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  1. Haven't you guys seen Terminator? There's trouble brewing I tell you!
  2. I'd avoid the skies as well if I were you. With the number of VIs talking up the property market, there must be plenty of pigs flying around up there. Sorry, I'll get my coat...
  3. South Quay was where I was looking. Having said that, now that I've done a lot more research, I'm not convinced I'd want to live there at all. Something makes me think that the whole area from South Quay down to the bottom of the Isle of Dogs may come to resemble a scene from 28 days later, empty and depressing!
  4. Surely ianbe hit the nail on the head here? The person who bought at £160k would only benefit from lower interest rates for the duration of their fix? As soon as they went back onto an SVR, they would also be paying at the higher rate but on a higher capital amount. Over the course of the 25 years, the additional capital (and the interest on this) would far outweigh the higher interest paid by the person who waited and had a higher initial fix.
  5. Maybe a stupid question, but isn't the upward trendline since WW2 only upwardly trending because of the massive HPI during the last boom? Without that, the decline to come will be even bigger. Having said that, what's a few extra % when the fall could be that massive anyway?
  6. A 2.3% price reduction in 10 months. Hasn't anybody told them that there is a HPC going on?
  7. My favourite quotes from last night... Ben: "I'm an excellent leader, when under pressure such as heavy gunfire, fighting, i can keep strong and lead well. Sandhurt saw that which is why they offered me an army scholarship" In the boardroom later: Nick: "But Ben's a bright guy. He got a scholarship to Sandhurst" Margaret: "He didn't go there though did he?" Nick: "Errrrr, no!"
  8. Well at that rate they'll be on the market for another few years yet!
  9. Great idea... One RBS share: 35p Transaction fee: £10 Seeing the RBS board being pelted by shoes and other furnishings: Priceless!
  10. Will the shoe thrower get sent to jail as they do in Iraq? My view is that you should only get sent to jail if you throw and miss. A direct hit is worthy of a medal!
  11. Thanks for clarifying. Sometimes it's hard to separate fact from professional rumour!
  12. Surely a better solution than the £2,000 car scrapping allowance?
  13. This is the same KPMG who now have a majority (I believe) of their staff on four day weeks at lower salaries.
  14. I work in the consulting team for another of the big accountancy firms and know that our graduate recruitment levels are going to be way down on normal numbers. Given the renting habits of our current grads, I would guess that if they were going to move into the area, they would share larger flats.
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