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  1. I second that! Well done Eric for your near decade long campaign of awareness raising!
  2. BBC News: Ex-HBOS chief Sir James Crosby asks to return knighthood 9 April 2013 Last updated at 16:22
  3. +1. I answered honestly giving our exact lifestyle and circumstances and it came back with... This puts me "second from bottom". I completed it again with the exact same responses but on the basis that I don't rent and my savings (deposit) had been used to "buy" a property instead, as I intend, and now have zero savings. The result... Same person, same criteria, and all I need to do to jump from second bottom to second top is a £0.25m debt. I know my place.
  4. Which is exactly why we'll just have more of the same: government intervention and financial manipulation. A generation or two (or more) will still be ruined; just not the one(s) that deserve to be.
  5. I dunno, Bruce, I sometimes wonder whether you're a wolf in sheep's clothing with a BTL empire that you're desperately trying to keep afloat. "30% nominal falls are coming... 30% nominal falls are coming... keep renting... keep renting... keep paying me rent..." I live in the West Midlands. We've had some wonderful house price falls since 2008 and continue to do so. Suddenly a 3 bedroom semi in a good area is beginning to look more achievable. What was £220k is now £180k - a 20% fall to be sure and a crash in many peoples book - but still approx £40k more than it should be. Should we expect 30%-40% nominal falls? Yes. Are we going to get them? No. Why? Printy printy. Unless of course you're pricing it in gold... but then I don't get paid in gold. I admire your resolve... not to mention your obvious wealth... but sadly, unlike you, the interest on most peoples savings won't be covering their rent and having looked at the ISA interest rates today ahead of April I have to wonder where my deposit fund will be best placed in the years ahead. Was I wise to rent for as long as I have? On the whole, yes. My circumstances dictated it largely, as did common sense, and I'm pleased I didn't get swept away in the madness like so many who've since suffered. The inevitable eventually happened and common sense prevailed... but who knew the lengths they'd go to to keep the deceit alive. 30-40% nominal falls sound about right but given the endless schemes and scheming by the heavily-invested-in-property political ruling class, on what are you basing your optimistic hypothesis?
  6. Apr 2004 : £154,449 May 2004 : £157,785 Jun 2004 : £159,685 ... Oct 2012 : £158,426 Source It'll be interesting to see what prices are like in April 2013 compared with 9 years previously.
  7. I had to laugh when those 3 guys and the camera crew were squeezed in to that poky central London flat and one of them (the EA I imagine) called it "spacious". Anyone with eyes or an aerodynamic cat could see it wasn't spacious. I don't know how they kept a straight face when he announced the price tag. "It's a very desirable place and location" asserted the overseas investor. "For you?" asked Maitland. "No, no.", he replied, "Tenants".
  8. It was every bit as laughable as I thought it would be. It's the fault of everything but high house prices. Desperate propaganda. Quite reassuring actually.
  9. Apparently people can't afford to buy a house because rents are high. Who knew.
  10. Sept 2012: £159,486 June 2004: £159,685 Source Lovely. The fall in house prices in August were largely blamed on the Olympics. Any mention of the Paralympics in the September releases I wonder....? No? Funny that.
  11. Exactly... although I don't buy their eggs as I suspect they're battery. Same reason why I don't buy their meat. Fortunately I can afford to be choosy although I appreciate that others may not be.
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