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  1. All the more reason to get a full structural if the NHBC cover is poor - at least you'll be buying knowing (hopefully) any problems with the place.
  2. Yes, a very nasty bunch of corrupt infighting liars who put their own ambition over and above that of the country and the people they pretended to represent. It takes a lot of self discipline on my part not to throw things at the telly when Ed Balls-up shows his blinky eyed devious face. Has anyone noticed by the way that the prat has been taking voice coaching lessons - he's doing a Thatcher and toning down his normal bleating voice and has gone all sotto-voce (or trying to but in the main failing).
  3. ... Yet more corrupt socialist reasoning. People cannot afford to buy houses... that's why they have to borrow money (it's called a mortgage by the way). As for cars/TVs/Kitchens etc. ... most people borrow money to get these things (that's called getting a loan). Your comment is completely spurious to what Cameron is saying.
  4. ...that's complete twaddle. Cameron is spot on - don't have kids until you can afford to support them. It's called being responsible.
  5. All very well if you are young and single with no kids or responsibilities - so that already eliminates this option for many. If you have any sort of stake in society, especially a mortgage then this option just isn't on either. But therein lies the sense of what you're saying, as more first time buyers are excluded from mortgages this pool of malcontents increases. Basically, you're talking about youngsters turning into hippies, so back to the sixties - free love and drugs. Doesn't sound at all bad to me.
  6. I've wondered that too about that trend line. No doubt Nationwide will have an explanation for it, but as you say I always imagine a trendline going through the troughs, which means that prices are way way overvalued. Early days yet... give it another 10 years give or take a couple and we should be at or near a trough. Shame if you're really keen to buy, but if you are happy to wait you'll be able to buy a reasonably priced house. Bit like Top Gear and the reasonably priced car.
  7. 10,000 police sacked - would anyone notice? I doubt it. You never see police on the street anyway. Good riddance, sack as many as you want.
  8. Maybe this is the true meaning of the Norman Tebbitt "On your Bike" quote? Get people to move out of existing paid for houses into the wider economy in order to pay market rents & mortgages?
  9. According to This is Money Historic Inflation Calculator, £6250 in 1963 is equivalent to £98k today - a bit short of the £350k it's valued at today. This also agrees with daftboy who also used an inflation calculator.
  10. Oh yes, lovely fire escape, I think it's on far too cheap - chuck in an offer for £300k. That should seal it.
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