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  1. at least its in the ft (+ mail), though it needs to be on the front page regularly. i dont mind admitting i am pretty worried.
  2. cheers, well the laptop seems normal now, just changed a loads of passwords, but used 2 credit cards last night to pay council tax + other bills, so in theory key logger could have memorised a series of numbers. however, pc tools SAYS on my screen that it blocked the keylogger (little red box appeared bottom right asking if it should block this 'medium' threat (medium???! lol!) which of course i clicked yes ffs block! not sure if defo off my laptop now, will do a full scan later which takes 3 to 6 hours usually. as for the odds, if theres a chance even a slim one + the cost of peace of mind is 100 or so quid, i'm happy to pay it if i buy. the only thing that can make me buy a property now is fear of serious inflation, otherwise i'd say property to my mind is 40 to 50% over priced by and large in fiat terms, not in oz of g*ld where had i been smart enough to buy it a few years back i'd be laughing now + def buy a property for peace of mind alone. put it this way, most people spend £52 a year on the almost infinitely less likely chance of a lottery win. £150 once in a lifetime for a what is it thousands to 1 chance of a chancel schedule/covenant seems money fairly well spent to me if theres suspicion its potentially in that category
  3. make sure you have effective anti spyware, see my off topic http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=131387&st=0&gopid=2268718& mods if you could leave this up for a little while - keyloggers steal online info, passwords etc, not everyone knows about this threat as its not just IT geeks that post on hpc
  4. well byron some people are just odd, quite frankly, perhaps he means well but like the majority of people reading the thread they wondered what he was so wired about, perhaps he thinks i'm a scammer. today first time ever found a keylogger on my laptop. just in case that chancel or any of the links or this thread has Yeth etc somehow in it, go run a PC Tools Spyware scan. Yeth nicks online banking details. all my cookies mysteriously vanished y'day + this morning sd found Yeth + something else (see off topic). the free anti spyware progs didnt seem much use when i used to have them. you can get sd free with google's suite or buy something on trialpay + get sd free as i did some months ago as posted at the time, there was also a free 90 days full prog link on my old thread. i appreciate some here think i'm mistaken + fallen for some clever pc tools marketing ploy, well given the strange behaviour of my laptop yesterday + my usual luck i think not, so even if you doubt my cred or my word still get yourself the free version of pc tools spyware doctor rather than risk it, these online frauds do happen, they dont just happen to someone else bit worried now as i type because i see the I-cursor going egg timer every now + then as if something's happening, so may have to scan again edit, no nothing further scanned, although i will do a thorough scan later. i have updated my off topic thread with details of the history log on this keylogger attack, + changed my passwords online inc my Nat Lottery which i accessed last night (just one line every now + then, never even won a tenner since 1994!)
  5. the danger with that is they tend to come back as "may be liable" which can encourage people to buy insurance they dont need, so some people suggest looking at a boundaries/parish website to check + then contacting the church there itself for an assurance. however, others point out that if you alert the church they may stake their claim before the deadline when as otherwise they wouldnt. now, that may not be so, after all they arent naive. to my mind i would go via a lawyer who i could sue for negligence if the search came back negative but it turned out there was a liability in the end. not worth saving 150 quid unless the insurance scheme is dirt cheap which it probably isnt. of course, need the right lawyer, not any old idiot.
  6. i'm sorry but unless the article has quotes + pics with cheryl cole + jordan no one's even going to read it. the most important thing at the moment is will jedward release a single + what simon cowell has for elevenses. for financial meltdown to really get some attention, someone from x-factor will need to stand up + sing it to the judges. in fact even as people are queueing for their soup they will probably use their i-phone app to check who's still in the jungle with dec + ant.
