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  1. amusing http://gordonorgeorge.com turns out they're both as bad as each other! Who'd a thunk it?
  2. I had a thought, but it's either something so simplistic that everyone's already suggested it. Or so simple that it'll work So. We know the banks are stuffed, and if act the taxpayer owns a lot of them. Why not the take ownership of the banks assets (I.e. Houses with outstanding mortgage debt) and then let the 'owners' pay the mortgage to the government. In effect the government becomes the bank and so the relationship between lender and borrower stays the same, but the government income goes through the roof allowing us to eliminate the deficit and start 'banking' a surplus Apart from the fact that the banks wouldn't like this very much, I see a pitfall yet. Seems to me like someone's got to pay, either the uk population of the banks...
  3. Crash not happened yet? Does anyone a forum where I can chat with others who can justify a crash but are annoyed they haven't had a proper one yet? oh, wait... hang on
  4. Quick question which must have been asked before - but i'm not finding an answer using search Is a renter responsible for keeping the garden in a good order? Is it 100% their responsibility, or are there standard rules? I read somewhere that the renter is responsible for keeping it neat and tidy, but the landlord must maintain 'anything over shoulder height' e.g. they have to cut hedges, trees etc Can anyone verify this - seems a bit harsh to expect a renter to have to lop your trees down each year!
  5. I have actually been fortunate enough to ask Nigel this exact question. I met him in a pub in Eastleigh last June or July when he gave a talk there. I said "If you'd been PM at the start of the banking crisis, what would you have done?" He answered: "Easy, let them go bust. They made bad bets, they deserved to go bust. Ordinary savers would have been ok due to the civil contingencies fund, but hedge fund managers and shareholders would have got hit rather than everyone else" I joined UKIP shortly afterwards!
  6. Pure BS For a start the EU doesn't make up 50% of our exports, by their own figures it's only 38% and that's taken from the Rotterdam Accord method of calculation* Also let's assume the figure of 38% is accurate (and bear in mind this comes form the same people who've not had their accounts signed off for 18 years due to massive fraud) then that means we still have 62% with which we can now trade freely and set our own trade negotiations with, inclusing the BRIC nations *Basically they take the number of ships/lorries that leave the UK and land at EU ports (e.g. Rotterdam) and say that's "trade with the EU" - they don't then calculate how many of those consignments are using these ports/depots as hubs to then be shipped off to elsewhere in the world.
  7. "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win."
  8. Would it not be better to upgrade the entire network (or at least the overcrowded lines) so they can take those nifty double-decker carriages - thus doubling capacity at a stroke... Granted they'd be a lot of tunnel upgrades, and bridge changes too (or at least dig the line deeper so the track goes lower rather than try to raise the bridge)... am pretty sure this would cost less than HS2 and benefit almost everyone... and as the lines are already there, they'd be no planning objections
  9. You've got no chance with Richer Sounds. Their stores used to hold the Guinness world record for having the highest grossing retail stores per sq ft I believe they held that record until the Apple stores came along...
  10. The OPs right, and it's something I said on the night of the 2010 election to a very senior Conservative campaign strategist while the votes were being counted Basically my premise was the same. A labour win would be a short term disaster, but we'd end up with 2 main benefits: 1. That the Labour Party would rightly take the blame for the economic carnage that they'd been storing up (rather than be able to come back in 5 years when the majority of the populations memories had faded) and say "we're better than this shower" and thus be out of power for a generation 2. It would have meant that DC would have failed to win against Brown, and the Conservative party would have finally realised that emulating new labour was a bad idea, and would have replaced him with a proper leader who, by then, would have been elected by a landslide in an emergency election (following our bond crisis) and have a solid public mandate to make the necessary changes Surprisingly enough he looked at me and said "yes, I think you're probably right there" Shame it never happened if you ask me
  11. Erm, hasn't this 'solution' already been tried? http://en.wikipedia...._with_Trillions "The Trouble with Trillions" is the twentieth episode of the ninth season of the animated television seriesThe Simpsons, which originally aired April 5, 1998.[2] It was written by Ian Maxtone-Graham and directed bySwinton O. Scott III.[2] The episode sees Homer being sent by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to try to obtain a trillion dollar bill that Montgomery Burns failed to deliver to Europe during the post-war era.
