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  1. If it's "Unthinkable" then maybe they're going to raise rates and help savers... then pay down some of the debt* *Yes, my sides are splitting too
  2. It's not often I get a moment of clarity - but that's just made me open-jawed at the realisation of it all. Which is unusual, because your posts are normally batsh1t mental ;-)
  3. If I was wearing a tin foil hat, I'd suggest this is Anonymous trying to undermine confidence in the banking system... (can't imagine it'll take much!)
  4. When I say "Shock" I mean to the general public who don't understand that it includes Government borrowing, and therefore is utterly meaningless as a figure of economic output You can select multiple answers
  5. Convenient that it's released after the House breaks up for summer eh?? Almost as if it's been held off for the last couple of quarters...
  6. Yep that was me... how did it work out? Was I close ?? oh... -To be fair, it was info given to me that I passed on... the source wasn't drunk (though it turns out it made sod all difference) but at the time that was what the BoE had told the Treasury... so that's what they were pricing in... Maybe they were angling for more QE? Anyway, let me try again... If you want a little heads up - watch what Nigel gets up to on Monday - that should make the front pages! (Clue: you'll see him number 10 ;-)
  7. Had the pleasure of meeting Mr Farage in the pub last night. And so after a few minutes I asked him what he'd have done if he were PM in 2008 in regard to the bank bailouts: "Let them go bust" he replied "They made bad bets and lost, I'd have let them go bust..." We then continued to sink a couple of beers and laugh about some of his more (in)famous youtube clips and his popularity (or lack thereof) in the EU chamber. I must admit, I was a fan beforehand and not just because his 'anti-politician' persona... It'd be fun to have a PM with a personality who doesn't take himself too seriously... Chances of it happening though are rather remote.
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk...litics-18759639 The House of Lords is a "flawed institution" which exercises power without legitimacy, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said. Completely different to the EU then, that we all had the chance to vote on... oh no, wait, hang on...
  9. Any tips on how I can get one? (a US passport that is)
  10. Google his name along with "Christopher Story" and "Madeleine" if you want to go proper TFH on who/what he is! (am not saying it's false mind you...)
  11. I'm also unable to connect to hpc over a talktalk ISP. I can get it over t mobile and orange 3G, and also Vodafone mobile but not my talk talk landline I have managed to get to it using the tor network, which leads me to think that for some reason talk talk think hpc is an unsuitable site and are blocking it. Wonder if the head of tt has a large btl portfolio?
  12. Saw a film about this starring Martin Sheen: http://www.caminodesantiago.me/the-way-a-movie-with-martin-sheen-and-emilio-estevez/ pretty good for a slow burner actually
  13. This problem has always been so.. and economies can tolerate a bloated workforce for only so long, then it's back to the time-honoured plan to reduce the working population or "War" as some people like to call it.
  14. Good news, it looks like he'll get his wish soon enough
  15. Use technology: Find out when it was last sold, and for how much. Then put that number into the Nattionwide House Price calculator, and pay 1% tax on the number that comes out. Do this every year.
  16. Stuff like this http://www.parkshare.net/ might get very popular Looks like a good way of keeping cash in the pockets of the people – and away from the authorities. Or better still, simply bartering for parking services!
  17. Considering an NHBC is pretty much the lowest form of insurance you could get - I'd run a mile. If I remember rightly the nhbc is actually underwritten by a conglomerate of national house building companies, so the people who decide on if a claim is valid are the ones who would have to pay to fix it... And to think they're not even prepared to do that... Now, a Zurich policy, now that's worth having... what you're not getting here is a policy that's not worth the paper it's not written on ;-) Run
  18. Or at the very least When you say "both the previous sales" do you mean "both the previous offers which subsequently collapsed or were withdrawn?"
  19. or just buy a mobile contract from 3... same thing will happen
  20. Only as "isolated" as a person left alone at Liverpool docks in April 1912 waving goodbye to a large ship...
  21. Shame, I like a crowded gay bar... gives me the opportunity to use my most favourite joke when trying to get up and leave... "Excuse me mate, do you mind if I push your stool in?" ho ho ho
  22. Signed. Tweeted, Facebooked and emailed the link to address book
  23. Blimey, bad luck for Mister Fuego el Dago then!... good job it's only Spanish banks, rather than any British ones eh? oh..., hang on
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