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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows about gaining Irish naturalisation by having an Irish association? If you had an Irish spouse or child etc. but don't live in Ireland and won't meet the residency requirements. I've done some digging and came across the section written below, which gives the eligibility. I've bolded the relevant sections. I don't meet the residence requirement of 5 years reckonable service or intend to reside in Ireland. However in the section below it says these requirements may be waived in certain circumstances including having an Irish association. Does a
  2. Just a quick one. Does anyone have any figures on buy to let landlords? Such as the age range and the average number of properties owned etc. My suspicion is most are over 50 and the majority own one or two but I wondered if there was a way to find out definitively.
  3. Taking the average can smooth out extremes but I think is a good benchmark. I think the most relevant measure of inflation would be wage inflation. I don't have the exact figures to hand but I believe this is still lagging behind CPI, RPI and way behind pure house price inflation.
  4. Round my way a 40% drop would bring houses down to 2010 levels which is when I bought. I was a full on HPCer by then and thought houses were massively overpriced then. IMO we'd need an 80% drop for things to get back to normal.
  5. Could brexit be the trigger that knocks down this house of cards? I think the consensus here is that although there is a lack of supply in the housing market the deficit alone isn't the main reason why houses are so expensive. The main reason has been easy credit which has driven up house prices to the eye watering levels they're at now. Banks are confident to lend as there is a perception that the housing shortage is much greater than it is and buyers are still willing to buy because they think prices only go up (since I've been an adult prices in the SE have never fallen). Would brexit
  6. You get this a lot in Oxford with the Mini factory. The workers get very competitive lease deals including insurance which allows a lot of the youngsters to drive a new BMW for 6 months for ~£400/month. Other than that I'd suspect young drivers of these types of vehicles are into something illegal such as drug dealing or benefit fraud. An aquaintance from my school days used to drive a brand new car (admittedly a corsa) even though he didn't have a job and wasn't from a wealthy family. I was too naive to know where he got his money from until someone pointed out he sold drugs.
  7. An aquaintance from school has set up his own estate agency. He was a bit of an odd one, he was from a very well off family and was slumming it in our state school. He's been an estate agent for nearly 20 years now, he had some deal before when he managed to own his own branch of a small chain of estate agents. Just before Christmas he set out on his own. I've been told he's spent £20k set up costs for his premises and is employing 3 full time staff. He's on a side street in a small town that is dominated by estate agents and charity shops but with little else. I don't know how he thinks he'll
  8. A friend of mine works for one of them, probably the most well known and respectable one, although that's a very low bar. The comments she used to make about her clients were incredibly funny the term scrote came up numerous times in her Facebook posts. She's toned it down now.
  9. The spin on this story is what I find grating about the situation. A relative of mine moved to Australia he wanted to return to the UK for personal reasons after several years but stuck it for another ~2 years to gain full citizenship just in case he ever wanted to go back. Even if you may disagree with immigration rules you know you have to abide by them. It's their ball their rules. Why did she leave the UK in 1992 without gaining citizenship? She'd have lived there 4 years and been married a uk national so would have got it had she applied. Regarding the £12 in her pocket and having
  10. Regarding the Irene Clennell news story. I had thought there was something more going on with her situation and there was more to it than we've been told by various media outlets. Until I checked on the petition link I hadn't realised just how much time she had spent out of the country. From what I've read she came to the UK in 1988, got married in 1990 and gained indefinite leave to remain and then went to Singapore in 1992, she then spent 21 years out of the country before returning in 2013 and applied for ILTR again but was rejected, we're not told why she was rejected. Since 2014 she's bee
  11. I think tax credits and benefits to EUers should stop once the UK leaves the EU but I am not as optimistic as other people on here that the UK government will do that, especially to EUers who have been here a long time and may be legally resident here. The British governments over the years have not done a great deal to stop benefit tourism from the EU and I can't see them doing anything now despite their rhetoric. There are a lot of British pensioners residing in the EU who will be insisting that they be allowed to remain where they are enjoying the services of the state they currently live i
  12. I'm not so sure the tax credits and benefits will be stopped though. I think there will be some grandfathering of existing tax credits and benefits for EUers that were here before June 2016. With a less generous reciprocal arrangement with the EU for people who arrived later. Ultimately we don't know what the government wants or will achieve but I can't see them making any of the large changes people want or expect.
  13. I don't believe that there will be a signicant EU exodus after Brexit. I think those that are already here will be allowed to stay by some sort of government deal or will already have been here long enough to qualify for residency and/or citizenship. In total I think this won't do much to dent demand for rooms in HMOs at least in the short term. If there is an exodus of EU workers I think there will be a government scheme to bring in people (not necessarily workers) from the commonwealth, of which one region of the world will be overly represented.
  14. No talk of building council houses though? Just extending the length of tenancies. Renters do need more rights, but as Futuroid has said I worry that these token increased rights are just the anaesthetic that will be used to turn the UK in to a land where everybody rents from a landlord.
  15. I've had a look for the house advertisement I was thinking of but can't find it. My search turned up a thisismoney article on this subject. They mention someone who tried to give away a Ferrari which wasn't the person I was thinking of. The people I had in mind had an overpriced house that was an unaffordable lifestyle choice they couldn't sell for what they thought it was worth. They then tried to throw in the car this being their second largest unaffordable lifestyle choice. They quoted the price of the car when new, not when it was x many years old and didn't mention how much of a liability
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