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  1. building a bigger bubble indeed This guy is legend. I want him with my breakfast every morning. On the TV you understand.
  2. Trigger you say? Well, public sector jobs and pensions are a ticking time-bomb for a start. Staying 'oblivious' will not remain an option. But trigger could be anything - it's the background state of things that counts IMHO - like an overly dry forest. BDI is down recently for eg.
  3. People that drive without insurance are cnts and piss-takers. £1000 is nothing. Too many feel they have some 'right' to drive despite being too sh!t, too old, not paying mot, insurance, tax.
  4. Really? Maybe some point to point obscure flights, but if what you say were true, why do most major economies aspire to have a major international hub airport? Is there not a link between the international connectedness of a city and the city's (and region's) prosperity and attractiveness to business? Unilateral government taxes only serve to damage our economy and have no appreciable impact in reducing climate emissions.
  5. Good stuff hedi, it could be a British thing - if summertime in the UK can't be jolly and optimistic then we'd all be totally mental.
  6. "I just pee'd a little in my pants" Fantastic, but dark too "our little secret..."
  7. Barry Island - that really is a frugal holiday ".co.uk actually" - nice work.
  8. Following TMTs film, here is my half-baked attempt, marginally relevant to this thread. http://www.xtranormal.com/watch?e=20090627142530517 Edit: fix url for slightly updated version
  9. My half-baked contribution : http://www.xtranormal.com/watch?e=20090627142530517 Edit: to point to updated version - less effin
  10. "This ship is sinking fast" ...sounds about right.
  11. Doesn't seem little to me. I'm sick of this big fat moral hazard the guvmunt is creating. As someone on here used to say - F+ck you, pay me.
  12. Place near me, next to prominent road junction, has had a sold sign up for a year now looking shiny and new. It wouldn't suprise me if they pop round every now and again, give it a clean and bash the stick in a bit for good measure. Sad really. btw, I love your avatar SB. I'd give you top marks in an avatar vote
  13. "what you're experiencing is a form of free-form delusion" ... Gordon
  14. "rescue package for the whole of the world economy"
  15. Can political correctness grow into a bubble?
  16. Yes. Afraid of having a national identity we are too, not like many other countries.
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