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  1. Oh topbhoy you deluded fellow exactly what money do you speak of you are thick as one short plank jessus I cant take this single issue shit any more, dont you get it that bubble proceeds were not up for grabs to help for example the stupid or the slow. im gone, say what yo will but you all have to lie in bed at night and think......... Just because you didnt/couldnt make a little cash when times were good dont belittle those who had the balls to act you will always be you you will never be ahead of anything keep on pissind and moaning,,,,,, it suits you well over and out
  2. I will leave you to your gloating then Argentimmo. Its a Karma thang really at the end of the day. You're right that I shouldn't attempt to point out to you that you could have bought a house when it was easy to do so, if indeed you are not concerned with its value, other than as a place to live, on a site like this. If in those years and months of which you speak you had done just that then you would by now I imagine just be getting on with your life and not cheering prices southward on a site like this. Some people can sit on the fence until they are proved to be right thats procrastination. History will endorse any view for 15 minutes even if it takes ten years to prove to be right. Good luck to you all. I hope you buy at the bottom and feel good and clever. Don't try to understand everything, as the man said "it never got weird enough for me"
  3. Seems like anyone who questions the tone of this site is branded an estate agent or is deemed to be in debt due to some property related activity. I bought a house in 1989 when it was alot more difficult to get a first mortgage than it is now and interest rates were 15% and at no time have I ever been an estate agent or in negitive equity. For proper ranting read through the rest of this HPC site, much of it truely is unpleasent and gloating.
  4. To thecrutchster Nope . just find self rightousness unappealing. The X5 brigade have paid billions in stamp duty and tax. More than the HPC "why are houses not as cheap as i wish they were" will ever contribute to the common wealth even when they get the Marchmont bargain and visit Edies seafood every other day.
  5. Hello thecrutchster, cant quite figure out how to work this website yet but in answer to your last post..... Nope . just find self rightousness unappealing. The X5 brigade have paid billions in stamp duty and tax. More than the HPC "why are houses not as cheap as i wish they were" will ever contribute to the common wealth even when they get the Marchmont bargain and visit Eddies seafood every other day.
  6. Hello Rob1982. I concur Some of these self satisfied folks are however, too annoying to ignore. Do they really belive that the final bubble has burst and that they are not entering or trying to enter the market at the bottom of the cycle. History will repeat, they will be embarrassed by their capital gains in 15 years time.
  7. THATS RIGHT ARGENTIMMO assume that you are in full posession of the facts, a man without data is a man with with an opinion, and you have the type of opined, option paralised disposition which will serve you well in a down turn. Ladies and gentlemen raise your half empty glass to Argenttimmo the man who redefines small scale mediocrity. I am not a bitter -ve equity recent buyer but I do not think that you should be kicking people when they are down. You did not see this coming whatever you may have been boring your friends about in the pub, ease off, buy a house, don't buy a house, but stop gloating its not necessary.
  8. I‘m new to this forum and am reading with slack jawed amazement at the childish glee of the majority Not everyone who bought a house in the last 2 years was a stupid greed head, nor are those who did not buy soothsayers or astute financial wizards. I say to you, when you eventually decide to take the plunge I hope that you continue to cheer prices downward and revel in the misery of those unfortunate enough to have bought at an even worse time through the need to house an expanding family for example. If the world was populated with bottom feeding risk averse gloaters like these then we would all be living in a the dark ages and there would be no 2 bed in Marchmont to covet. You people are sick and have no idea how much fun you will have trying to buy a 2 bed flat in Edinburgh when they fall within your dream price bracket, there are millions of people who would pay what you want to pay for a house. Adam Smith will be turning in his one bed basement accommodation up on the High St if he has chanced upon the mis-guided ranting on this web site Home sweet home
  9. Thats right 267k option paraliesd risk averse individuals such as your self need to realize that bottom feeding is a form of greed. Should we all live at home with our folks till we are 60
  10. "Maybe you should stay with yo mamma, she can do your laundry and cook for you. Maybe you should stay with yo mamma your really kind of stupid and ugly too" Frank Zappa, Joes Garage 1979
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