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  1. Covered a bit on the main economy page. Main page link I did watch the programe and Andrew Neil was saying that the Greek debt was going to take down Portugal and then Spain,but we in the UK have a proportinal debt the same as Greece. I think it's a bond thingy and this all could lead to a run on the pound before the election. I think that is what was said, please feel free to correct me. BBC Iplayer
  2. The problem with "Globalisation" is that it is just an expession it means nothing to most folk. It removes responsibility from the end user, don't ask, don't know.. The will of the public was for cheap goods and services, no questions asked.
  3. The word missed out is toil, and we don't like work. We don't mind those in the poorer nations working for low, low wages providing we don't see their poverty. Near slavery has given us our lifestyle, cheap food, cheap clothes, cheap labour, it's the last days in Rome time.
  4. Strange how these guys are just let go without a comment from Brown and Maneslime. Didn't Maneslime get the sack for getting his rich Indian steel chums the Hinduja brothers passports. Nationalised, what like the banks, are you mad Brown and Maneslime don't want jobs at a crappy steel mill when the time comes.
  5. On radio 4 yesterday there was an American anthropologist who got a job in wall street to study the traders, for me the main things she found out was; 1. They went to IV league universities. 2. They came from wealthy familes. 3. They were all networked because of 1-2. 4. They were wealthy thanks to the pay and bonuses. 5. They had no fear of taking risks and being sacked if they made losses because of 1-4. Sums it up pretty well.
  6. I wish there was an MP I could pay to read that out in Parliament. There was a simpler time when a brown envelope handed to an MP did the job, but not now.
  7. Nikki will finish down 1.5%, much in line with the others. FTSE up a fag paper, Dow up 50pts. End of drip.
  8. I moved mine to the cooperative bank, all this moaning of banksters etc, vote with your money, lets see how long they would last if we all moved our cash.
  9. These £1 shops are very popular now we are in a recession. You can get a set of screwdrivers or a DIY chain or an estate agency for a £1, what a bargin.
  10. We have had terrible mission creep, if we want to prevent al qaeda from using Afghanistan then we put the Taliban back in charge. We arm them and support them with firepower and use special forces on operations to take prisoners and to make sure they are playing the game. If Pakistan pushs hard from their side al qaeda will be finished in the region. Dealing withal al qaeda was our reason for being there not the Taliban, forget nation building and phony elections.
  11. Troops are buying their own equipment and using US helicopters and now they are going to be under trained and do it for free. I bet there is plenty of money for the QUANGOs, BBC wages etc. We also seem to have money for aid to India so they can have a space program. GB et al are a disgrace,
  12. Sell off the gold, it's gone, which silly sod sold it. That would be you Prime Minister.
  13. I like Andrew Nei,l when he is sharp and incisive he is brilliant, but when he tries to be funny, oh gawd!
  14. I think its out on friday. Here's a link to the Forex calender, which has lots of info. Forex Calender
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