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  1. Thanks for the plugin link, will take a look. Also, what issues with Chrome? I find the site OK?
  2. Ok, so Google showed me a couple of yield calculators: 145k @800pcm = 6.62% 145k @700pcm = 5.79% 145k @600pcm = 4.97% That's before any capital gains or losses of course. Anyone have any thoughts on achievable rents for those flats? Just noticed your point about no door between the bathroom and the kitchen I'd always thought that was a legal requirement? http://www.bmsolutions.co.uk/support/btlcalcs.asp
  3. They really should get their photographer to sober up before letting him take any more pictures. 145k for a Norwich flat, still seems high to me? Are there really that many Norwich people on 37k/year (10% deposit, 3.5 wages as mortgage) that would want that as a main home? Looks like BTL fodder to me, what's the yield like on 145k, assuming a 700pcm rent (New flat, mid-poor area)? Sorry, can't remember how to calculate yield
  4. Sorry, but that's how I read it. Houses bought by lots of people are still worth insanely more than they paid for them, and the notion that all that wealth is about to vanish will cause people to try and convert the remaining equity into cash. So it's a bit like STR, only so late in the game they'll be lucky to get out evens.
  5. Have I missed something? I understand that interest rates will likely raise in the future, but is this that great an offer looking at the numbers? What if interest rates go lower?
  6. Unbelievable. I drive a 97 Mazda 323F, 2.0 V6. Bought a year and a half ago for £1200, done 30k miles in it with next to no maintenance (Front disks & pads, tyres, oil - Say £400 in all). Now book price on it is around £700. Even with the £2k voucher on offer, I wouldn't buy a new car, the depreciation is too much and the price too high. As others have mentioned, those driving a 9 year old car won't be able to afford this offer, and those that can afford this offer won't be driving a 9 year old car! Now if they extended the voucher to 3 or 4 years, and to independent dealers as well as
  7. You know, that's exactly what I thought the idea here was: http://www.shortnews.com/start.cfm?id=73331 Petrol prices coming down much?
  8. From watching my last contract try to recruit, I think there's just fewer people applying for jobs in IT right now - My guess is that people are just too worried to change jobs. Don't worry about me though - I took this as an opportunity to move onwards and upwards, and am filling my boots as we speak
  9. Ah, gotcha - Must be me misreading that then. Nice quotes from the BBC though:- There are loads of houses for sale, more than ever! THEY'RE JUST MASSIVELY OVERPRICED
  10. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4570045.stm I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but the end is promising Bubble, what bubble?
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