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  1. these two capable men will save us so why am i reminded of
  2. how many will click the link headline which merely says house prices boosted by shortages, prominently top of the email first headline in the panel? not many i bet, they will get on with reading about X-factor night cheap take aways + beat the VAT hike nonsense. but away they will go with the idea house prices are simply rising due to a shortage + will spread that word around. little seeds planted here + there, maybe not deliberately but planted anyway
  3. Guy Anker, News editor ". ..House prices are now 4.2% higher than at the beginning of the year and rising at their fastest rate since November 2006, according to the three-month on three-month trend, which is generally seen as a less volatile indicator.. .." http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/mortgages/2009/12/halifax-housing-shortage-boosts-prices what a anker, the headline is prominent on right side panel in the massively distributed MSE email, sending out ponzi back on message to the sheeple . .
  4. go speak to the CAB to ensure this scenario does not happen been there got the keyring, i never rent anywhere but top floors now, but wait i have been thwarted even there because loon next door pitches tents outside my window + has his kids screaming through the wall AND on top of that unpleasant nightowl neighbour downstairs slams 5 doors every night before she retires, whether that be midnight or 2am. whole place shakes. add to that i have nearly KO'd a neighbour for the most disgraceful remarks made to me, + each day i thank the stars i am able to move out in 2010. 12 months contract, i am counting the days to get back to herts, i will kiss the tarmac in st albans or welwyn...
  5. exactly, my fears are the consequences once we catch up with this manure upstream
  6. i was going to in detail post my fears about 2010 but i am not going to, all been said before, but basically its that trying to win an election + trying to rescue the uk are mutually incompatible when you have got an electorate used to easy credit + rising asset values without hard work
  7. mega + myself + probably a few others here have been sniffing the breeze, bit by bit the newspapers are uncovering what we had guessed was going on. question now is can they keep the show even vaguely on the road that little bit longer to election day. common sense says their bluff has been called. but we'll see. at the moment the rise in property prices in areas where it is in fact true rather than a skew must be either utter madness or a dash for assets as daddybear forecast
  8. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/economics/pbr/article6949470.ece Alistair Darling today will contest growing doubts over Britain’s economic recovery as he tries to show the markets that he is serious about halving the £180 billion deficit in four years. On the eve of his Pre-Budget Report, the Chancellor was confronted with figures that suggested that Britain would struggle to climb out of recession before the end of the year . . .
  9. http://blogs.channel4.com/snowblog/2009/12/08/uk-tests-the-limits-of-its-aaa-credit-rating/ also anyone else seen this very scary video (thx winkie for the tip) from www.inflation.us (truly scary if all of it is true, so dont watch it alone! claims USA food price hyperinflation right now, etc etc)
  10. he thinks interest rates wont rise markedly until 2015 to 2020? what planet's he on?
  11. is your friend on a main road? that would always make them hard to move on. perhaps ask him whats happening, tell him what i wrote in my post, here it is in his local dialect:- bruv, geezer wots online innit, he goes is ur gaff on the big roads right, yeah, thats why you is stuck innit, bangin' unless you meant hampstead gdn suburb in which case my apologies
  12. on my essex watchlist, yes stuff is going to sold but prices are falling on 10% of them, e g 264K to 235k but usually smaller moves like 174k to 172k or 175k to 170k december is quiet usually of course. hard to see what is keeping prices this high unless its the dash for assets thing. have to say even with the reductions many of these prices are up on 2006 and equalling 2007 sold prices. very few are anywhere near what would be in my opinion fair value which most seem to have left in 2000 or 2001
  13. tell me, where can i buy this fine quality 'honeywell' you speak of?
  14. the dash for assets (or was that dosh for assets or dash for cash?) stage then bonds mkt probs, lest we forget.
  15. http://www.moneyweek.com/investments/a-warning-from-the-bond-markets-95001.aspx ". . .we are approaching a day of reckoning when the truth will be more obvious. It seems more likely to us that the economy is on the brink of great disappointment, if not disaster. The good news is that uncertainty will soon end. But what will follow? Will it be inflation, rising prices and rising wages? We think that is most unlikely. Stagflation, a recession with rising prices? Although possible, we think very unlikely. We don't see how prices (and wages) will rise in an ongoing recession. Deflation? We [FCAM/MONEYWEEK] think this is more likely - the outcome of a failed stock market rally and return to bear market conditions. . ."
  16. are they trying to encourage Britons to take a little money out of each bank for some reason? to spend it? to reduce their interest burden? to make life easier for burglars? whats this all about... does Ms BARROW the journalist really exist?
  17. thx for replying, only just got back to the forum to check. brown was having a race to the bottom before, or was suspected of this, to boost uk exports. thats why this subject confuses me. i guess a true run on sterling would be more of a bottom than they really want. FBB podcast taught me a few things, thx.
  18. not if he's already nicked a multigym. dont forget some burglars nick the household's car + use that to cart off their oversized swag. not unheard of.
  19. i thought that too, but didnt want to post that in case i was missing some point, its the worst note to hoard because no one ever wants to change fifties (some shops round my way say "no £50 notes" in the window or till notice) also of course december is the burglar's favourite afaik
  20. has to be said this is the worst time of year to be hoarding cash at home - billy the burglar's favourite month is the run up to xmas
  21. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1233682/Britons-keeping-50-notes-bed-lost-confidence-banks-says-UKs-chief-cashier.html#ixzz0Yx3oZIOI Panicked bank customers are hoarding £50 notes because they have 'lost confidence' in the system. Since the credit crunch began two years ago, the number of these notes has rocketed by around 40million to cope with demand, the Bank of England said today. In an extraordinary speech tonight, the country's chief cashier, whose signature appears on every bank note, said the rise of the £50 in Britain was 'striking'.......
  22. re banks i was quoting from the allsop site for one i saw, plus some research i did a month ago on local shops out of interest, saw some paying 3k, most paying 5k. sounds like the fast food place needs a reassessment, that cant be right can it?
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