  7. website on this issue with little populated (as yet!) discussion forum for forum users here to investigate/read up on more facts http://www.chancel.org.uk/forum/ no doubt grillsmarshmallows will post his/her views there in the not too distant Ignore updated, dont think anyone would blame me if i no longer respond to someone who uses a multitude of insults + garnishes it with the word unscrupulous, not worth a second more of my time
  8. its hardly on any of tomorrows front pages, the tabloids go with jordan, tiger, breakfasts http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Saturdays-Papers---Newspaper-Front-Pages-Saturday-November-28-2009/Media-Gallery/200911415476690?lpos=UK_News_Left_Promo_Region_0&lid=GALLERY_15476690_Saturdays_Papers_-_Newspaper_Front_Pages_Saturday%2C_November_28%2C_2009 i take it all back, apparently the mail has something inside about financial armageddon, me of little faith
  9. i see you've visited my profile but you dont need to do that to put me on Ignore, this is the procedure: 1 go to your own profile by clicking on your id 2 click my settings 3 click on tab Profile 4 click on Manage Ignored Users, page reloads, scroll down to box 5 type in Login (the rest will pre-fill for you, click on my full id name) 6 click save changes you're done one of your mates will pm you if i post anything else that alerts people to what they need to know + which could potentially outwit any unscrupulous VI vendor or agent out there, dont fret
  10. could you not have gone to karaoke tonight rather than taking it upon yourself to accuse me of this or that + being a scammer? at your age i had a social life on friday nights
  11. i had problems when i sold in london, covenant really spooked my buyer, spooked me too when i realised my solicitor never drew my attention to it when i bought btw
  12. is Ignore not working again? although maybe you should keep me off Ignore so that you can check + see if i pop up with any other wild legal safeguard suggestions, you never know eh
  13. thank you, you've made your point, those reading the forum - and there are thousands potentially - can now decide whether to mention it to their conveyancer or not, they all now know what it is called to search it out on Google and/or then tell their lawyer. CoE are said to need to find £925m for repairs within the next 5 years. it wont all come from that plate they pass round.
  14. the matter has only just come from test case, J5T, there would be little point in my posting this warning if there were already loads of 'victims' + it was widely in the public domain. yes well i wish i were a solicitor, i am just a layperson forum poster entitled to post to the thousands of reg'd members, some of whom this may affect at some point. it will affect some people for sure. just because its a small number does not mean the forum cannot spare a thread on it. free speech, heard of that?
  15. "mong", this**, that**, nice language mister (i assume). if anyone reading the thread before would have previously been inclined to reexamine the chancel probability of liability or not in your viewpoint's favour, seeing that outpouring discredits your views even more than if i'd thought 2+2=87. for whatever reason, noble or otherwise, you champion the "dont give solicitors another 150 quid" you just look like a pub loudmouth prior to getting marched out by the doorstaff. am i on ignore yet? shame.
  16. thx for the abuse, thankfully theres the ignore which we can both use, you should ask your mate Si1 who used to have me on it + he'll instruct you how to place me there, probably you should know by now as the ODDS of your falling out with people on the forum are probably not 0, sorry 0-0, 0.1-1''' (sorry Si, you got me there)
  17. assuming nothing, thats why odds mean nothing you're entitled to voice your opposition, but if i buy i will happily spend that 150 to make sure i'm not in for any schedules i dont know about, + so will anyone else with half a brain. of course people selling places with these liabilities would prefer word doesnt get out.
  18. in replyu to your ps J5T, its just started after the test case, thats why come back in a few months or few years + you'll have the links
  19. your comment marks you out as a pr!ck but hey i have to live with it edit to
  20. betting? odds? its happened, its happening, sensible people will venture a hundred or so quid to make sure they arent in the whatever percentage bracket you quoted. its a simple solution (with a competent search) to know you wont be mugged. cant really understand hysterical opposition to it, can only assume you've been ripped off by a solicitor in the past + detest them. well dont bring that grief to this issue, for whatever small percentage you quote not knowing will seriously impact them financially. actually cant be that small anyway, my old place in london was under church covenant, couldnt do a number of things without asking. when it was sold the buyer hesitated to buy + tried to knock me down on it.
  21. unsuccessful battle, good, you have taken that aboard. now whats your point again? oh sorry its the odds. what are the odds of being struck by lightning? i know someone who was. the odds arent 0 are they.
  22. read the link, its happened, it'll happen again, sorry if that upsets your bull hopes argument, but buyers need to know. additional link with info, or search Chancel Repairs Act on google http://www.submityourarticle.com/articles/Paul-Hajek-6606/chancel-repair-liability-74428.php
  23. just to add there is an automated service your solicitor can access which will identify at risk parishes, in which case take out specialist insurance title deeds dont mention chancel liabilities usually + the above automated search does not tell you if your own house is definitely on the liabilities list, so only option is to get a full chancel repairs search done for peace of mind via a solicitor, spending 100s of thousands i think £150 extra is pretty much a shrewd move
  24. i advise forum purchasers to ignore J5T + assume nothing from the cant happen to me brigade who have a life of falling on sh*t + smelling of roses, not all of us are that lucky, fact is CoE is cash-strapped + has repair backlog of £1bn yes ONE BILLION, so check if you are liable for chancel repairs before buying anything, well worth the extra £150 if thats what they charge, also check other church covenants which are an old chestnut but can still impact on buyer/resale value, dont be a mug, dont listen to complacent cant happen to me cheeky chappie types
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