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  1. "Well presented studio flat close to sewage works and stunning views of the council dump. Would suit professional person who will respect the property. No noisy people as it's situated above a night shelter for drug addicts"
  2. How do you go about reporting them? Purely via "Contact Rightmove" or is there a better way?
  3. I was responding to the place you mentioned in SE1 That is neat. I thought the plinths were storage. Doesn't leave much flexibility on layout though.
  4. It's a bit of willy waving for the people that live there. Something to tell your mates / girls on Tinder. I've swam in this pool in Gothenburg before. Admittedly it is very cool but I've no reason to ever want to go a second time (aside some of the other patrons).
  5. This one's got a funny old floor plan as well. Two adjacent bedrooms but with a staircase to each. Then a utility room in a two bed flat. And an office. And a huge double aspect void. Could be a really nice 3 bed, or even 4 in a developer's wet dream. Nice flat though, and a good location for the price.
  6. Aggregate gross yield 4.5%?! You'd have to be mad, surely? What are you going to be left with after letting agent fees, maintenance, insurance, void periods. 3% if you were lucky? I hold some shares in Warehouse REIT. Currently yields 4.84%. Instant liquidity if I need the cash. Nice capital appreciation (they own distribution warehouses for ecommerce). I know where my money will be staying.
  7. Yes. Extremely high and yet they still have one of, if not the, largest snow cannon operation in Europe. So going to Bansko (925m) and being surprised there's no snow at Christmas?
  8. A listed building in need of fairly major works, with a block of what looks to be council houses literally next door and overlooking your garden, and in Canary Wharf (great Monday to Friday but a ghost town on weekends). I'll agree it's not terrible value for money, but in my mind it's not a bargain either.
  9. Nice building with some cracking views down the river. Jeffery Archer has a place in that building, as did Bernie Ecclestone I was told. I'd dread to think what the management fee is - there's always a suited receptionist sat there, 24/7, with the cost split between just a couple of dozen apartments.
  10. To be fair, Christmas is exceptionally early in the season to expect snow. It's always going to be a bit of a gamble, even in the high alpine resorts.
  11. I've been to Bucharest many times. It's a great city; beautiful architecture, friendly people, Herăstrău lake is one of the coolest areas in Europe to go for a run or just to chill with a drink in the evenings. I'm guessing the quality of life outside Bucharest isn't so good however. Politically it definitely suffers brain drain (I know a couple of Romanian academics and professionals in London). You do certainly seem to reach a point in life where if you want a high flying, well paid career, then you have to leave for somewhere else.
  12. It'll never look cheap in comparison to anything bought in that area 30 years ago though. As central London goes it's one of the quietest areas. Almost every street around there is pedestrianised except for deliveries.
  13. Totally agree. Price per ft2 is on a par with nicer parts of Richmond, Wimbledon and Putney. Yes it's two bed, but it's a big two bedder. I used to live just around the corner from here, it really is a great area for young professionals that work in the city and want to walk to work.
  14. "Why is the price history blurred? - Subscribe" is in the bottom right of your screenshot. I don't have it on mine. Maybe it has tracked that you're a regular user?
  15. That one's interesting. I see smaller 3 beds in Barnes / Putney / Roehampton for much more than that. Good find.
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