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  1. You better check out your service charge, the figure previously quoted will possibly include water rates. And double check the management company, the flats in the block Spark is talking about is Managed by Houston Lawrence, the other two blocks are managed by Peverel /Solitaire (good luck to you if you have this company!!!)
  2. Reading the London Lite this evening this ad caught my eye http://www.galliardhomes.com/ I reckon this must be the tip of the ice-berg, more to come from the other developers AMD
  3. The original price was £300k, negative equity of £100k before they have moved in AMD
  4. No, because they think they're Right already!! If you want them to write one, that another matter AMD
  5. No, the property has now been built the OP is trying (2 year later) to get a mortgage to complete Hence the survey! AMD
  6. I've just copied this from a Berekely buyer who posted on one of the many forum. I reckon Berkeley are cutting their loses and preparing the flats for resale at a much lower price. I Quote Hi all, I've just been to see my flat bought off plan in 2007. It's supposed to be top spec according to the sales brochures. The finish was very disappointing to say the least. Poor tiling, poor finish to walls/skirting boards etc. Low quality materials and sanitary ware used in kitchen and bathroom. Things that were specified in brochure such as chrome light and plug fitting had been replaced with normal white plastic ones. Price was almost 300000 and it has been valued at 200,000. Basically I want to be released from my contract as i feel it has been missold. My surveyor says he is not responsible for commenting on the finish or materials used and my solicitor says I need some proof of it being sub standard. Does anyone know who can provide this proof or comment on wether or not they have delivered what they promised?? (can't believe I paid the surveyor 400 quid and he cant!). UnQuote AMD
  7. Just found some listing for it - eye watering indeed Not sure why the one bed is more expensive than the two, could be completion problems. I for one would not wish to live 42 Storeys Up They've got a nerve listing it as an investment opportunity http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/new-homes/property-22989296.html?locationIdentifier=OUTCODE^2309&displayPropertyType=flats&retirement=false&oldDisplayPropertyType=flats&newHome=true&pageNumber=1&fromSummary=true&backToListURL=%2Fproperty-for-sale%2Ffind.html%3FlocationIdentifier%3DOUTCODE%255E2309%26displayPropertyType%3Dflats%26retirement%3Dfalse%26oldDisplayPropertyType%3Dflats%26newHome%3Dtrue http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/new-homes/property-22989266.html?locationIdentifier=OUTCODE^2309&displayPropertyType=flats&retirement=false&oldDisplayPropertyType=flats&newHome=true&pageNumber=1&fromSummary=true&backToListURL=%2Fproperty-for-sale%2Ffind.html%3FlocationIdentifier%3DOUTCODE%255E2309%26displayPropertyType%3Dflats%26retirement%3Dfalse%26oldDisplayPropertyType%3Dflats%26newHome%3Dtrue
  8. The reason for my question, was that I pass it on the train everyday going to and from work, I thought it was another office block , it's quite close to the rail line, I wouldn't fancy living there myself. I was very suprised to read about the asking price, utter madness!! AMD
  9. Hi Imarton Ignore the previous posters!! They will see the errors of their ways. As you can see from my previous posts about my daugther moving into the area. I am happy to report that she completed on her purchase at Tideslea Path last week, and has now moved into her 2bed 2bathroom flat. Despite the negative postings that came my way about her moving into West Thamemead, I can say that we are very happy she made the decision to go ahead with the purchase. The area IS NOT AS BAD AS EVERYONE ON HERE WILL TRY TO MAKE OUT and the price she waaaay under £130K was brilliant compared with the Woolwich Arsenal Site which are asking £300k for a similar sized apartment. But hers includes secure parking! I will pass on your comments about journey times, as she is literally just around the corner from you. The people we have come across since she has moved in have been very friendly and the comunity is mixed. We have been pleasantly surprised too about the area. I think more FTBs will be attracted to area because of the price and value for money that these properties now represent. I was looking through my local paper the other day and a one bedroom, one bathroom new build flat was going in Forest Hill SE23 for £205k. I for one am glad that my daughter will not be saddled with that kind of debt for an apartment that is a lot smaller than hers. AMD PS. No I am not an Estate Agent.
  10. Reading a couple of articles on this new development in Elephant and Castle Here's one http://property.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/property/new_homes/article2030822.ece A lot of these flats were bought off-plan in 2007, with only a few remaining including the penthouse at 2.5million. I wonder how many are going to find the finances to complete. It's been reported that completion is ahead of schedule now for the end of 2009 instead of spring 2010. There must be a lot of worried purchases out there at the moment. AMD
  11. Are you using an independent Financial Advisor for buying this property, or are you using the Estate Agent's Advisor. Is this a new build? did any of the recommendations come from the builders? You can speak to the surveyor if you are not happy with the valuation, can't see why unless you were hoping for the valuation to come in lower, so that you could re-negotiate. Did you do your research before putting your offer in, similar priced properties in the area going for the amount you offered. If you are not now willing to pay the price you have offered, walk away. AMD
  12. Berekeley is one of many developers in this situation. And like the support groups being formed up and down the country, they will not want to break ranks from the other developers (don't forget safety in numbers). If Berekely gives way to the buyers demands, the others will be forced to, leaving a huge hole in the developer budget sheet. At the moment its a case of who blinks first. I believe there is one developer who is in the process of taking the buyer to court, but here's a link of buyers fighting their cause http://www.moneysupermarket.com/community/...ill-158216.aspx AMD
  13. I posted about this on the Moneysavingexpert.co.uk site, but mostly everyone there thought it had nothing to do with property , I was pointing out that there are a good few sitting tenants being victimised by their landlords. general feeling was, so what, the subject didn't belong with buying selling or letting. I'd but go off and be a landlord, seems like they can get away with anything!!! Son of Fred, I posted up the Van Hoogstraten link, it made not a blind bit of difference.
