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  1. That's right, I saw a kitchen described recently in the Western Morning News as handle-free - how very exciting. It seems to have become an element of the 'wow factor'. Relieved forever of the burden of having something simple that enables you to open things. At last. Who needs a revolution when we have this sort of wondrous freedom and comfort in our lives?! The micro-studios are astounding. I would be surprised if they can actually let them - really, rents are dropping and few people would put up with a place that you can't do anything in. If you like to cook, read, sleep, have sex or do basically any other thing you'd stick your head round the door, laugh and walk away. Not even the naivest of students would go for this, surely?
  2. Absolutely, couldn't agree more, I'm not affected by any of the '3 Ds' and I still can't afford a pot to spit in, ridiculous, you'd think people only just started to divorce / die. Debt, well, ok, 1 D. As you say, it's house prices, jet-fuelled by 3 Cs, Credit, Carney and other assorted C nts.
  3. "Fighting against the tide of a market that's changing so completely is a losing battle" This kind of language from that general quarter is music to my ears.
  4. Talk about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. There's some sense in this article but it's all so late in the day. Anti-HPI articles in the msm only look right to me if I mentally tag "10 years ago" onto the end of a lot of the sentences.
  5. Yes, they seem to have had an awful lot of problems before this, horrific. If you end up in court with a family member, er, can't think of anything, just, you know, says a lot. Leave the country.
  6. "fall in sales volumes - 19% over the last quarter which is 24% down on last year’s figures and almost 33% below the 2013 figure" This is glorious, blimey, great news.
  7. His analysis of th Agree, he says some good things but doesn't make the point. "Since the financial crisis, real wages have fallen by a stunning 10%. Over the last generation, the UK has become the global leader in creating low-paid, low-skill, casualised work. In any three-year period, such is the churn in the labour market that a third of the workforce find themselves in poverty. Without either strong trade unions or a burgeoning knowledge economy, the condition of working life is one of profound hardship and stress." And he says that the housing market is monstrously overvalued but, rather than putting these things together (and the 'credit allowance' that keeps it all up in the air, like inbruges says), he wanders off into brexit territory and seems to tack it on the end of the pipe as some sort of time-travelling causal factor. Very odd.
  8. +1 almost entirely. Not sure about 'close it down without a fight' - I think all that 'enemy within' stuff was very calculated, the worst kind of divide and conquer and the country's never got over it, so anyone serious about worker representation is immediately accused of trying to start a class war, but yes, the 80s were a speculative grab by the rich, there was no economic miracle under Thatcher, they just stripped all of our national assets and flogged them off to their mates. Tory voters needn't worry, though, with the press we have in this country most of the population seems to have a political memory of about 6 months - Corbyn will be constantly assassinated in the media and before long most people will be looking back on this unspeakable sh itstorm as glory days. Edit: Oops forgot to mention thread topic - another bear chucks in the towel. I suppose I am choosing not to buy in a way because I could afford a horrible tiny place somewhere I really don't want to live but I reckon most people are not choosing not to buy, they cannot buy, there's no humming or hahhing about it. I will never give in, never surrender! I am so set-in pe ed-off that I will rent til the day I die, I will live under a hedge, I will take to a doorway - oh and I always have the tree option! - before I buy into this absolutely fecking ridiculous market - never never never never, damn their eyes.
  9. Good to know, thanks. Now you've said that it occurs to me that that was what all the libor rigging stuff was about. Got it.
  10. I haven't thought of or read this thought before, huh, yes, that's right, isn't it? Benefits cash is bound to be spent and is never going to be invested in assets - this is another way in which benefits are redistributive. Hmm, what an interesting idea. In terms of the general thread, I must say I find it hard to get worked up about benefits - there are of course some people who are abusing the system and it can seem very unfair to those of us not poor enough to get benefits but what I get angry about is the asset owners - the really rich ones - and tax avoiders, who live off us to a far greater degree and ensure that the system is rigged to their advantage. Am much more p-ed off about the idle rich than the idle poor. And as long as we're all fighting each other for tenners we don't look at who's keeping this horrible state of affairs going, so they like to whip up envy and resentment amongst us, seems to me the PTB have been doing that forever.
  11. Hahaha, yes, quite - every blinking time, it's like watching a really sh it gameshow!
  12. Couldn't agree more tho security would need to be on hand at all times!
  13. That's what I was thinking as I read this - surely LIBOR's not as important as it used to be now that governments are chucking such gallumphing piles of cheap wonga in the banks' direction and they're sucking it down like the insatiable vile alien parasites they are. Edit: not that I want to glumly dismiss potentially cheery news, anything that might put any kind of brake on credit is v welcome - it all helps!
  14. This direction in advertising is so dark, how have we become so inured to it? Hahahaha, look at the creepy rich stasi landlord, shame people like this run the world, hahahahaha!!! I wrote to Harvey Keitel's agent in new york when his ads first came out, saying that the implications of the ads were really sinister and he shouldn't associate himself with that sort of thing. I know, nuts, it was just one of those moments when I felt under an obligation to don my tin-foil hat and bloody say something.
  15. You know, you've got to admire her chipper determination that she's really in charge of her life, this kind of ****-eyed optimism is a good way to go for that generation, certainly the ones who don't want to get really angry and political (and so will never get their own cosy little space on the bbc). Maybe living off-peak really is "the best thing ever", carry on, young lady, good for you. Edit: Hey, whadyou do that for, that wasn't a rude ****!
  16. Oh good lord, somebody tell her, poor young woman, what is she thinking?! cf https://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/special-reports/money-makeover-90-invest-130k-friends-family-getting-right/ Although come to think of it she should give her savings to this rather splendid old bloke, he's managing to get 6.5%, compared to the 0.46% she's getting on her isa, know the feeling, hahahahaha puke! Maybe I should give him a call...
  17. Me too, the horror of it, no mum and living with the trauma of their dad having killed her, poor little things. Hopefully they've gone to relatives or a really good care home, awful. I also feel sorry for the couple, if that's not too odd. Sure, materialistic idiocy BUT doesn't it give us some insight into the pressure that people feel under to keep up with others? With social media driving that pressure now, it's like the 80s on crack. I regard the whole family as casualties of this shetty political/cultural economy that just chews people up and spits them out. We need to teach children in school about money and how to think about societal pressures, so they don't end up having no perspective and just going into service to this horrible culture like these people did.
  18. Glorious. Sulky estate agents round on greedy homeowners. I’m usually against all blood-sports but shall we pass a hat around and hire a few pits?
  19. I really tried there - downloaded it, opened it, scrolled through, scanned some pages - I'm sorry, I just don't have the kind of brain that can deal with that sort of information. What's very interesting about it? Or are you, I dunno, an actuary or something?! But yes, I did hear about the cladding replacement. What did that end up as - 30 grand per unit? Ouch.
  20. So it's a 2-bed. I want to know whether they went for a Woodlark Apartment (prices start at 451,000, so at 'just over 500,000' they might have 'bought' the top end of that range) or a Hawthorn Duplex (starting at 538,500). https://www.barratthomes.co.uk/new-homes/greater-london/h441801-hendon-waterside/. You have to put your email in to get a brochure and I couldn't find the dimensions. In any case, they get an "absolutely free" 10-year warranty. All sounds like an unbelievable bargain to me. edit found them Woodlark Apartment Total area: 695 sq ft Hawthorn Duplex Total area: 775 sq ft/72 sq m So that extra nearly 90 grand buys you an additional 80 square feet, it's got to be worth going for the top end, it's going to be worth 900 grand in 5 years, after all.
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