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  1. I second that! Well done Eric for your near decade long campaign of awareness raising!
  2. BBC News: Ex-HBOS chief Sir James Crosby asks to return knighthood 9 April 2013 Last updated at 16:22
  3. +1. I answered honestly giving our exact lifestyle and circumstances and it came back with... This puts me "second from bottom". I completed it again with the exact same responses but on the basis that I don't rent and my savings (deposit) had been used to "buy" a property instead, as I intend, and now have zero savings. The result... Same person, same criteria, and all I need to do to jump from second bottom to second top is a £0.25m debt. I know my place.
  4. Which is exactly why we'll just have more of the same: government intervention and financial manipulation. A generation or two (or more) will still be ruined; just not the one(s) that deserve to be.
  5. I dunno, Bruce, I sometimes wonder whether you're a wolf in sheep's clothing with a BTL empire that you're desperately trying to keep afloat. "30% nominal falls are coming... 30% nominal falls are coming... keep renting... keep renting... keep paying me rent..." I live in the West Midlands. We've had some wonderful house price falls since 2008 and continue to do so. Suddenly a 3 bedroom semi in a good area is beginning to look more achievable. What was £220k is now £180k - a 20% fall to be sure and a crash in many peoples book - but still approx £40k more than it should be. Should we expect
  6. Apr 2004 : £154,449 May 2004 : £157,785 Jun 2004 : £159,685 ... Oct 2012 : £158,426 Source It'll be interesting to see what prices are like in April 2013 compared with 9 years previously.
  7. I had to laugh when those 3 guys and the camera crew were squeezed in to that poky central London flat and one of them (the EA I imagine) called it "spacious". Anyone with eyes or an aerodynamic cat could see it wasn't spacious. I don't know how they kept a straight face when he announced the price tag. "It's a very desirable place and location" asserted the overseas investor. "For you?" asked Maitland. "No, no.", he replied, "Tenants".
  8. It was every bit as laughable as I thought it would be. It's the fault of everything but high house prices. Desperate propaganda. Quite reassuring actually.
  9. Apparently people can't afford to buy a house because rents are high. Who knew.
  10. Sept 2012: £159,486 June 2004: £159,685 Source Lovely. The fall in house prices in August were largely blamed on the Olympics. Any mention of the Paralympics in the September releases I wonder....? No? Funny that.
  11. Exactly... although I don't buy their eggs as I suspect they're battery. Same reason why I don't buy their meat. Fortunately I can afford to be choosy although I appreciate that others may not be.
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