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  1. Well it'd better not be some pissy lager like Carling then Injin Anyway, why would you not want us to reduce the damage we do to this planet, mainly as a result of unnecessary overconsumption?
  2. Apols - the link http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle6445954.ece Can't edit into OP yet for some reason.
  3. CBA. Costs of the disruption* that could be expected to occur are higher than costs of mitigation. And the fact that technically and (in theory) politically, we can act as a global entity to apply this mitigation. Population though, remains the more difficult issue - as Hardin pointed out - The population problem has no technical solution. http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/162/3859/1243 *sea level rise not good for Miami, Singapore, Bangladesh etc etc. Water problems, mass population movements, possible shift in ocean currents and so on.
  4. Yes, as the (other) fella says, the real crisis is the government intervention.
  5. Does destroyed mean "put back in our box" or removed entirely? While we're at it, shouldn't our entire "civilisation" be taken down a peg or two, not just the British contingent?
  6. Beautiful chart. Reminds me of a warm summers night in the Rocky Mountains with the moon shining off the lake like a million sparkling diamonds. Unfortunately it also reconfirms that the hard times have hardly even begun.
  7. Yes, I've often been comforted by the soft tones of the Bloo.
  8. Esta Ratzen, Home Secretary Susan Boyle, Culture Minister Caroline Flint, nope "Being done in an ordered and calm way" says Gordo
  9. Gordo & Susan Boyle should go away together on a nice holiday to the Falklands.
  10. So much squirming around - WTF were they doing in preparing for this show? "You should be utterly ashamed"
  11. I predict they get pretty worked up with furious clapping and occasional boo-type noises.
  12. For sure, and since many people in the UK are still in denial phase, I can imagine quite a few getting sucked in.
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