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  1. Bit of sunshine, smell of daffs and blossom in the air, and he's anybody's. Now if we could bottle Le Spring Optimiste' say in 50ml bottles and export it globally, we might have a country left. Won? There's nothing to win. Prices have to be realistic again. Period.
  2. How can the bottom be reached when the world's economies are even now merely entering the skids? How can a world slump encourage land and property values? Thats right, it can't. That'd be Joe Shmo. Well known for buying tech shares after their first retracement, no doubt.
  3. Bull-sh1te Debt has brought the economic system to its knees. The only way normal salaried people can afford to purchase a home is huge debt. Again. If the economic system wants to risk that again. Don't think they will. Most salaries are £14K to £24K. Most houses are £120K plus. Most flats ditto. If you live most of the South or London you'll pay much more than that. Your salary won't be that much more unless you got very lucky. Do the math. Pretty unlikely any raincheck in the housepricecrash will last beyond the next rate rise and ballot. Most likely is won't even last beyond this month.
  4. They are so desperate to fool some idiots into buying that have to ask whatever nonevent headline will they flash next? ESTATE AGENT TAKES 2 CALLS IN ONE MORNING, ONLY 1 OF THEM IS HIS MOTHER. Dole line miles long, shops shutting down, businesses closing, but hey the sun is out so house prices will miraculously go up. B.S. par excellence.
  5. As I see it there is not a lot of use in scrappage of £2000, £1000 or any figure likely because the dealers will up the price of vehicles or refuse discounts, even when a buyer keeps silent that they're on the scrap scheme. Dealers will say Aw no, no significant £ off the sticker or list price, we've got ourselves too much demand to be offering percentages off now. Clear off, there's a line behind you who will pay more for the same cars. Anyway - once the scrap deal is over the zzzzzzzz at the dealerships will basically make a comeback, course GB just wants a little tickle of activity in housing + auto marts to steal a victory come the ballot, but yet again he can't actually afford it so far as I can work it out, qeasing or not. :angry:
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