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  1. Well done to CNN. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/04/08/conservatives-outraged-over-cnn-photo-of-thatcher-with-pedophile-jimmy-savile/
  2. So, why was my post removed? She was a Bilderberger and was a traitor.
  3. I notice that those who are intent on trumping the fundamentals by selling endless paper gold and silver have their finger superglued to the sell button for a third successive day. It seems that they're so focused on doing so that they've forgotten to slam the shares of mining companies.
  4. Gold makes a new 2013 low in US dollars and is again down year to date priced in sterling. The HUI hits another multi-year low. Silver is lower today than in November 2010. In other news, the USDX is down on the back of terrible economic data, Asheron (having failed to find a bullish chart anywhere on earth) has retired to his study with one bullet in his jacket pocket but has yet to reach for his service revolver and North Korea's leader pounds his chest at a faster beat. The Chinese have to be complicit in this ludicrous suppression on steroids.
  5. So, you think he was right to lie and shouldn't resign? Doesn't honesty and integrity mean anything amongst the populace? If your shoulder-shrugging attitude is indicative of the complacency there then don't complain if you're reduced to penury.
  6. I've followed the Cyprus situation closely and the most aggressive act I've seen by a Cypriot was when a bank worker half-heartedly tried and failed to climb a 5' police barrier. You say that the prevailing mood there isn't one that blames the politicians. I've no reason to disbelieve you, but if it is indeed true then they must have forgiven the country's president (and his party) for making a public pledge not to steal depositor's money which he and they went back on less than a month later and that fella hasn't had the common decency to resign. In Greece, where the politicians and bankers death counts remain at 0 and 0, respectively, the only metal bullet fired so far was by a guy who put one into his own head outside their Parliament building. I'm beginning to think it'll take a significant amount of the population there to be hungry for a week or more before any heroes emerge. Same for Cyprus and whoever's next on the bankers' hit list.
  7. Gold is trading in the same direction as the US dollar again today. That usually counterintuitive action has been happening a lot lately. Not that it matters much what it trades with as its price remains stuck between $1,560-$1,620.
  8. Has any Cypriot thrown so much as a punch at someone in officialdom since this saga began 13 days ago? At least their brethren in Greece have lobbed the occasional petrol bomb in protest at being gangbanged by the bankers and their politicians. And they are supposedly hot-blooded southern Europeans! If their reaction is a gauge and a similar looting of people's dough happens here then successive governments have wasted billions by waging a war on our privacy with their matrix of CCTV to help contain social upheaval because a typical UK reality TV addict is even more docile than those compliant drones are.
  9. Enjoyable article that was. Until he stated that a major new uptrend would begin 'soon'. His previous free update said it would begin 'before long' and the preceding one on March 24th reckoned it was would also start 'soon.' I suppose he could produce the same ad infinitum by defining those words how he cares to. I'm patiently waiting for one of the 'stars' of the gold price predicting arena to emerge red-faced from the long grass . The last anyone heard of Alf Field was by way of this: http://www.321gold.com/editorials/field/field010313.html
  10. I visit another forum that has a dedicated gold and silver thread. It was once vibrant, especially so during the latter half of 2011. No messages have been posted to it for nine days. This one's going the same way.
  11. Gold and silver, yet again targeted for the whack-a-mole treatment, are down versus every major currency and are suffering most against, wait for it, the euro... what a complete farce! All this while the US dollar index is down by over half a percent. How long can the paper pushers continue to suppress prices and with it prolong such absurdity? Feck knows. But the case for owning the metals become stronger with each passing day.
  12. Does anyone around here read Martin Armstrong's stuff? "No. Who the hell is he?" Here's a short Wiki bio about him: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_A._Armstrong I used to read his musings when he was banged-up in clink for years. Some of it was on scanned pieces of paper that he'd scrawled upon when he was denied use of any other writing equipment. He's out now and has his own site. He pinpoints this Friday as the big 224 cycle change. http://armstrongeconomics.com/2013/03/13/the-224-year-cycle-march-22nd-2013/ Friday the 22nd of March also marks the 33rd anniversary of when the Masonic Georgia Guidestones appeared. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones
  13. I've had an official clip round the ear from this site's admin re comments about a notable gold commentator so will respect their wishes by not referring to that person again. Possibly what should have been the single most bullish PM development of the past 18 months was when the Swiss central bank pegged the franc to the euro and with it damaged its perceived fiat safe haven status in early September 2011 but instead of gold waltzing through $2,000 it came under immediate attack and there's been little respite ever since. So while the proposed Cypriot daylight robbery should induce a stampede for physical gold and silver, it's certainly not a given that increased demand will be reflected in price increases at the Comex.
  14. He's the best indicator of where the gold price is heading. I included links to what he's put his moniker to. I've asked you several times previously to direct me to one correct call he's made since September 2011. It shouldn't be a difficult task given that he makes them regularly. You are never able to, though, and the reason why is you can't because every bullish one he made were proven wrong. I'm not quite sure why you've got the hump because as you want the gold price to bomb you should be happy about his 'it's gonna spike upwards' predictions.
  15. It's time for a Jim Sinclair update for the benefit of those who want insight into gold's price direction. The uninitiated should know that he's been wrong 100% of the time for the past 18 months so it's imperative that any newbies understand that whatever he says is the direct opposite of what will transpire. To rewind to his previous disinformation, gold had its best day of the year thus far on February 26th when it rose from a starting point of $1,593 to settle at $1,612 after reaching as high as $1,624 intraday. Battered, bruised and disorientated gold investors were glimpsed a little hope and so it was time to inflict more psychological upon them to further weaken sentiment. Sinclair, the Judas goat, was deployed... Early the next morning this article http://kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/KWN_DailyWeb/Entries/2013/2/27_Jim_Sinclair_-_Gold_Will_Now_Be_Released_To_The_Upside.html appeared at KWN, the most read PM bull site, titled: Jim Sinclair - Gold Will Now Be Released To The Upside. The obvious intent was to convey that the previous day's action marked a turning point. Instead, gold did a Tom Daley to below $1,600 and there it has stayed for every minute of every hour of every day since then. Now he has a new drumroll date (having conveniently forgotten that the last one was total ******). This one says that the turnaround will happen before March 20th. On March 13th the goat wrote: 'In my opinion the low is in. Before our meeting in New York City [March 20th] $1600 will be behind us.' http://www.jsmineset.com/2013/03/13/in-the-news-today-1478/ Remember, that's the same $1,600 that gold was looking back at 17 days earlier that was supposedly to be released to the upside from.
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