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  1. obviously wish you well, peace of mind is priceless. with my hpc/economy hat on i say: hard to tell if these increasing reports are bear capitulation signalling the end of this phase of unrealistic prices or these bears are turning bull because they see a prolonged period of unrealism just as was seen from 2002 which is set to go on until implosion in year...? but will surely come. in those circumstances, they might well be right. or simple fear of hyperinflation, fiat collapse, etc, also this fear has been encouraged quite deliberately by our economic "leaders" + is not entirely impossible of course
  2. i think i am right in saying the microphone in your mobile phone can be switched on remotely whether the phone is in standby or actually off, which is why some politians or businesspersons (so pc) insist on batteries being removed from a mobile if they are in sensitive meetings, well this is what is supposedly done anyway, no proof or hard knowledge of it as not my field
  3. i put it to branch staff about their rating when i was in a branch some months back, the normally polite, placid staff, looked pretty uneasy. from that i gathered i was far from the only customer to know which way the wind was blowing
  4. they either know nothing or they run it to make the superwealthy wealthier under the banner that said wealth trickles down to all, if that were true the gap between wouldnt be where it is now i think you posted this article on the front page where i got it from, thx for bringing The Threadneedle Comedy Players to our attention yes bank of ostriches, that term really presents itself every time i hear their ramblings, so i thought i'd go public with their new name today +1
  5. http://www.reuters.com/article/hotStocksNews/idUSGEE5B10FV20091202?sp=true LONDON, Dec 2 (Reuters) - Britain appears to be emerging from recession and, although headwinds remain, policymakers need to be wary of driving up asset prices with loose policy, Bank of England Chief Economist Spencer Dale said on Wednesday. But Dale said there was no strong evidence to suggest that the BoE's quantitative easing efforts were having an undesired effect on prices yet and played down any split within the Monetary Policy Committee over the level of stimulus needed.... new housing bubble prices are what they want, dirty little bankers
  6. S, thank you for bringing extra insightful or inciteful ;-) debate debate to HPC. A Very Merry Commercemas too! x

  7. is this a rerun of the stock market bubble 1999 into 2000 if memory serves me? 2009 into 2010, is it some cycle? whats giving this level of bullishness, inflation hedging? thin volumes? madness by an immature generation of traders? or are the governments pumping cash in through some back door? all seems very odd. nothing seems to depress the markets for very long lately, and it doesnt really ring true. not so much climbing a wall of worry as seriously drunk + dancing on a balcony ledge, a good few storeys up.
  8. i think you'll find mergers are really, really good when the alternative could be something like team ernst & young
  9. "merger", theres a nice neutral term for it. not laughing, got money in chelsea myself. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Business/Chelsea-And-Yorkshire-Building-Societies-In-Merger-Talks-Says-City-Editor-Mark-Kleinman/Article/200912115481404?lpos=Business_Carousel_Region_1&lid=ARTICLE_15481404_Chelsea_And_Yorkshire_Building_Societies_In_Merger_Talks_Says_City_Editor_Mark_Kleinman
  10. they were saying even back then how high prices were, so called experts had sold up + moved into rented, shown on tv doing so 'waiting for a crash', which still hasnt really come, because when you have cheap money all bets are off while it boils away to a burnt mess, how long that boiling takes nobody really knows, should have happened 2005, then 2008/9, now ...?
  11. dont thank me, its credit to his upbringing + he's of 'the right stuff'. any decent employer if they know his story will snap him up even if unemployment is officially 6 million (which it already is unofficially), just a case of them knowing his story - trick is in the persistence to getting his cv in front of them, pref at a job fair, nicely presented suited + booted when the time comes. of course, he should also enjoy himself now while young, its not all about work
  12. very interesting nutshell summary of where it seems to be, just i dont think for a second gordon will be elected, best hope he's got is a hung parliament which is my preferred outcome, however seems likely tories will get in with a clear majority quite a swing though that is, despite all the pre-election inducements from robbing savers, mortgagor cuddling, free laptops for families etc optimism is the human condition, from hunter gatherer days, thats how fraudsters dupe people, old as the hills. if you can make it look like house prices rise all the time even now, people are going to think property is a bombproof investment, especially if their memory does not serve to remind them of past crashes. but i suspect gordon will run out of bullets soon and, has to be said, has no chance of winning anyway but as he has always wanted to be pm you can see why he's throwing everything at getting a tenancy extension, its his one + only chance ever. if it bankrupts the country + ruins millions of lives och well nevermind eh
  13. with a work ethic like that + being that kind of person i'd say his future is very bright, if i were an employer he'd be top of my list by sounds of it
  14. over 5 years thats not a great number, in any case a lot can happen in 5 years so it could end up being 500 more or it could end up being 500 closures + redundancies. there are limits to their model. talking years off doesnt impress me, its like the return to car shifts promised from 2011. all labour chums making happy noises for the election, utter bs
  15. Charming, rating-less, thats gratitude for ya

  16. " Investors have been fretting privately for some time that the Bank might have to raise rates before it is ready " i read that as labour aids fretting the boe might have to dent brown's election chances by putting rates up before an election. of course had they put rates up to proper levels years ago much of this mess would have been over and done with by now and the fallout from the "it started in america" fallacy would have been as contained as apparently it has been in brazil where they have growth of 3% (though i might be talking out of my mervyn as am just repeating what i heard on c4 news)
  17. surely must be time for the BoE to drop base rates as 0.50% is of course horrendously high, plus print more money, no? bbc business news also accidentally lowered the ltsb job losses from 373 to 303 in their recent bulletin, total accident of course. its not like the news is changed, altered, spun, sanitised, d-noticed or anything else rather than given to us straight, is it. reminds me, must get the sat dish back up + get some real news back in
  18. didnt hear it what did they say? let me guess.. prices will modestly rise throughout 2010 before taking off in 2011 and 2012, right?
  19. change forum display mode to lo-fi, scroll up, edit, then return to preferred display mode
  20. tis as ye sage bloo loo said, a mania that has a lot of momentum + wont die easily (i paraphrase)
  21. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/analysis-and-features/foundations-laid-for-a-housing-recovery-1830375.html the price falls the feature mentions, i dont recall seeing those price falls by anything like that figure. are they trying to convince people prices have already crashed, because well i never saw those 23% falls except the odd one on propertysnake. is it just the power of suggestion, harry hill style? didnt the crashes of the past have features calling recovery for years before it happened? arent they banking on low interest rates and qe going on longer than the markets will allow?
  22. eric, i bumped into him in london years ago after work, he is not a prat at all. he's alright, straight talking, genuine. am surprised he said that to the media, credit to him for that
  23. lets get them to pass a law to make every dumb magazine have a compulsory 2 pages of economics news sandwiched between dermot o'leary + alesha dixon features, in fact they should print the bulletins over dermot's boxer shorts + alesha's nipples
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