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  1. Spring bounce has become a stampede! Nights are longer, shorts out, never mind this annoying nuisance of a global depression, house prices back to 2007 levels by July. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/art...gent/article.do
  2. Thought he was getting started, but you're right, went soft Edit typo
  3. Now that takes the biscuit http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics...2.html?image=13
  4. Paxman's on the case "how people have the brass neck..." "victims of the system are they?"
  5. On a recent trip to USA, I discussed house prices with a local. I said that in UK people were still in denial phase and were hanging on expecting prices to return "to normal". I asked if USA people were in the same phase. No, came the answer, they're resigned to the fact that prices have collapsed and things arent getting better. We're what? 12 months behind US, with a bigger bubble than they had.
  6. Yes. In addition, all the money that cannot be considered 'necessary to do the job' by some independent body should be back-calculated and they should be forced to pay it back. (Of course I'm convinced that nothing of the kind will happen) Fully agree with all the comments on VI. Greed and champagne egging on the bubble, doing nothing whatsoever about it, directly contributing to unnecessary misery for many, past, present and future :angry:
  7. Agreed, so long as that's it. Imagine the other MPs in his ear: "What do you mean you haven't claimed anything?"
  8. Hours of fun Earth is self regulating biosphere - gaia - so it's perfect because it's a living system, not really because it's a 'perfect' distance from Sun. Well, self regulating to a point, until us lot completely fvck it up :angry:
  9. What i saw was from the plane, but my pics are on an old-skool film camera, so havent seen em yet . Someone else took the photo that I posted, from a building (it seems like), but i cropped it because it was too big to upload. So your view recollection was probably right.
  10. This discussion reminds me of a recent trip to Singapore. Flying in over the sea, the place was just a ship park - hundreds of them - all sizes - at anchor. I was taken aback tbh. This is someone else's photo.
  11. this bottom will be a big old smelly hairly one with clag-nuts and everything. Not there yet.
  12. "Flats/Houses in new developments are often snapped up by property companies for buy-to-let purposes before a brick has even been laid. If Landlords and 2nd home owners were to be taxed more heavily then this would discourage multi-home ownership and give first-time buyers the opportunity of getting on the ladder. Russell, Bristol " Interesting that this would have been a socially beneficial tax, but ZaNuLabour clearly had other objectives in mind.
  13. Response to Welshy confirms that the 50% was the correct political move. What a croc that show was
  14. And what a load of horse sh1t that show was too.
  15. Agree it's meant to be more of a crowd pleaser for the masses than make any meaningful difference. At least Cameron is trying to kick-off a bit - comparing Brown & Darling to the man knocking at door checking gas meter while the other one robs you! I guess it brings the message back to the point that we're all getting truncheoned, certainly not just the 150k+ crew.
  16. First post. Been part of the lurking masses & enjoyed many a thread. The HPC banter helped strengthen my resolve against the "you need to get in now before you miss the boat" brigade, back in the day Simples
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