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  1. the negatives get magnified out of all proportion, but anyway as a point of interest if you dont pay your car tax (VED) its the local authority who take your car away in partnership with a tow or scrap metal merchant who is authorised + accompanied by a DVLA official. in E + W if you drive without insurance then yes now police can seize your vehicle on the spot, you then have to pay a release fee + provide evidence of insurance. if you drive without any docs, insurance, tax, MOT etc, chances are an automatic camera by the roadside will get your plate number + check with the database, if you're minus the insurance, MOT or VED you will probably get a prosecution letter in the post even if not stopped by a patrol. Additionally, VOSA set up by the roadside in their vehicles + use a similar camera to catch no MOT offenders. however pro criminals just drive about in totally unreg or stolen vehicles which these automated cameras cant do anything about, so the answer is more police to catch the real villains.
  2. generally stuck in a custody queue with a suspect, driving around collecting witness statements, responding to calls best dealt with by a social worker, waiting around in a courtroom or hospital, or compiling a prosecution file as thick as a phone book for a simple offence
  3. did he mention that UK property prices will regardless continue to rise? if not, his speech will not be covered by most UK media, although he might get 10 seconds on C4 News between shots of Jon Snow amusing the slumdwellers of Sao Paulo
  4. do you think they'll dump the workload on more + more SCs? been ramping up that recruitment in many large towns.
  5. assuming unemployment does not get much worse, if interest rates return to 5 % which is still low but probably the highest likely in the next few years, those in work may not be forced to sell up if they can't make mortgage repayments because the government will top up any shortfall in their mortgage repayments, won't it? or have i got that wrong? i was listening to fp on the podcast + he rightly said the economy is in a state etc, but that IRs have to go up from here at some point. but like i say if the govts of the day keep giving our tax money away to the otherwise delinquent arrears borrowers, they can hold back the tide for a long time if not indefinitely if they keep on QEing. whats to stop this? blow my theory out of the water, please. i fear i am right. why didnt govts do this before to prevent mass repos? was it because of moral hazard plus hugely inflationary + erm utterly insane?
  6. everyone's so drugged up on qe-prozac that it just doesnt register any more anyway, dont you know? generation x - no such thing as economic bad news, dude
  7. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/s/1184852_gmp_to_lose_300_officers_in_budget_cuts
  8. if the usa would let me in as a legal permanent working resident i'd be at heathrow before you could say 'david hasselhoff', not perfect there but i like the place, would pop back to sample my beautiful english countryside in the summer then happily get back on the plane for another 11 months. was thinking of doing 6mths here, 6 there, if they'd let me, but cant get a job there so would run out of money in 2 to 3 years at best
  9. thanks for that, never heard that song before but there you go, i spent years in london + herts where i'd quite like to return to as it happens. shoebury's full of sold boards too btw but some of the places there are lousy + yet still expensive but cheaper + so perceived as cheap
  10. the only question is how far up the road can they get away with pushing the manure they are trying to hide, that i just dont know, they're far better at it than was first thought perhaps because people are now so used to 'boom' that they believe too much of the spin + wil e. coyote themselves. looking at it with the best will in the world, i see no reason for bullishness with the huge debt + its repercussions. i can only assume buyers know something i dont or fear inflation or banking implosion so they want a roof over their heads, either that or they're expecting a debt jubilee! must remember a lot of people bought right at the last peak too. theres always got to be a loser even if this is another 3 year 'boom' a lot of people will spend too much at some point + have to wait years to get it back or lose their home. the only question is which batch of buyers will get left holding the baby, this lot, or some in Q2 or some in 2012 etc?
