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  1. Looking a little brighter... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/p/portsmouth/8289279.stm
  2. Yes we are-big trouble. I'm philosophical about relegation but I am worried about administration. I really don't want to be starting in the Championship on -10.
  3. She was mentally ill for goodness sake! That amount of debt probably came from bi-polar disorder or something.
  4. I've just sold my house via B&B. They started at asking 1.75% and agreed on 1.5%. They did bring a lot of people round and actively marketed the place.
  5. I don't know of any problems-it certainly doesn't have a reputation in terms of area and even though it may not be a selling point for you, the good catchment area will make it re-saleable. If you are looking for newer properties then obviously you will be limited for choice in Portsmouth/Southsea-you could try looking a little further out in the surrounding areas.
  6. Hello Jason, I've got a feeling the Anchorage Park estate is built on a landfill site so that would probably put me off. Not heard of any problems there in terms of reputation/residents though and think it probably falls into the catchment area for ALN school if that was one of your priorities.
  7. The development at the top of commerical road seems to be on hold. If they ever start work on that it may be an indicator that things are picking up in the area. I can't see it happening until 2011 at the earliest. As for the football ground being developed...
  8. It puzzles me too-it's not exactly prime commuter territory, although a fair amount of people who live their work in the city. There are a lot of good schools in Maidstone though and the type of houses you describe are bog standard family homes-albeit they tend to be relatively new homes and on the smaller side. They are coming down though-I would say they are probably at 2005 prices at present.
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