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  1. One Word: Denial. Supply requires demand. And thats dried up. and thats all the news thats fit to print.
  2. Did you just invent "Indian Imperialism"? Well Bully for you! Perhaps, you may want to justify that phrse - you know, with evidence and all?
  3. Aint that the truth! No MEW, no demand. End of, Game Over.
  4. Then for clarity, repeat your 60% question. Its not the UK ,US, India or China. Who the Frak is it you are jabbering on about? (Meant in the most kindly manner)
  5. I answered the question - India. If you don't like the answer - thats your problrm not mine Look at the demgraphics and what do you see?
  6. Can you comprehend numbers? China = one child (by law), India = 2.6 Children. Can you do the maths? Go India, go democracy.
  7. Oh God I repeat: China: one child policy for 30 years. India: 2.6 Children per Women of child bearing age. Demgraphy is Destiny. Demography says China will overtake the US and UK in the aging stakes in 10 years. India, on the other hand.... China - they will get older faster than us ( with our rate of 1.8 (larger than 1.0 even you have to agree) gets older, faster than anyone else. Meanwhile there's India.
  8. I repeat "India" Ahh mother India, the words biggest democracy. maybe you're still fixated with China because the MSM have told you so?
  9. Whoops, sorry to leave that one lying. The UK IS the eurozones largest export market. Sorry for that "inconvenient truth"
  10. Uhm don;t underand the question. Will gladly answer yours if you answer mine. If you mean China, with its one child policy, I'd give up and look to India instead!
  11. Why so aggresive? The Eurozones largest export market is............ the UK, followed by the US. Germany , like Japan and South Korea are suffering because their Customers (UK and US) dont' want to buy their stuff anymore. Why not? Because MEW is dead. MEW is dead in the UK, US, Ireland, Spain, Australis and NZ. And with that Aggregate Economic demand on planet Earth falls off a cliff face. Do you disagree?
  12. And how many of them can affoed to buy our stuff, or Chinese stuff?
  13. Savings can only last so long. OK my point is this: Aggregate economic demand on planet Earth was (note the was) based on MEW and house prices generally. Its all over, its gone. And with it econoimc demand has snuffed it. Maybe the Chinese government has a couple of trillion in reserve. Great, that could last them oooh 2 years. But they will have to address they're fundamentaly broken model - that which requires you and I to take on more debt. We're not going to do that are we?
  14. "I call a customer without money an idiot" I call a Company without Customers Dead. Care to prove me wrong?
  15. You have flying Aids Pig flu and I claim my £5.
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