  11. it seems as if due to qe they can play such a long game that they will get everyone to buy before it goes pear shaped, there will be few people posting on hpc by the time the real crash comes, they will run out of bullets soon though if they cant keep control of interest rates/gilts
  12. they all say stc, be interesting to see how many go ahead, 2 of 3 boards in my very long street are now sold, one appears vacated never even watch the south bank show
  13. yes 2 ! debt-fuelled final party or theres more money out there than any of us realise, i dont know, but from memory these places seem to have sold since november at a time of year when sales usually fade. what are they all worried about that they are rushing out to buy? or are they the greatest fools who bought everything in sight just before the last peak in 2007 or whenever? i dunno, but they're partying like its 1999
  14. pretty unusual for you to start a thread, good bit of ear work bl
  15. areas travelled this morning: hawkwell, hockley, ashingdon, rochford, prittlewell, southend, rayleigh i would estimate somewhere between half + three quarters of displayed property boards read 'Sold', probably nearer the 3/4 shops + roads horrendously busy, charidee shops particularly busy, as were food stores, car parks had attendants directing to spaces. i was on a social domestic + pleasure journey , not contributing to the shoppers except for a quick visit into Aldi which was not particularly busy. the impression from the sold boards is everything's selling. the impression from the flash new + recent cars on the road is there's money spent/borrowed. some of the above are wealthy little villages btw, so that can be a distortion. yet people are looking for work even there, i heard people asking about xmas work, but that happens in 'boom' years too. this just does not seem like a recession at all, its a fake boom again by the looks of it. its 2005 after the interest rate cut all over again. bu they've run out of bullets now. its a big sticking plaster attempt at pushing the considerable financial trouble farther up the road. that trouble has to be dealt with - question is merely will it be Q2 2010 or 2011 or 2012 onwards.
  16. well thats the demographic that believes inflation which erode savings value, that was the boe's fear plan target audience, if you ask me, and of course with rising prices on many items thats been true. my belief is that they are outnumbered by those who used savings for bills + disposable income before + have now cut back plus used capital to pay bills, further reducing what banks hold on deposit. the boe miscalculated or to put it generously only got it half right on this plan + hopelessly wrong on the management for the past 10 years.
  17. still spending in the malls i visit. ironically the savers who used to spend their interest on stuff now cant afford to, thats the BoE shooting themselves in the foot if ever there was a case of it. thats got to be a bit deflationary for now, although food, imported cars + such are mostly heading massively up. also credit card interest rates are mostly a lot higher.
  18. Qatar "UK property? we're luvvin' it" http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/construction_and_property/article6941653.ece FT front page, no link as yet as an aside: my essex watch list via propertybee: number of properties being reduced (essex) has decreased significantly in past few weeks (sub 200K), about 1 in 10 sub 200K on the list has gone under offer or sold according to the agent's ad since Nov 2, only say 1 in 25 or 30 is now showing a reduction, although one is down by 8% in one chunk but a check on nethouseprices shows it is still 15% above its 2007 selling price (it is 245K, sold in 2005 for 215K btw) - it has building work next door which may be a factor. vendors taking realistic offers or buyers desperate to get out of the pound + into bricks/land i know not.
  19. L B Barnet - just wait a mere 33 years for a council home at present rate of rehousing Redbridge 32 yrs Brent 25 yrs as on London Tonight TV Bulletin
  20. pretty much exatly what i was thinking. lisbon la vida loca.
  21. i've nothing of importance going on anyway, but if i was in business i'd not use one. dont like the radiation anyway, only use mine to call the rac which as i drive a reliable nissan is almost never thought i might be
  22. Gold In Them Primrose Hills? Today Lorne helps the residents of an upmarket suburban neighbourhood use a JCB to pan for nuggets. But when a man from Camden Council turns up things turn ugly. [subtitles 888. Contains strong language and scenes of emotional disturbance.]
  23. so you dont see a day coming when the govt will have to turn this happy drug tap off? its only the happy tap keeping this going, you do realise that dont you, its a frankenstein economy, its not a recovery its a severe debt forever financial wasteland with a Starbucks on it, how long can that really hold up? i grant you that bricks + mortar long term always does well + this seems the longest bullrun its ever had. but it seems to be bubble upon bubble, there has to be an end to it one way or the other
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