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  1. Which will come first :- 1. The Country runs out of money and has to go cap in hand to the IMF. or 2. There is an election, but in the meantime (GB) try's desperately to reinflate the Housing Market Bubble.
  2. I'd like to know how much the finished job would have been without the 'project planner', 'design consultants' wages and how much they spent on furniture, furnishings and other non building items. Just a thought
  3. Q. When does a HPC Bear become a HPC Bull ? ( i'll answer a question with 3 questions.) A1. Is is when you buy your first home ? A2. Is it when you re-enter the housing market ? A3. Is it when prices drop 40% + from peak ? Is there a point where you would consider yourself a Bull ? (You do want to make money on your new House Purchase don't you !!!!!! ????) I consider myself a Bear, but as i have just bought a house 35% of its peak price, it does change my perspective a little bit.
  4. Good look with the offer but sellers are not on the same planet as us buyers Let the indignation commence
  5. Like every Bear on here, i want prices to come down to realistic levels (3x Single Wage and 2.5x Joint), but when you have a goverment that will stop at nothing to prop up the Housing market. (with money from our childrens futures) We have got a long hard fight on our hands to convince the masses that just because interest rates are low right now, they can and will have to rise to keep inflation at bay.
  6. Look what happened in 2005, The bubble was reinflated with low interest rates (easy Money) Labour is using the same tactics now It worked then and might work now, but instead of price rises, this time we will have stagnation in prices for at least the next few years.
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