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  1. Honourable mention (I couldn't find the RM listing): Flat 6, Yew Tree House, 3, Fortuneswell, Portland, DT5 1FX - 33.4% below 2020 prices!!!!!!
  2. LINK - Apartment 409, Fresh Buildings, 138 Chapel Street, Manchester, M3 6AF. 17.7% below 2007 prices!!!
  3. LINK - 2 Folly Drive, Hereford, Herefordshire HR1 1NE. 17.4% below 2007 prices.
  4. LINK - 189 Viridian Square, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP21 7FZ. 8% below 2017 prices.
  5. A couple more I spotted: LINK - 38 Alexander Street, Carlisle, Cumbria CA1 2LH. 16% below 2010 prices.
  6. Loving the shagpile carpets and bath in the bedroom. Very classy! Alternatively buy this; it's much larger and happens to be over £1m cheaper... https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/59224089/
  7. Looks like a nice (small) place but no photos of the garden and Google makes it look like it may have already been built over. Either way it backs on to a Greggs factory which looks like a large potential development site ripe for building high rise apartments overlooking the house.
  8. This is truly insane. 44.2% down (£950k) in just two reductions. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/59145928/
  9. Remaining lease 38 years. I thought that looked keenly priced for the location.
  10. LINK - 2 Oakwood Close, Otterbourne, Winchester, Hampshire SO21 2EB. 21.2% below 2014 prices.
  11. LINK - 19 Wyke Mark, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 5DJ. 11.8% below 2004 prices. "Retirement Community" property. I've added the houseprices.io screenshot for this postcode. I wonder what's going on here?
  12. LINK - 1 Mydweeke Place, Burnett Close, Winchester SO22 5JQ. 12.3% below 2016 prices [2016 = £895k, 2021 asking = £825k, 2021 sale price = £785k]
  13. Yeah, I went through houseprices.io to find these. Interestingly I didn't find many new build / one bed flat / HTB type properties appearing with big drops. Plenty of family type houses and lots of apartments in older buildings but less of the newer stuff. I think a lot of this is just that they're not selling. Take SW8 (Vauxhall / Nine Elms). There have only been 63 sales recorded there this year, but 875 properties currently listed on Zoopla. There are a tonne of 15-20% reductions in asking prices but I guess nobody is putting in offers.
  14. I've been going there semi regularly for work for five years or so. I must admit when I was there at the start of the month it was pretty depressing compared to how it was pre-covid. I'm no Aberdeen basher (I've had some fantastic nights out up there and considered moving on more than one occasion) but yeah, compared to the trips I had to Glasgow that week (which seemed buzzing), Aberdeen was a bit of a shadow of its former self.
  15. It has been talked about a bit on here, but I finally got round to starting a tribute thread but of actual losses on houses sold. Examples of big & actual losses Honestly I could have found another 20-30 in London easily. There are some really nice places with some very substantial losses.
  16. LINK - Upper Flat, 86 Grantham Road, London, Greater London SW9 9EB. 39.5% below 2016 prices.
  17. LINK - 94 Wyndham Road, London, Greater London SE5 0UB. 12.1% below 2017 prices.
  18. LINK - First Floor Flat, 110 Edith Road, London, Greater London W14 9AP. 14.3% below 2015 prices.
  19. LINK - Flat 87, Latymer Court, Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith, London W6 7JE. 10.6% below 2016 prices.
  20. LINK - Ponsard Road, London, NW10 6BN - very pleasant six bed. 22.2% below 2014 prices.
  21. Over the years a few people over on the smash hit "Examples of big & multiple drops" thread have suggested a spin off of properties selling below last sold prices. I'm bored so I thought I'd start with a few local to me. LINK - Eaton Drive, Kingston upon Thames - nice family four bed place back at 3.7% below 2017 prices.
  22. What a strange place. Looks like the owner thinks they're an Arab billionaire (marble floors, sculpture in the hall, bedroom gym, sauna, jacuzzi, etc). Despite the "penthouse" title, no balcony or outdoor space though? And slap bang on one of the busiest roads in the area. At least it's convenient for the Alan Partridge petrol station (yes, it does have a mini mart).
  23. Referring to this area as Surbiton is also pretty generous. It's three times further to Surbiton station than to Tolworth station. Needless to say Tolworth is nowhere near as pleasant as Surbiton.
  24. The address is Quinnell House, SW18 2RU. When it was build in 2011 / 2012 it looks like these flats sold for £325-405k so some presumably had an extra bedroom. The last sale was January 2020 for £350k (vs £385k when it was new). Now there are two listed at £520k and £575k. Even if these were the largest flats first sold for £405k, based on the depreciation of the last sale these should be around £365k, and that's not taking into account that the last sale was pre covid. Neither seem to have a balcony or garden which seems to limit buyer interest at the minute. Watching with interest.
  25. "Game of two markets" - this is certainly what I'm seeing. My neck of the woods (Richmond / Sheen / Kingston) seems to have stagnated with very little price movement the last couple of years. Go a few miles east (basically Putney inwards) and there seem to be some sizable drops. That Hammersmith place is a prime example; £250k less than my (rented) two bed in Richmond is worth, yet a more central location. It can only be a matter of time until the leafier outer suburbs start feeling the pinch.
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