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  1. I just got a small mortgage no problem at all - aged 58. Finally got fed up renting. Bought miles away from where I work - prices not so insane, caravan through the week and home at weekends.
  2. Thanks. I could see it going that way when I left a couple of years ago.
  3. 30K can go quite a way in some parts of the country.
  4. Apologies if already posted. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/council-tenants-offered-cash-buy-140034454.html#PIJkiBO
  5. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/bank-england-monitor-social-networks-020542744--finance.html
  6. Beckham law applied to everyone - not just footballers.
  7. It can be thoroughly miserable here in the winter. Very wet and although not so cold by UK standards the houses are very poorly insulated and they have no idea what a dampcourse is.
  8. I've been living and working in Spain for the last 13 years but moving on now. Cost of living has rocketed in the last few and tax changes mean I would be 300 euros amonth worse off if I stayed. Had no problems here (renting) - been able to move when the neighbours got too noisy or the house got too damp ( big problem here). It's been a good experience but it's definitely time to go.
  9. http://www.yaencontre.com/es/r/7204-PIS0140?utm_source=Autoresponder&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=09EnviarAmigo The bottom and worth jumping in?
  10. http://m.thelocal.es//20130807/brussels-backs-10-percent-wage-cuts-for-spain#.UgQSdHJCxxM.gmail What took so long? Edit: try to make the link work. Hate this Ipad
  11. A measure of the resistance to auto-ignition (detonation or knocking or pinking). The higher the compression ratio of the engine the higher the octane number required.
  12. Quite common in Spain. Agree a price, rent for a few years if you like it can then buy at the previously agreed price minus rent paid. OK if prices weren't tanking I guess.
  13. We get around 3 or 4 beggars a week knocking at the door - don't ask for money just any food we can spare. Same as in UK - the rich are getting richer, the poor poorer.
  14. Good thought but where we have in mind will be good for support from friends and family for child minding etc, so the ideal job will have to wait until the kid has grown up some.
  15. Thanks. Looks like it's within the rules. Will make life a whole lot simpler.
  16. Living abroad at the moment and having great difficulty getting advice on benefits so hoping some of you can help me out. Daughter and young grandson getting out of a bad relationship and want to return to Uk. She'll be unemployed for a while so will be reliant on benefits for a time. Looking for a place for them to rent but that seems to be difficult for a number of reasons.Struck me that in these circumstances I could gift her the money to put down on a shared ownership (security of tenure etc) but would HB still be payable to her for the rental portion? Thanks for any advice.
  17. Vast majority of City's traffic is European and therefore needs no dis- insecting, however, when necessary, it's a legal requirement and a quick process, taking as long as a walk up and down the cabin. Safe for occupation immediately.
  18. On those figures then I guess my pension is about right. The big advantage being the age I could start drawing it. You're correct in saying the option to fly civvy was available to me but, quite frankly, that would be only marginally more stimulating than coach driving. As regarding the training once again correct - free, but at the time most major carriers were offering full cadet sponsorships with guaranteed employment. All in all, in my case at least, I've probably come out evens with my private sector equivalent.
  19. Can't disagree but my point is that I should have been paid the proper rate for the job at the time and allowed to make my own pension arrangements - that deal was never on offer.
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