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    All of the Classic signs were there. They have been Rocky for ages.
  2. Victor_Broom

    Hsbc House Price Poll

    Results are in then. http://financialplan...icle/5/5_1.html 61% - Rise 28% - Stay the same 10% - Fall (Ok, so I rounded the percentages). Not been on here a while. Do these results accurately reflect what HPCers are thinking? I would assume the poll and answers are based on nominal prices...
  3. Just had an HSBC newsletter drop in my inbox. This months poll was "Will the value of your home be going up or down over the next 12 months?" I submitted my answer so that I could see the results so far. Interesting results.
  4. Have a look through these threads: http://www.housepric...howtopic=125905 http://www.housepric...howtopic=137794 You may not find the exact answer you need but they are worth a read nonetheless. VB
  5. A few months ago I went to Santander for a personal loan. Like yourself, my Experian score was 999. Santander said no, so I went somewhere else and had no bother at all. It took me be surprise that Santander refused but then I realised how crap they are so it didn't bother me.
  6. Victor_Broom

    How To Hedge On Foreign Currencies & Commodities

  7. Victor_Broom

    Farm Land?

    Could you elaborate slightly?
  8. Victor_Broom

    How To Hedge On Foreign Currencies & Commodities

    I couldn't be accurate but I would think I only buy about 10% of material from UK based companies.
  9. Victor_Broom

    How Do I Get Out Of Sterling?

    It wasn't my intention to be biased in any way. I was merely trying to highlight how GBP has faired against some other currencies. I have learnt plenty from this site over the last year, not enough I might add. I was just trying to help other members by providing some information. I agree that a certain amount of dramatisation occurs on this site.
  10. Victor_Broom

    How To Hedge On Foreign Currencies & Commodities

    The company I work for exports stuff. Raw material costs are increasing as I have to import that. This is in manufacturing btw.
  11. Victor_Broom

    Faq For Newbie Gold And Silverbugs

    You could have a look at these.
  12. Victor_Broom

    Transfering Money To Australia

    I have been waiting as well. Currently at 1.66 though. I should have transfered the other week when it was at 1.80. Hindsight eh? http://www.fxstreet....exchange-rates/
  13. Victor_Broom

    How To Hedge On Foreign Currencies & Commodities

    Here's one from June last year to present.

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