution. I look forward to meeting my fellow HPC'ers in the Soup Kitchens, where we will look around in wonder, as the revolution weve talked about for so long actually begins Because if Steve Keen's right, its that serious. [i still reckon the people who own the central banks, must have known we would get to this stage, the NWO lot. How could they not? The Rothschilds and the Rockerfellers of the world. The people who caused this.]
  19. Im surprised that Paul Moore has not been found dead in a wood in Oxfordshire, with a pruning knife in his hand. [Thats a recent video by the way. UL this month]
  20. Why do we have to borrow at interest at all? Why cant we borrow money created by the Government, and not banks, interest free? And therefore debt free? Was the last person to propose that President Kennedy under Executive Order 11100? [A few months before his death]
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