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  1. If you want to hear my side of the story visit: http://www.ahuja.co.uk/property-news/property-headlines/let-down-by-auntie-beeb/ Ajay Response to BBC Inside Out Final.pdf Response to BBC Inside Out Final.pdf
  2. and this video is quite good. You can apply this to anything you want to do financially, not only property:
  3. check this video out. it is even better. you might even cotton on to what is going on!
  4. check me out with the lovely melissa porter!
  5. hi guys! I thought you might want to view a video of me with the lovely Melissa Porter......
  6. hi guys! I thought you might want to view a video of me with the lovely Melissa Porter......
  7. just to confirm: it is £55k PER MONTH. I know it is difficult to comprehend these figures but trust me this is NOTHING compared to some big time landlords. I know of landlords who have monthly rent rolls of £3m per month. Can you imagine that? That is where I want to be.......
  8. My debt on my portfolio is around £7m. my costs are around £30k all in and my rent roll potential is £65k but i bring in around £55k as i have a few empties and i have a few tenants on low rents as they have been there a while. I will be pushing the rents up to the LHA rates over the coming year. the potential rent from the LHA rates is £87k!!!!! i reckon i will be able to squeeze £75k per month once rent increases have kicked in. with rates not moving in 2009 i should be clearing a profit of £45k for doing nothing. my team of 7 staff are very competent and manage the whole thing. with regards to the gas safety thing - it was on a tenant who refused me access to the property. the judge gave me a conditional discharge. in other words no punishment as they appreciated the situation i was in. for those who want to know more check out conditional discharge - means offence was so minor did not warrant punishment. No criminal record, as they understood the situation i was in. anyway - will be buying more big time. my target is 1000 properties by 2012, possibly more as i want a portfolio worth £100m. high yield all the way. i will be buying all over. i have plenty of reps around the country and sourcers who find me deals for me and my clients. when you have properties that you can pick up for £30k, let on a LHA rate of £400 you would have to be stupid not to buy if you had the experience i had with letting to the unemployed. so eventual target £120k profit per month from property. do not care about negative equity as IRRELEVANT! Not sure if anyone gets that here on this forum. Read my lips: NOT SELLING. just to clarify NOT SELLING. I am only BUYING. property prices are only of interest to me for potential purchases. I do not sit there claculting my equity as no point. the only time you do is when there is a nice bit of equity worth raiding via remortgaging to BUY EVEN MORE! boy i love property. The easiest way to make money. If you want to learn more visit www.ahuja.co.uk Ajay
  9. look, there is no point debating this. lets just look at the facts: i graduated from LSE in ECONOMICS I am a chartered accountant trained at DELOITTES I own 200 properties and have been a landlord for 10+ years I earn a positive cashflow of £25k from my properties I have written 9 books on property and making money (not self published but with respected publishers) I work 4 hours a month on my property portfolio. i get up when i want and go to bed when i want. no boss telling me what to do. Do you not think i have considered the basic points you have raised? you lot remind me of my girlfriend who asks me basic questions about the business i am in and asking me whether i have considered this or that. OF course I have! So if you are going to try and pick at my success then can someone here more successful than me in business tell me what i am doing wrong? Cos at the minute all i see are theoretical ideas but actually are ill thought out. Dont tell me property prices are going to crash cos I have already factored that in to my whole strategy. Did you not think I know property prices are volatile? thats how investors like me make lots of money. crashes are good. booms are good. so please tell me about: 1. what you got and why you are able to comment as you have experience with success 2. why i have missed something Do not post below and say you work for so and so and earn £50k, or you used to be worth £20m and have nothing now. Someone successful come on here and tell me, looking from their position of superiority which would be someone who owns more property or makes more money or is simply worth more than £15m what i am doing wrong. cos i have been doing this 10+ years, still got my portfolio, making more money from my portfolio than ever and the future looks very bright for landlords right now.
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