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  1. In Swansea West there is a type of madness going on. The predominantly Public Sector workforce in this part of the World are oblivious to a recession and do not think they will be affected.

    Trigger you say? Well, public sector jobs and pensions are a ticking time-bomb for a start. Staying 'oblivious' will not remain an option. But trigger could be anything - it's the background state of things that counts IMHO - like an overly dry forest. BDI is down recently for eg.

  2. He will say what he thinks stops his party getting totally butchered at the next election...Be in no doubt whoever takes charge after the election will have some very painful/expensive mistakes to correct and anyone with a real job will pay for it... If their employers aren't sensible enough to off shore. (Employers NI... the hidden tax)

    NuLabour haven't a hope in hell of winning and they know it, hence the charge to run up national debt so that no party has a hope on earth of clearing it without some very painful taxation/cuts.....and 5 Years after that election, when the sheeple are so hacked off, they will come promising yet more golden bollards with endless quotes/statistics about how the last government got it wrong!

    I just wish HRH would dissolve the parasites and force an election as there's only so much spin one can take... and rises in the cost of doing "REAL WORK" cripple what little we have left of an economy.

    The IMF may save us, by forcing us to downsize government, but whoever takes power will not give it up lightly...just look how tight MP's are on expenses...says it all IMO

    So the message from political parties is clear..."Look out for number 1", feather you bed while you can as anything else makes you a mug.

    Well said Yoss

  3. Real economic problem? Reduced flights is a good thing! It means more pounds will be spent (and re-spent) inside the British economy rather than leaking out overseas. To a lesser extent it also means our trade deficit is improved as we won't have to import as much oil to fuel the planes.

    More flights are "good" in the same way rising house prices are, ie they aren't. Irrespective of any environmental concerns.

    Really? Maybe some point to point obscure flights, but if what you say were true, why do most major economies aspire to have a major international hub airport? Is there not a link between the international connectedness of a city and the city's (and region's) prosperity and attractiveness to business? Unilateral government taxes only serve to damage our economy and have no appreciable impact in reducing climate emissions.

  4. Chris Jary of Action for Debt, a debt advisor, said: “Charging orders are now very common and in some cases this will lead to an order of sale. A client from Bradford recently had an order for sale on his house to recover an unsecured loan debt of £12,000. Some orders for sale have been made for debts as little as £4,000.

    Doesn't seem little to me. I'm sick of this big fat moral hazard the guvmunt is creating. As someone on here used to say - F+ck you, pay me.

  5. Place near me, next to prominent road junction, has had a sold sign up for a year now looking shiny and new. It wouldn't suprise me if they pop round every now and again, give it a clean and bash the stick in a bit for good measure. Sad really.

    btw, I love your avatar SB. I'd give you top marks in an avatar vote :)

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