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  1. Just a quick question -

    Let's assume that cimlate change is proven beyond all doubt, the science is solid and so forth.

    Why do we have to do anything about it?

    It's an interesting thing, but the assumption seems to be that once the scientific case is proven (either way) than action must follow.

    How come?

    CBA. Costs of the disruption* that could be expected to occur are higher than costs of mitigation. And the fact that technically and (in theory) politically, we can act as a global entity to apply this mitigation.

    Population though, remains the more difficult issue - as Hardin pointed out - The population problem has no technical solution.


    *sea level rise not good for Miami, Singapore, Bangladesh etc etc. Water problems, mass population movements, possible shift in ocean currents and so on.

  2. BANKS are sitting on more than £100 billion of paper losses from their exposure to UK commercial property - more than the combined market capitalisation of Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds and Barclays, according to global property consultant Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL).

    The staggering figure represents a ticking timebomb for lenders, following a tough two-year spell for the real-estate market.

    Office blocks, shops and industrial units are expected to halve in value by the end of this year from their 2007 peak.

    Banks have shied away from crystalising losses on their commercial-property portfolios because the figures could bankrupt them.

  3. I remember seeing a car on tomorrows world that could run on oil extracted from orange peel - quite functional but not scaleable.

    Likewise Viz once ran a story called Mickeys Monkey $punk moped. The moral of that story was that Mickey soon came to realise the difficulty in running his symian semen powered ride. He eventually decides to switch to another fuel - Leopards fanny batter..... :P


  4. Be interesting to see how worked up about MP's expenses the audience are. From the public who've been asked on the news they only really seem to be that worked up about the fact some MPs have got two plasma TVs.

    Politicians would have to do something the public find really unpalatable like banning depressing soap operas about the working class, keeping cats as pets and small talk about the weather. They'd be dangling from the lamp-posts before you could say 'turned out nice again'.

    I predict they get pretty worked up with furious clapping and occasional boo-type noises.

  5. Ever wondered why a suckers' rally is so named?

    They occur in every bear market and even though history should give a warning always manage to divest suckers' of their cash before the bear market resumes its downward trend.

    For sure, and since many people in the UK are still in denial phase, I can imagine quite a few getting sucked in.

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