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  1. Some interesting thoughts. However rational or irrational people will be, it just concerns me that the "pension changes will lead to surge in BTL" headlines shouldn't go unchallenged. (I think they're partly down to VI ramping, but also simply reflect the financial and economic illiteracy of a lot of journalists.) Perhaps an alternative slant might be "massive sell-off of buy-to-let property expected as traditional pensions become more attractive"...
  2. Thank you, I'll make the effort to post a bit more! This one was prompted by some of the knee-jerk reactions I've read.
  3. Following the announced pension changes a lot of people (including on this forum) seem to be falling for the VI mantra that house prices are set to soar yet higher as hordes of people convert their pension pots into BTL. Unless I’m missing something obvious, though, I just don’t get the argument – why would even the most bullish 50- or 60-something take an immediate tax hit just to transfer from one type of investment to another? Take the example of someone with a £240k pension pot (much higher than the average) and no mortgage or other debts they want to pay off. £60k will be able to be take
  4. I've just complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about a marketing email from Rightmove giving outrageously false claims about Help to Sell 1. It lists a number of newbuilds by Linden Homes, such as "from £232,950 or just £186,360* with Help to Buy"; the footnote states that "*price represents 80% of the purchase price." Has anyone else complained about any of these things lately? Whilst I've no sympathy whatsoever for anyone stupid enough not to read the small print before committing themselves to years of indebtedness, that's no excuse for such brazenly false advertising.
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