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  1. can see why the Germans took up shop in the SE of the island! Corallejo is like any english seaside town, but with sun. Irish bars , kebab shops, puke on the streets and turds on the beach. Try El Cotillo
  2. Speak to the local conservation area representative or team and you may be able to gain approval in principle for the demolition. As unsymapthetic or out of keeping the extension may look, if it was built prior to listing, it will have the same conditions attached as the whole cottage. I would imagine you would require a formal listed building cosent (8 weeks approx for decision) but a quick discussion with local residents and local conservation group (if present) may get a feel of local consent. good luck
  3. London Tonight were due to cover this story but it was pulled at the last minute.
  4. thanks for the heads up ognum, your knowledge of the local market is well received. it also mirrors the comments of a lecturer we know at the college. out of interest are you currently living / selling or buying in cambridge ?
  5. agreed. it seems any property located to the West of East Rd (ie. central to city and shopping) markets at an extermely high price - irrespective that the heating. electrics and mechanics of the property need complete overhauling
  6. I concur with the above comments and it certainly appears there is a lack of supply in properties in the more desirable areas of the city. We have been informed by one EA that a property we were interested in was taking final and best offers due to the amount of interst shown but no offers that seller would accept. It turned out to be a bit of a mess internally and we declined. If the EA are to be believed the offer made was not far off the guide price. On to the next one.......we put forward an offer of approx 6% below asking and the vendor has declined. Both of the these vendors need to sell for one reason or another (EA informed) and they are chain free. Not sure what this says about the local market currently; prices for the region being realistically priced ? lack of supply in relation to number of buyers ? a return to confidence in vendors and EAs holding out for asking price?
  7. It wasnt. That one you have listed is definately uninsurable due to ongoing structural movement, so it would only appeal to cash buyers...well out of my reach !
  8. thanks to your earlier info we decided to give it a miss!
  9. ...you can, but not when you currently live 18 miles away
  10. We viewed three ouselves today. 1. new build townhouses off Mill Road. not much soul to them and for the price the specification to kitchen and bathrooms were pretty average. plus garden size would barely cope with a table and four chairs 2. a property near the river Camm?(sp) . turned up to find two other parties waiting! Awaited arrival of EA and explained that we would not be viewing a property with other parties. Either the old tricks coming back into play to ramp up supposed interest or poor time management! either way will not be dealing with this EA in future. 3. property that had so much structural movement (not historic but recent) that obtaining buildings insurance would be extremely unlikely. all in all not too productive, but back again next week ..and the roads were clogged with traffic, must only be a matter of time before the congestion zoe is put in place?!
  11. thank you both. we are not familiar with the cambridge market generally, ashistorically and are at the stage where every weekend visit find another potential desirable area/street. This one has come on recently and we are booked in to view.. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...3Ftype%3DBUYING its the right location, managebale distance to the station......but maybe at risk to wandering youth? we were suprised to see cambridge at the wrong end of the table for burglary staistics?!..info released today the 1930/40's suburban area to the SE of the station ( over footbridge) also appeals as more green space and good bus links. there is certainly a lot of cash tied up in cambridge and it would appear the 'gown' rules the roost and much land within the city. The lack of supply of period properties and central based houses tells me that many will keep hold until price movement goes North. Apologies if this is not how things are, it is just are feeling since our short introduction to the area. One EA has told us Cambridge prices do not do 'spring bounces' as this is the most busiest times for the local market and prices are fairly priced considering what the city has to offer
  12. Hi Forum. have found some comments on the this thread really informative as we are currently looking to purchase in Cambridge. From our experience in the past few weeks some of the better presented properties (particularly period) have STC within days of being marketed....2 properties we were due to view last week were cancelled due to offers being made. There does seem to be a huge uplift in city centre properties...is this a form of postcode snobbery or are their outskirts of the city centre that are not too desirable?! viewing several more houses this week but there doesnt appear to be the distressed seller syndrome in cambridge and many EAs seem to be pricing more realistic? can keep you updated with our findings if this proves useful to others in similar position..
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