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  1. Of course the main Limited Parters in BC Partners funds are UK pensions - only on the hook for 50m quid in equity - it is the lending banking which are too follow. Next EA to fail is Countrywide - boughty by Apollo Management. The debt is cov-lite and they are saving cash so it will take time.
  2. This is smashing stuff - very interesting about Barret - surely we have to see a quoted brickie go under? I also see that the Evening Standard reprinted bits of this note tonight. Can anyone get the full thing - I will try...
  3. How about putting it into a trust / foundation in Panama? Or hide assets offshore in someway...
  4. FT Weekend article on them was very interesting - business has a massive debt load and the buyout is based on 15% earnings growth. Though because of the debt terms (PIK) - the can stop paying cash. However some of the debt is on 12% rates - pretty big load. We'll see.
  5. To be fair to the Standard the City coverage is pretty bearish at the moment - they did quote the Buffet comment about children playing with a pin & a balloon - and Antony Hilton (the City editor) does balance his coverage. But the rest of the property coverage is terrible.
  6. I was looking at this site and laughing - you can submit your own stories - wonder how many of these are real or ad agency created.
  7. thanks for the torrent link - I've been looking for this for ages!
  8. I second the Squaregain ETF option - realy cheap way to buy - pity they don't have a Nikkei / DAX ETF
  9. Fair enough point with E&Y but the Item Club is probably worth looking at - they've made some decent calls in the past. On the E&Y website it says "Untied sponsorship by Ernst & Young ensures that ITEM's forecasts are independent of any political, economic or business bias. All forecasts, analyses and commentary are those of the ITEM Club and the views expressed are not necessarily those of Ernst & Young." http://www.ey.com/global/content.nsf/UK/Ec...at_is_ITEM_Club
  10. I bought some warrants and lose a couple of quid - have now sold them and made it back buying gold / Nikkei. Still think the straight RSS shares are worth looking at.
  11. This guy is basically saying new paradigm - welcome to the high job security, two income, low interest rate world --- lets see if it last as long as all the other new paradigms...
  12. Like for like sales must be pretty easy to manipulate - am I right in thinking there is no standard measure or audit?
  13. I'm not one to bash Estate Agents - surely they are just entrepreneurs operating in a market with imperfect information... however this article about Bruce Burkitt caught my eye. He sold a house to his own aunt (an employee). Now he could have his license (EAs need one?) revoked by the OFT. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/news/article....59&in_page_id=2
  14. BuyingBear - I see Jim Roger's has brought out a book called Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World's Best Market... Start of a new book bubble?
  15. God - am I alone in remembering Greenspan's irrational exuberance comments during the formation of the dot.com bubble. I thought when he made that comment we were in for a crash. Instead the bubble grew and grew.. Pray this doesn't happen with US house prices.
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