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  1. Bye Bye Labour, you lot are toast now. Homeowners are going to hate you even more than we do!
  2. She then went on to basically pitch to ftb's in a desperate attempt to prop up the market! Never mind the morality of it all, no ftb in their right mind will now buy a property, most btl amatuers will be sitting on the loo as I type mobile in hand ringing the local estate agent. The market is well and truly fcuked now Caroline Flint, methinks its time you found a new job.
  3. Watching bbc 24 now, housing minister saying "government offering £1500 grants to key workers to get them on the ladder" f*cking unbelievable, mind you she looks a tad uncomfortable..Which key worker in their right mind would think of buying as of today?
  4. The more they (the banks) lock down mortgages the better, they are effectively causing the crash themselves. Hopefully this is going to accelarate into the summer as deals dry up. Some would say that this will stop many being able to buy in the future when prices are much more affordable but surely when prices are closer to long term averages banks will relax their lending criteria again, at least to some extent? Which means I can finally go out and buy a descent home to live in and not have to live in chavville anymore. I am totally loving this! It is the best I have felt after years and years to listening to home owners dribble on about their house being their pension yadayadaya..
  5. I think I agree, amatuer blt's will follow the market down, dropping the price 5 or 10k at a time. Builders have already started heavy discounting in my area, and that is on houses as well as flats. 4 bed new build houses reduced by £68,000k according to property bee, flats down around £30k. They will slash prices enourmously if need be, in order to offload new developments. They really have no choice in the matter, expect to see new builds very heavily discounted this summer.
  6. Looking in my area (North West) using property bee there is a massive drop in a newbuild 4 bed development from £263,000 to £195,000! and thats before the credit crunch really kicks in.
  7. I think its a done thing now, I know of a few that are staying in unhappy marriages specifically due to hpi...I suspect the divorce rate will go up on the back of this, along with everything else
  8. I wonder what will happen to Phil and Kirsty when the *hit hits the fan? Emigrate perhaps? I have the feeling they will not feel very welcome on their trots to the local deli or wine bar..If I saw them in the street I would certainly have a few choice words for them.
  9. That appears to be what everyone forgets, the length of time it took to find buyers in the last crash, you couldn't give some houses away, I know of a private flat that had been repossessed and sold at auction for £13k
  10. I don't care what anyone says, there is a real risk that this government and the BOE have something up their sleeve to try and keep it going. Hopefully though, it will be too late and the market will descend regardless.
  11. It's a bloody disgrace! Mainstream news is supposed to report....mainstream news! How the hell can they bury a story that is as big as this? I hope they are thoroughly ashamed of themselves, to think I pay those bbc muppets a bloody licence fee.
  12. Why can't they close the door on migrants? They closed the door on FTB's years ago..
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