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  1. Observer: Young people 'giving up on the property dream' 2.4 million people scale back plans for home ownership as prices remain too high for most Young people are increasingly falling out of love with the idea of owning their own home, new research shows, as prices remain too high for most to afford. A study of 2,000 people by the Chartered Institute for Housing, to be released tomorrow, shows that only a third of 18-to-24-year-olds now think owning a home is right for them. Over the past 12 months an estimated 2.4 million people, most of them young, have changed their opinion about home
  2. And so that is why Mandelson is talking about the UK going into the Euro!! He knows the day of reckoning is due any moment.
  3. I have been travelling a lot of late, from the south west to the east midlands, and over to the west of London too. Wherever I have been I have been really struck by the number of To Let and For Sale signs: It is almost saturation out there! Many people would have seen this coming; in my opinion it has built up steadily over a number of years, especially from 2005/6 onwards. In other words, it actually became very noticeable even before the peak and slide from Summer 2007 onwards.
  4. No. It is collective madness which predominates now. And cowardice to face the bare facts.
  5. He is in total denial. He does not have the courage to face up, or even listen to his critics. It shows that he is very weak.
  6. I warned some months ago that the VIs would stop at NOTHING but NOTHING. They will PUMP and PUMP the Media Machine. They have been doing this for years; they are very practiced at this. They will try every trick in the book. It is depressing, but there you are.
  7. That cartoon of Mr Mandelson is funny!
  8. Are you dyslexic, cells? And anyway - you can't compare cars with houses; there is an almost limitless supply of cars. There is NOTHING to stop a goat buying a car.... Houses/Property is in limited supply, although not nearly as limited as the VI's would like you to believe.
  9. Yes. Prices still have a very long way to fall. And they will. Without any doubt at all.
  10. As Mr Pebble and others so rightly said; don't believe a word the FSA says; they tried to deny there was any sub-prime in the UK until very recently. The BBC Money Programme (that Mr Pebble draws attention to in his signature) interviewed Mr Coogan of the FSA about their explosive undercover revelations about liar loans way back in 2003! Mr Coogan, a reptillian individual at the best of times, denied all of it outright, and told complete lies. You keep going on about the FSA figures; they are not worth the paper they're written on, even after Mr Coogan has used it to wipe his posterior.
  11. It's both -- Banks/Moneylenders milking people of every ounce of their blood, and planning laws - much to the gleeful joy of the Vested Interests who see to it that the planning laws strangle people to breaking point. GO TO GOOGLE EARTH - OR GOOGLE MAPS SWITCHED TO "SATELLITE" AND TAKE A LOOK AT THE VAST, VAST AMOUNT OF LAND THAT IS NOT BUILT ON.... THE "FACT" THAT THERE IS NO SPACE LEFT IS A MYTH: [ONLY 14% OF THE LAND IS BUILT ON IN THE UK]. YES - WE SHOULD HAVE STRICT PLANNING LAWS - BUT WE COULD SOLVE THE UK's HOUSING PROBLEM IF WE DID 2 THINGS: 1 - BUILD A LARGE NUMBER OF HOUSES OF VAR
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