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  1. All of the Classic signs were there. They have been Rocky for ages.
  2. Results are in then. http://financialplan...icle/5/5_1.html 61% - Rise 28% - Stay the same 10% - Fall (Ok, so I rounded the percentages). Not been on here a while. Do these results accurately reflect what HPCers are thinking? I would assume the poll and answers are based on nominal prices...
  3. Just had an HSBC newsletter drop in my inbox. This months poll was "Will the value of your home be going up or down over the next 12 months?" I submitted my answer so that I could see the results so far. Interesting results.
  4. Have a look through these threads: http://www.housepric...howtopic=125905 http://www.housepric...howtopic=137794 You may not find the exact answer you need but they are worth a read nonetheless. VB
  5. A few months ago I went to Santander for a personal loan. Like yourself, my Experian score was 999. Santander said no, so I went somewhere else and had no bother at all. It took me be surprise that Santander refused but then I realised how crap they are so it didn't bother me.
  6. Could you elaborate slightly?
  7. I couldn't be accurate but I would think I only buy about 10% of material from UK based companies.
  8. It wasn't my intention to be biased in any way. I was merely trying to highlight how GBP has faired against some other currencies. I have learnt plenty from this site over the last year, not enough I might add. I was just trying to help other members by providing some information. I agree that a certain amount of dramatisation occurs on this site.
  9. The company I work for exports stuff. Raw material costs are increasing as I have to import that. This is in manufacturing btw.
  10. I have been waiting as well. Currently at 1.66 though. I should have transfered the other week when it was at 1.80. Hindsight eh? http://www.fxstreet....exchange-rates/
  11. Perhaps Cozza could help with this a little better. Yes, it is American. I had to fill out a W-8BEN form as I am not a US resident, stating that any income derived is not to be taxed by the US Government. It was fairly staightforward and Oanda have a 'live chat' service whereby you can ask for help if necessary. You have a primary account where you deposit your funds. From there you can either set up sub-accounts for different currencies or you can just transfer into another bank account. As in, I opened a CitiBank foreign currency account, I will then use Oanda to transfer funds into there. I have only just set this up, so can't be much more help on your original question I'm afraid. I'll try to help if I can though. VB
  12. From Oanda, mentioned on the other thread. VB Edit: Choose currency along the top and compare down the side.
  13. It may have been yourself that recommended Oanda some months ago..not sure. Any road, I recently signed up for both the FX-trade and FX-transfer facilities. I must say what a decent set up it is. A wealth of information on the site as well if you browse around. Just a shame I didn't get it set up sooner... VB
  14. Have a browse through here to get a feel of what's happening at the moment. Read through some of the Knight Frank rural bulletins. Keep an eye on Farmers Weekly. How many fields is 'loads of fields'? What, small ones, big ones, medium sized ones? Each to their own but if it were me, I would just buy good agricultural land and sit on it. Not literally of course. I wouldn't bother with houses, planning permission etc. Too much trouble and risk for me. You say capital is a problem. As in, you would need to borrow to finance this?
  15. AteMoose...do you have an Oanda account? Did you have to fill in the W-8BEN form? I'm finding it rather tedious. Thanks, VB
  16. Ha ha, looks like I misread what you said originally. I read it as 'they have to be half sovs', as in, they are only allowed to sell half sovs. I'm with you now. VB
  17. Why is that? @ OP: Yes I know where mine is. VB
  18. http://www.dairyreporter.com/Financial/Dairy-Farmers-of-Britain-succumbs-to-price-pressures It is one of the great mysteries of the milk price. Farmers don't make any decent money out of milk, processors aren't to blame as highlighted in the above link and supermarkets sell milk as a loss leader. Where does all the money go I wonder? I would say that the DFoB situation was not all down to production costs though. I agree with your comment about farmers not liking change. There used to be a Milk Marketing Board years ago, although I do not know a great deal about it. The supermarkets have recently been brought to the attention of the Competition Commision. Strangely, no evidence of price fixing, abuse of power or malpractise was found. VB
  19. http://www.competition-commission.org.uk/rep_pub/reports/2000/fulltext/450a4.1.pdf
  20. Indeed, have a look at the link below. http://cap-payments.defra.gov.uk/ Change the payment year to 2008 as 2009 data is not available yet. Search also for >500,000 total payments. Try to stay calm.
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