  14. Aren't Landlords now asking for home owners within the UK to sign up as gurantors for their relatives before they are willing to rent to any one on Housing Benefits!! AMD
  15. Spark I spoke with you a couple of months ago regarding my daughter, who is just about to exchange contracts. Could you PM with you email address as I'd like to know what the outcome of the AGM and the pet owner situation (is anything being done) Daughter is very much looking forward to moving in. AMD
  17. It looks like some people are starting to move into the Royal Arsenal Development. It seems that that they had to complete at the 2007 asking price of £345k+. What even more mad is that those waiting to complete are hoping that the high completion prices will help them get comparable mortgage valuations, to that they too may complete. As a reminder, valuations were coming in at round £200,000 give or take a few thousand, under the £345,000 contract price. I suppose they had no choice, its either this or going bankrupt. AMD
  18. Went around for a leisurely walk around Tidelsea path Sunday afternoon with daughter. We had lunch at the Pub, yes it was £3.50 and not bad at all!! Daughter is still very happy with her decision. People were friendly, we even got chatted up by a couple of blokes on the waterfront!! We also went to view the development at Woolwich Arsenal by Berekely Home, similar flat going for £315k but they were willing to sell us one for £270 and No we did not need the bullet-proof jacket!!!! Admittedly there were some rough spots, which were down to lack of care by the landlords/renters but we did not feel threatned. Our next visit will be sometime at night. AMD
  19. Hi Spark In my research regarding Thamesmead and my daughter determination to move there, I came across this excellent document which seems to sum up the situation rather well. If you have the time (78 pages!!) you may want to have a read as well. http://www.gallionsha.co.uk/Portals/0/Docs...mead_report.pdf For those of you who might be interested here's the link AMD
  20. I am a south londoner so I know most of the south east fairly OK, for instance I've heard that Orpington, Abbey Wood, Downham are no go area for "people with colour" at one point I wouldn't live in New Cross, Deptford even Brixton got a bashing. Woolwich and Thamesmead are getting a lot a bad press at the moment that why properties are so cheap down there, even though new builds are very expensive for the area Woolwich Arsenal £315,000 for a two bed, reduced from £345,000. This bashing reminds me of Downham. I was trying to convince a friend to buy an ex-local authority house that was going for around £60k about nine years ago. He wasnt convinced, even though he was living in a one bed flat with his wife and daughter and needed the extra room buying the 3 bed house would give him. All because of the so called reputation of Downham. Well houses there are now selling for £200k(even with the crash!) and he is still living in his one bed flat with an eleven year old daughter and wife, he is now priced out of the market and all because he listened to the rumours of how bad Downham was. The area has be rejuvenated by first time buyers unable to afford over priced property elsewhere. I believe that the same will happen to Woolwich and yes even Thamesmead, the European corridor has been well and truly opened and after this recession people will be looking to buy affordable homes. The temptation to buy property at inflated prices will hopefully be a thing of the past. Those who have already bought will be stuck in their homes for a number of years and will not be willing to reduce their asking prices unless they really have to. This will open the way for places like Thamesmead and Woolwich is the pricing is sensible. I got to add a cousin and his wife moved into a new build 3 year ago with their daughter, not far from where my daughter wants to buy. He's had no trouble and also sings his praises about the area. If people stopped giving the area a bad press the rejuvenation phase would be greatly speeded up. AMD
  21. Thanks Spark!! Will keep you informed of any developments, but its looking good from my point of view. We are planning to have a drive/walk around the area in the coming weeks. We have been once, but want to have a look at different times of the day. AMD
  22. Spark Thank you very much for getting back to me! From your description of your building and the fittings I am reassured that my daughter will be moving into your block, if everything goes to plan!! Being a parent I have been worrying whether she was doing the right thing, moving into this area but and if it were not for the price crash, so to speak, she would not have been able to afford to get herself on the ladder. I have been reading about another management company for the other blocks "Solitaire" and my worry was that Houston Laurence were the same pea in the pod. Just another couple of questions, is the underground parking secure? and once she completes will she be invited to attend your meetings? PS. You'll be pleased to know that my daughter is a young professional and will be looking after her home. AMD
  23. Spark Could you please PM me regarding your Management Agent Houston Lawerence. My daughter is thinking about buying a flat in Tideslea Path and I would appreciate some feedback on this company. Thanks AMD
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