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  1. Goodness me, interesting - it would be bloody. Put Time to Raise the Rents and Time to Raise Interest Rates in that ring and watch the teeth fly. But maybe if you charge for tickets it could help pay for the extra server capacity...!
  2. I'd like to suggest a list of all the acronyms used on the site with a big clear button on the front page. You pick them all up after visiting the site a few times but you're going to get increasing numbers of hits from dunces (for what else can one call people who are just now realising that house prices are a bit on the high side) and they need to be fed with spoons. If the site's going to be a force for good you need to cater, no fun though that might be.
  3. Quite right, good point, although that 6 million were separate from the generally agreed figure of at least 20 million Russians who Stalin had killed. I read somewhere - although it seems impossible, but I definitely did see it - that the Russians lost more in the seige of Leningrad than combined UK and US losses for the whole war. Not that listing numbers of deaths is a very admirable way to go, of course. Russia's yet to examine its grisly past, too - no wonder it's such a basket-case - seriously bonkers, a complete loon. Also, although we wouldn't have won without them, they helped Hitler out to start with - he and Stalin had a nasty little pact that Hitler then reneged upon. That Hitler. Now there's a property market you wouldn't want to be in - the Russian one. I don't know if you, Cornish Pasty, saw that excellent documentary on Monday, I think it was, about property scams in Russia? There you can buy a place and a while later someone else comes along, forges a contract under which they own it and bribes a court to go along with them. Nice. Being Russia, too, it's quite likely to cost you your kneecaps if you don't go along with it. Ok Ok the programme didn't say that, I did. So a bedsit in Camden costs quarter of a million quid and we're doomed to rent til the day we die - 'at least I'm not in Russia' still puts a smile on my face.
  4. Brilliant, thanks for this. Oddly enough, according to my tenancy agreement, I don't seem to be entitled to very much at all - hmm, funny that.
  5. Oopsh - think I posted a blank - haven't posted before - no idea what I'm doing. If anyone knows someone taking out a mortgage (hahahahahahah, ahh, that's funny) but if they do, it sounds like the good old Nationwide has a good answer to the oneaccount - I thought that was the best deal for us freelancers but apparently the Nationwide lets you pay back an extra 500 quid a month on a fixed-rate/capped mortgage and you can then withdraw it if you need to. None of yer fancy-schmancy - no trips to Acapulco for the weekend, so less fun but also less danger for the flighty. I only know this because a friend of mine who bought early in 1998 (sigh) just renewed again. If 1-bed flats in my area weren't 300 grand that's what I'd be getting. While we're on the topic, I've been reading a lot of postings about 30% falls as though that's going to do it. Well, I earn a pretty decent whack but who the hell wants to saddle themselves with four times their salary in mortgage, particularly if you're self-employed. The very thought makes me feel stressed. Seems to me prices need to fall by at least 50%. Does this mean I'm doomed to rent forever from spoilt casual landlords who don't want to spend any money and expect you to store their reems and reems of k-rap and dodgy furniture in your home?
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