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  1. @disenfranchised Thank you for that! Rather cheered me up! Am rather excited to see what it becomes now.
  2. Reminds me of this... Genuinely one of the saddest things to happen in my neck of the woods that I've heard. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/dec/01/wapping-project-house-prices-culture
  3. Ha, I should check his tweets first! He did! Yeah he's a knob...
  4. Umm... Fairly sure he didn't tweet the above, I'm sure he has nothing but respect for WENO F HALL & CO
  5. Yes, sorry. You're right about Bakerloo. And yes, you can't get around the fact that a member of staff is needed on LU network. Auto or not.
  6. Central, Victoria, Bakerloo and DLR are all automatic. Jubilee is half automatic and will be fully auto in a couple of months. Northern Line is scheduled to be auto in 2016ish No plans for auto as of yet on Piccadilly. Circle, District, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan are in the process of going auto (contract to install going through at the moment) No plans for the waterloo and city.
  7. I was only joshing, I actually agree with you r.e. the keeping people addicted. Though I see it more as keeping people dependant and even then there's a spectrum of cases, there's no one easy answer. Severe depression is a nasty thing and drugs DO work (to what degree is debatable of course). Mild depression is probably best caused by getting out and about, exercisingg, meeting new people etc... It's one of those occasions where the cure stays around and can give you a new lease of life so you never get in that situation again. The problem is why would a drug company spend x billion on an antibiotic or something which people take one course of and never need again or an antidepressant that people thing they need for the rest of their life. But you have to be careful and seperate out the drug companies motive for profit and the efficacy of the drug in question. Yes 'Big Pharma' might be out for all they can get but that has no baring on whether the drug works or not. As for the chinese medicine stuff; I'll paraphrase Dara O Briain: "we tested all the different compounds and those that worked became medicine". There's a reason why death rates were so high until the advent of modern medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is mainly alive and kicking nowadays as China couldn't afford modern medicine for everyone after the cultural revolution. The elite used modern medicine and publicly proclaimed traditional medicine worked as a way of giving the proles the feeling that their masters were looking after them.
  8. I do! Thanks for picking that up. But I must admit I was being lazy and basically just wanted to: 'insert scary sounding bacteria' into the sentence. I wouldn't stick my head in a bowl of Strep Pyogenes but equally I don't worry too much when I've got Strep Throat! Nectrotising Fasciitis just has a scary ring to it that Streptococus Pyogenes is lacking...
  9. No need to apologise... The world would be a fairly boring place if everybody agreed about everything, I like debating this sort of stuff, it's fun and one tends to learn things now and again. Before I answer... What do you mean by "There is plenty evidence that the proliferation of vaccinations is doing far more harm than good to the immune system." Is this in reference to the MMR/Autism 'controversy' type of issues? Or the Guillain-Barre Syndrome type problems? Of course, I afgree, the food you eat has an influence. The immune system is just part of the body, but its mechanism is not directly dependant on the nutrients absorbed by the body in the same way that scurvy is caused by lack of vitamin C. If your body is so poorly fed that the immune system is unable to produce macrophages to destroy an invader then you have bigger problems than the invader.
  10. Not that stupid, I agree that the media over hypes the issues here but bacteria resistant to antibiotics is a real worry. MRSA, VRSA etc... are already major problems - MRSA more than VRSA in terms of numbers obviously but VRSA is starting to rear it's ugly little head. The stupid part is the shutting down of borders; once you've identified the threat it's invariably too late. But if this article prompts some money to be put into researching new antibiotics rather than producing the next anti depressant then it can only be a good thing... Damn Straight! I hate all those antibacterial handwashes etc... It's like giving a shedload of harmless, perfectly OK bacteria the skills to arm themselves, once they've evolved resistance to these antibacterials (pretty much inevitable) then they've got the potential to wreak bl00dy havoc! That being said, if someone offered me exposure to a nice portion of Necrotising Fasciitis I might politely decline... Immune system hasn't got much to do with eating healthy, if you eat so much crap or too little food that it starts to affect your immune system in a serious enough way, then you're probably gonna die of something other than bacterial infection (as a primary cause at least). Vaccines and exposure to low levels of bacteria/viruses are the only way to maintain a 'strong' immune system. Though then of course you run the risk of dying of a cytokine storm as in bird flu! Get your shots, don't lick stray dogs and ignore media scare stories is the best advice! edit:spelling
  11. Not to be too pedantic, I can well believe that some receive this but I'd like to see a link/some evidence for this... My sister currently get's her 'extra allowance' by doing two hours of cleaning after school! - Not being antagonistic. It's just; if true, then I'd like to give my sister some ammunition for her next review or whatever it is they do in schools.
  12. I'd be interested in seeing how the busyness of restaurants etc.. translates into profits for the companies. Since the start of the 'credit crunch' I've found myself eating out in London a lot more, nowhere fancy, just the Pizza Express/Zizzis of the world, but I don't spend anymore than I used to. I still have the same budget as before for eating out it's just that since the start of the CC it seems there's a new voucher every week for BOGOF or eat out for a tenner, or free bottle of wine etc.. etc... I give them the same money as before and they're currently feeding me double!
  13. Yes, that was horrible to watch! I at least give Phil a tiny amount of credit for thinking it was a lot for a young girl to spend. But Kirsty's reaction to that was just disgusting. And Phil didn't exactly seem to let his conscience get in the way for too long. Horrible shenanigans. Also, did anyone else notice the ridiculousness of Kirsty's house hunt for the young couple. Trying to get them to spend more and then you get 5 minutes at the end of 'Oh they've found a place within budget and ideal for them on their own' !! What the hell is the point in those two muppets!? And why are people so ready to believe that they can't do it for themselves!!? I can understand a particularly fussy rich buyer who hasn't been to an area before employing a buying agent but for the rest of us... 5 mins on rightmove too strenuous for people that they have to pay someone else to do it for them?! I've just remembered why I don't watch that program....
  14. ....Sh1t. No argument here, I don't advocate state intervention in everything. Personally I believe that if the banks wanted to play big fat cat capitalists, then that's fine. But they should have taken the consequences of when they failed. My point was mainly to do with education and health care.
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