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  1. Desperate attempt to win over the ever-growing proportion of voters who haven't benefitted from the propped up 'market', keep plates spinning, save the "economy" (where economy only limps on by pushing more debt slaves), keep the boomer voters happy, keep banks away from more financial stress, slap the back of VIs etc etc. What I want to know is what are the messages that can be pushed in an attempt to worry the tory comms and policy folks into maybe not doing it, say if there were lots of people, especially FTB demographic agreeing with these type of messages in places online other than HPC. Surely they 'test opinion' when floating these type of policy proposals. "Nothing will stop them" you might say - maybe. What about 'Govnt trying to trick vulnerable youngsters into too much debt' or 'we want lower house prices, not higher debt, so stop with the unhelpful interventions that will cost the taxpayer dear, say FTBers' or 'your taxes will go up just so the gov can artificially keep house prices high' or 'I don't want more massive debts, I just want the tories to stop messing with "help" in the housing market that doesn't help me, maybe I might even vote for them in future if they did.'
  2. Moved out of a rental conversion flat with very poor EPC in July18. LL had assessor in to work out what it would cost to get it to an E. Place is old and not well looked after. LL decided to put it up for sale. I thought it would be interesting to see how quick it went since it wouldn't be too attractive for any btl folks, so only good for people who need a place to live. Agent: "this will shift in no time, a,ready some folks i know who will be interested blah balh" Apr19 and still hasn't shifted.
  3. Eye-watering slashing! Awesome Saturday morning sentiment. Despite stamp duty and of course Brexit being to blame the general sense of the article is - this is the way things are going to be now.
  4. So after months of analysis and crisis sessions on how to reverse their forthcoming fall from power, this is what the Tory HQ geniuses have come up with. Unbelievable. As someone said further up, they are absolutely cornered, having not taken the opportunity to have a proper recession and HPC years ago. Result is ludicrous contradiction - "we worry about folks getting into too much debt... we are extending HTB to get people, especially the most vunerable, to take on unsustainable debt" "we're all about market forces... we will intervene in an attempt to force markets".
  5. 'A spiral of complacency' - as if they are dismayed bystanders... Surely the dear banksters should have shown more self restraint and moral judgement. The signalling is interesting though. There's a pile of puke in the front room next to the ripped curtains, no booze left and there's water dripping through into the kitchen after Mark and his pissedup mates left the taps on upstairs. This house party looks done, and there may be some sore heads in the morning.
  6. Indeed, and don't call me shirley! looks like I picked the wrong week to give up bear food
  7. So if financial repression is the way it is - and it certainly seems to be the plan - and government is obsessed with not allowing a HPC, since house prices are "too big to fail" for the UK, then (forgive me) but why not just max out as much as possible on debt and mortgages? All of my instincts tell me that is stupid, but we seem to be in cuckoo land where everything is the opposite of what you know to be correct. Like when the first pilots hit the sound barrier and the only way to keep control was to reverse the control inputs. Based on another thread on here, it seems time to get a job in a charity, and wear my pants inside-out (that one's not from an HPC thread )
  8. Why is a lot of industry advocating it then?
  9. As pointed out earlier, politicians can bend any good idea, but good idea it remains. To be fair to said gobermint bods, it was never going to be a stunning success from day one, or decade one. Science shows we must reduce emissions - and carbon trading is the least cost way to do so. It's the part where there are 190-odd countries all following their own VI that causes problems. At least Europe is trying to address this, with the instrument that industry requested. They must do better though, granted. Ask yourself this - in the future, would you rather have the choice to do something carbon intensive and pay a reasonable amount to do it, or face stupidly high tax levels to do it, or be told you're not allowed to do it?
  10. Absolutely in character. NPower has the worst customer service I have ever know of any company by a huge margin. Huge incompetence, constantly tried to do me out of money, long spells on the phone trying to fix their messes. I was over the moon when I got out. Do yourself a favour and avoid this shower.
  11. http://money.uk.msn.com/mortgages-and-homes/eight-in-10-with-interest-only-mortgage-not-repaying-debt
  12. These pension changes will reduce costs by 0.4% by 2015/16. When will government get serious? Are they just messing about to test the water before the proper reforms are rolled out? Won't that just draw out the striking? I say slash and burn as quickly as possible! What happened to the bonfire of the quangos? I've heard some central government departments have had to make cuts of about 20% - well, the state was overinflated by lets say 50% already, and that is relative to "normal" conditions, so we need to cut the state much further than this. One good thing from the strikes is that the likes of Sky News will continue to draw attention to the unacceptably generous pensions, salaries, holidays, and working conditions of many public sector bods that the rest of us are paying for.
  13. Hey BTL is his 'business'! Poor bloke is just trying to earn an honest crust
  14. "instead of paying down their mortgage they decided to buy their dream caravan" Edit: Caravan on hold!
  15. Perhaps she kept getting expelled for constantly saying fanny
  16. Was having a perfectly agreeable evening, now Krusty is grimacing on my TV spouting on about Afghanistan. Presumably the Tories think she has some kind of popular appeal - you couldn't make it up.
  17. "capital cushion" Is that like cash under the mattress, but in the pillow?
  18. Chilean lake district is good - Villarica volcano. 4wd from San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) to Uyuni a classic (firmly on the backpacker circuit - but so what right?) Galapogos awsome but can be pricey to get to. Loved Colombia like many others here have. Venezuela... not my cup of tea (found the people more mardy & the place more dangerous than colombia). Iguazu falls - worth a trip out there. (Isla) Santa Catarina in Brasil - lovely place. As a colombian pal of mine says - south america is great to visit, but living there is a different thing entirely. (Still, i've been thinking about it myself recently...) Bueno suerte!
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