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  1. Hmmm. Now there's a thought. Aberdeen houses. I could be an English benefit tourist and get a job up there. (Free university for my kids). It is actually financially worth it ... Yeah, I'm pro nuclear and wind/solar/tidal .... Until I digested the eye watering cost of Hinckley point C. Some palms must have been greased there. That cost is a lot of home insulation, solar and wind (or 50GW of gas generation)
  2. My back of envelope calculation of Scotland's wind power, Q1, 2015 (based on a £44,000 wholesale electricity per GWh) is that Scotland generated 4,452 GWh x £44,000 worth of electricity ie. £ 190 million for Q1 About equal to the loss in oil revenue. Possibly a good diversification policy.
  3. Education is about passing the ofsted inspection. School leaders are terrified of the process. I know of a teacher who practices the lesson with other groups when being observed, and trains the kids to say they know nothing when the learning targets are set at the start. Then they can DEMONSTRATE that all pupils have made progress. And get outstanding. Education as we know it is being reduced to a mundanity, and being run like a Stalinist system. Still, you can always pay for public school if you don't like it ...... Oh, Hardly any ICT teachers can program anymore, Ofsted made me get rid o
  4. Sadly, in our glorious targetocracy. Ofsted only look at the data. 3% is 3%. Any looking around for other factors is just excuses. Heads will do anything they can to get results up. Some academies enter students for 3 or 4 different exam boards in maths, when the kid gets the magic C grade, all the extraa lessons stop and they look at that students next target etc. Cynical in the extreme. Schools will all be academies, privatised monopolies. Just like PFI, the last vestiges of education will form a debt based system. Expect loans to pay for childcare next,just like student loans.
  5. +1 "Corporatist oligarichy", or as some would say, a "targetocracy". "state sponsored private monopolies" or... "corporate dictatorship" Might be more apt, but ........ but "socialism", in original post..... Where?
  6. well said. wealth/income divergence started to spread at 1980 and has diverge till it is comparable to the level just before the 1930's DEPRESSION. you get the big picture then. its not a left right argument. its about deregulating the banks towrds an exponential self destruction mathematical timebomb....set to explode well after the creators
  7. Including half the private sector ;-) ......via funny litle spin offs I work in the public sector and these parasitic private companies that feed off state money make us look ultra-efficient. Preoceduralisticbullcarappers they are. But THEY claim to be efficient. Funny old world init.
  8. I've had an offer accepted on a much bigger property further north, in another town, at a lower price than that house. (I dont care if i make a loss on it, it's a lovely house.) But this property is a long way from ammenities and the train station. Def overpriced. Good post. Its a nice house, its been extended, the rooms are a 'reasonable size'. re-read my post...Added WHAT AM I SAYING HERE - What I've bought is going to be my HOME, Jeez cannot get the house buying crap out of my system
  9. Yep, but its not a brick wall, its a slowly rising incline. The brick walls a way off..... maybe..
  10. Agree. Even ARM are moving the ante up on this one. They have such good chips, they often use slightly older fabs. Not sure they can keep doing that (ps I havent bothered researching this one, just an off the cuff remark)
  11. Sorry, I MEANT the SERIOUS, like OMG it just wont work stuff, not the irritating problems we have now.
  12. I think we agree, partial reprieve from Moore law. But not sure how this 3-Dstacking will actually work, its only really a 'puffed up' planar design at the moment. Of course the problem, like most things (in Phyics) will be exponentially related, so the 3-D stacking will help as the process node reduces to say 15nm later on.
  13. You are right, the technology you mentioned will go ahead. The future horizon stuff I referred to, and the quantum tunneling stuff is a problem that will happen 5-10 years in the future. Essentially, electrons will have the ability to 'dematerialise' once the chips become snall. MAKING CHIPS 3-d MAY HELP SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, FOR THE MOMENT.
  14. Fair comment. Its the ability to do things, like compress a video and upload it over network. Or do live video conferancing with the phone compressing the signal BEFORE it is sent. An efficient processor can do that. Just as one example.
  15. Yes, but not now. I still hold it is good and significant. Sorry was skeptical, the significance of this technology wont be felt until later, when it helps obviate effects like quantum tunneling and so on. I didnt want to mention that as it was future hoizon stuff.
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