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  1. Well you might be right, though my first preference is October ;-)
  2. It only looks unlikely, because you're not looking for the right signals. Trust me - either straight after the No vote, or October.
  3. Yes. This is the game plan. Then the proper cuts can start.
  4. Can anyone recommend a good place to buy silver coins online? Preferably UK ones with a high silver content? (and low transaction fees too!) Cheers
  5. Yup, it's back up, and that story about Mandelson, Pudsey bear and the sausages seems to have vanished....
  6. Trending on twitter too. Does anyone know if Radio 4 are still broadcasting?? If not this could be the black swan!!
  7. Woolworths owned almost all of theirs.... oh, hang on...
  8. Me too, Safari (v5) throwing a wobbler on anything in category 22 (main board) saying Google suspected malware site. I've had this before on a client site, there is a procedure for removing it from google's list, but you have to show that the trojan isn't there anymore... Suspect it'll be like that for a day or so from experience Perhaps "Fubra" should be re-titled "F.U.B.A.R" ;-)
  9. Well let's be honest, she's ok, but it's not the sort of thing that would make it into Athena,... so my guess is that's the lady of the house right there! Class.
  10. Isn't the EA legally obliged to inform the vendor of every offer? Even if the vendor has already told them to reject anything under £X amount... I still think he has to pass it on.
  11. leave it for a year - you'll be able to buy the whole of Wales for just under 1m by then...
  12. Actually I did, but only because the MP paid for lunch last time we met (and no, they didn't ask for a receipt!)
  13. Good point - have just bumped that thread with the details....
  14. 2 reasons: 1, bankers are greedy bar stewards, but 2, they see one rate rise and assume a trajectory upwards and so raise their rates by a multiple to ensure they're not losing out by too many people fixing on low rates
  15. Yesterday I had lunch with a prominent MP (who for obvious reasons will remain nameless) and we were discussing the markets. Now this is a cons MP who knows what's going on, and whilst I was talking about the lack of distressed sellers keeping the stand-off between buyer & sellers, they said that "there were three rate rises already priced in for this year". Believe me, this MP knows the people who know. I decided not to push any further on this (as our meeting wasn't really about this) and so I don't know if they're 3x rises of 0.25% or 3x 1% so the information is only of partial use (and TBH they may well have to adjust the percentage of each rise depending on the situation at the time). But it's good to know that we'll be looking at a base of AT LEAST 1.25% by December - and maybe a lot more. Of course this will translate into SVRs of 7%+ which will no doubt help the HPC along. I suspect that they'll want to avoid looking like panicking, and do a rise-per-quarter, so I'd expect a .25 rise next month (or the one after at the latest).
  16. The game plan is to keep things limping along until after the AV vote (which includes the far more important boundary changes). If the NO2AV side win (which looks likely at the mo) then the libs will have given up everything and got nothing in return, at that point they'll split and cameron (& co.**) will call a GE either straight away or in October. Thus, the support for the libs will have collapsed, Miliband looks like an dimwitted "wallace" character who's well out of his depth, and together with the constituency boundaries, the Labour bias will be wiped out and they'll be humiliated at the polls. Tories are the only party with enough cash to do another GE, so by the end of this year it'll be a solid majority for 'Team Blue' and then the real cuts can start. -You heard it here first ! And if i'm right I expect to be granted the title of HPC Political Guru.... ** I say "& Co" as actually Cameron can't call a GE on his own without the support of some libs (he needs a majority). If the government collapsed, the next stage is for HMQ to ask the second biggest party to have a go (shudder!) and that's why the libs would support a disolving.
  17. I don't get it, is that supposed to be some kind of joke? Watt are you on about?
  18. It's actually worse than that. If gets 12 months or less, not only does he get to stay as an MP, but he still gets his full salary while in pokey. un-be-feckin-lievable
  19. Uddin's the one I want to see get sent down. Thieving bitch. Of course in this society, it's easier to jail a white man than a black woman... but the precedent's now set!
  20. Does anyone have the stats of each month's 'seasonal adjustment' from say, the last 12 months? I would have thought that for 'seasonal adjustment' to be both accurate and fair over a whole year, you'd have to have some months that went up, other that went down and that once you added the amount of adjustment all together, you'd get 0% in order to accurately reveal the state of the market... Anything else is surely just a complete fudge isn't it?
  21. Actually no that's not the reason. I happen to know the real reason (and i'm not going into here as it's high grade intel from a very strong source) - the 'oil in dollars' theory is one of several popular ones that were sown so that those people with enquiring minds wouldn't dig any further. The Iraq war is like a tapestry of lies, each time you get to a layer which you think is the final one, there's another underneath it. The whole principle is designed to get rid of 5% of conspiracy theorists each time a new layer is reached, in the hope that the real reason is obfuscated underneath lots of competing theories. All I'll say is it involves stolen Boeing Flight simulators from Kuwait back in '90, and where they ended up. Now I assume this thread will trigger a red flag at echelon, so i'll shut up as I quite like hill walking and don't want to ruin my next day out!
  22. Yeah, 'cause people who like soaps are going to bring the banks down by taking their overdrafts elsewhere :-)
  23. I believe it was a German intelligence asset by the name of T. Heath... google it if you don't believe me.
  24. Isn't it funny how the left blindly believe the anti-thatcher propaganda - the "no such thing as society" one's a classic. Perhaps you should read exactly what she said and then make up your own mind if what she said was fair - instead of listening to the deeply embedded (and grossly distorted) propaganda pumped out by the left: it is necessary to read the transcript of what she said at the time, in an interview with Woman's Own, which was published in November 1987 under the unlikely headline of "Aids, Education and the Year 2000". The then Prime Minister told her interviewer, Douglas Keay: "We have gone through a period when too many people have been given to understand 'I have a problem; it is the Government's job to deal with it.' So they are casting their problems on society. And who is society? There is no such thing! There are individual men and women and there are families and no government can do anything except through people and people look to themselves first; it is our duty to look after ourselves and then also to look after our neighbour and life is a reciprocal business and people have got the entitlements too much in mind without the obligations, because there is no such thing as an entitlement unless someone has first met an obligation." Anyone here think that's incorrect?
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