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  1. My advice would be not to even considering buying in any city you haven't lived in for at least a year. You may not like it!
  2. Why would giving these people gainful employment at the 'expense' of Chinese slave labour be sad for humanity?
  3. To get the full picture you should follow them home and spend 6 months examining the contents of their bins.
  4. Because the 10 pounds is for coffee and a newspaper, and all their money is somewhere where it doesn't earn 0.01% per annum.
  5. Rediculous scaremongering by Tiger who seems to have googled "safety box theft" or some such and posted the links. If you bought your metal legitamatly, much better in one of these places than in your garden. edit: Apologies for diabolical spelling
  6. West Berlin =ageing population in expensive houses East Berlin = young hipsters in expensive flats Berlin to live = safe, cheap(ish), fairly dull
  7. I live in central Moscow and rent a nice 70 sq metre 1 bedroom apartment, leafy area, 30 minutes walk from Kremlin. 55k roubles (about GBP 1200) a month, which is better than in London. Prices for purchase are very high though, but I wouldn't recommend buying anyway as an expat - the right of enforcing your property rights could vanish at any time for any reason. When you come to visit, estate agents (who are shysters just like anywhere else) will show you the most overpriced places. Check out www.cian.ru (need to be able tounderstand Russian) or www.budgetmoscow.com for more realistic places / prices. This is a great city, and I would advise anyone to try it!
  8. This is the best link ever posted on HPC. I would pay to see a debrief with Laura Tyson.
  9. If you think the market moves based on what 'men on the street' do after reading the papers, you are doomed as an 'investor'.
  10. If they fire up the printing presses, which to me seems the only way of 'saving' the banks and all who sail in them, then spend most of your cash on something you'll enjoy, and use the rest for a minimal deposit on debt backed property (!). If you don't think that will happen, I'd keep your cash as cash.
  11. The more I read, the more gobsmacked I am that they are getting away with this. Banksters, fine. They use all sorts of fancy jargon to confuse everyone, and at the end of the day they always have lots of (your) 'money'. This is transparent theft, by people with nothing but over-valued property and good connections. Thank Allah we live in a democracy, so that these things never happen. Edit: updated rant.
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