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  1. Yup, as a (relative) youngster working in a safety critical role, seeing my workmates in HMOs dotted across the rougher suburbs of London, I can safely say all of them would give their right testicle to live in a house like that. I guess it goes to show the disparity in the UK that some people deem that "ugly as a pig", whereas I view myself as incredibly lucky compared to my colleagues since I live in an area of London that has only had two murders in the four years I've lived there. Afraid to say the quality of the porch isn't really top of our list of priorities when house shopping!!!
  2. Interesting property. It's really very nice, good location for commuting and a nice leafy area. Plus compared to Laaaandon property it's reasonably well priced. It's exactly the sort of thing the London exodus should be snapping up, and yet it sits nearly £300k off initial asking price.
  3. Thank you Fred, really appreciate the response. Confirms exactly what I thought / hoped for.
  4. As per the thread title; 12 month Fixed Term contract (expired without LL requesting we renew) contract had a break clause at 6 months after break clause, either party could end tenancy with 2 months notice Are we now required to give 2 months notice as per contract, or are we now on a periodic tenancy so standard 1 month notice? Thanks
  5. Holy Christ that seems overpriced. £800k?! 2 miles from the nearest station so not what you might call commutable or cosmopolitan. Nothing of note in the way of outdoor space. You honestly might as well live in London for that price.
  6. Working on it. We rent a cheap 1 bed, have good jobs and are saving like crazy. Truly hoping to buy mortgage free in the next 5 years if a crash happens. Backup plan is to move overseas. I could tolerate UK house prices if it came with good politics, education, social care and tolerance. Unfortunately Britain seems to be worsening by the day and I no longer want to be a part of it.
  7. Not far from where I live. Absolute insanity. A very pleasant location but jeez...
  8. I've been saying this for a while. Particularly post-Covid lockdown, surely it's an essential at any price point? Sure if somewhere came on at a bargain basement price without outdoor space I'd be tempted, but paying top dollar is just insanity. I can see places without outdoor space falling a lot in the coming months, and I'd guess London is the worst place in the country for building flats without balconies or gardens.
  9. I don't think that's the correct link
  10. I think you may have meant £1.25m.... That said with just 29 years of the lease remaining £250k might be more realistic.
  11. At the other end of the "price adjustment" scale, this has also been on since 2017. Quite a rollercoaster! https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/43153024?search_identifier=0366e452a05090e84b87e26b5b675cc9
  12. Aren't these the places where you can only stay a certain number of nights a year? Some even require you to own another property (renting is not enough) to purchase there. One would expect the market for exclusively second homes would tank first really.
  13. Damn, is that really still classed as Surbiton? Right off one of the busiest roads in London; if you're lucky the abandoned pub at the back might not be redeveloped into dozens of flats overlooking your garden. Looks like it was last sold in 2002 for £139,000. 5.26% rate of return. If they accept 300k that becomes 4.27%. Hardly dinner party conversation worthy gainzzz.
  14. Absolutely crazy. For £100k less you get this, with an extra bedroom, in a more central location. It's already £300k below it's last sold price in 2015 with 2 reductions totalling £150k this week alone!! https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/52797673?search_identifier=c96b43c6056563f926b1f5300a10212a
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