  12. Love the default HPC cynicism ! Actually neither of us paid for the drinks - he was being bought them by UKIP supporters who were sitting at the other end of the pub, and they bought me drinks too as they thought I must have been someone important (wrong, but I wasn't going to pass it up). So uyes, I dined out courtesy of our Nige, but whilst he didn't put his hand in his pocket it was because he didn't need too. Ergo, no expenses claims were filed ;-)
  13. I've actually had a few beers with Farage, and got to ask him many questions. One of which was "what would you have done in 2009 with banks like RBS" and he replied quite sincerely "Let them collapse. They made bad debts so they deserve to go bust" He was being deadly serious and he means it. So just to recap: • He wants us to break free of the EU and be able to trade with the rest of the world • He would have let the zombie banks die -what's not to like?
  14. Would love too - but getting the visa's the tricky part!
  15. I'm pretty sure that thread was mine. Plus I also stated that one other major benefit would be that the Tories would have to kick out the useless Cameron (as he's have failed to win against Brown) and get a proper conservative leader win-win
  16. Also he knows that if he (Cameron) is 'for' something... that's probably the best way of making more people 'against' it
  17. Yes, plus moonlight, good times and even some 'boogie' too -gotta find someone to blame this mess on
  18. Surely worth finding out if you're any good at parking in the first place though eh? http://www.facebook....128953167177144
  19. Really? Wow, I had no idea. You really should have mentioned these 'liar loans' things before...
  20. I generally work on the assumption that if something's 'bad' for Blair, then it's good for everyone else.
  21. This is pure BS peddled by those in the EU. It's nonsense for several reasons 1. 40% is smaller than 60% and thus let's try concentrating on the 60% for a change? 2. The figure of 40% comes from the EU, and let's be honest, they've not even been able to sign their own accounts off, so really - do you trust those figures? 3. Even if you do believe them, when you dig deeper you find that they get the figure of 40% from counting the percentage of container ships from the UK that arrive at European ports (Rotterdamn in particular). And they do it by saying that 40 out of every hundred ships exporting things from the UK dock at EU ports... what they fail to do is then say how many of that 40% shift their cargo, or pick up more and then head off around the world... E.g. not unloading at EU ports just using them as a hub... 4. If we break free of the EU we're be allowed to make our own trading agreements (and be allowed to negotiate) with other countries, in particular the Commonwealth which - last time I looked - was doing rather nicely, not mired in trillions of debt and recession 5. We are a net IMPORTER of EU goods. We sell more to them than they sell to us On the issue of rules & regs, if you ask almost any manufacturer about the differences between EU standards and the old British Standards they'll tell you that British Standards were far higher. The reason the EU wanted us all the same was NOT to improve quality, but to ensure that the advantage we had exporting better products to the rest of the word (especially the US) was negated. On the issue of influence - well that's even more of a joke. Anything we want to change in our favour, means it's normally NOT going to help the 26 other EU nations... and they're the ones who have to all vote for it... How influential do you think the UK is therefore? So, to summarise. Being an EU member we've hampered at least 60% of our exports (probably more like 70%). Those countries that we do export to in the EU sell us shed loads more... so really, do you think they'd stop trading? The EU is a criminally inept political organisation that has nothing to do with trade. Let's get the f*ck out as soon as possible.
  22. I'm on voipfone and simply dial 166 anytime I get a telesales call and forward then to it I think you can use the service even if you're not on voipfone by dialling 08431760166 - you should get a voice that says: "Hello and thank you for calling. I'm sorry we can't take your call at the moment but we're busy helping other telesales operatives.. Please stay on the line and we'll play you some music..." -It then plays some annoying muzak until they hang up!
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