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  1. before these cuts, bonds were paying up to 8% in some institutions (apart from landslidingbanksinki in iceland)
  2. exactly how many times have i told people on here that they are already facing a wealth tax thx to the near zirp. lost count. theis govt is good at the stealth stuff then, quite obviously, sigh
  3. that treasury minister is hot stuff, enough to turn even the straightest man into a gay, 100 % guaranteed. i know i would.
  4. my essex res prop watch list: about 1 in 10 or so houses typically £4K drops every few weeks but a significant percentage then sell, however no removals vans seen, so... (only about 1 in 100 properties shows a price rise on my list, unsold of course) shops on my watch list in OTHER southern counties - 2/3rds sold in a few weeks
  5. of course the so-called low unemployment the uk has had was probably from expansion in the public sector with a lot of invented jobs that werent strictly necessary, i know for an absolute fact in the 90s my old ps job got filled by 4 people - 3 ft + 1 pt. i voiced disgust about it at the time.
  6. the culture of constant expansion + so-called rapid growth fuelled by more debt has long been a sickness. you'll find lots of small businesses out there who claim to have been successful not because they turned a profit or even were on track to by year 3 or 4 or 5, but because a banker had lent them money to "further grow" the business. in other words spin a bigger web to catch more flies but the web itself remains an insolvent project depending heavily on fly catching saturation at some future point which never comes. this is whats known as being a busy fool
  7. its absolutely dire, they are putting a brave face on the ugliest of financial situations, imo str people are again buying homes because they fear total meltdown not because they think they're good value. what a mess, how anyone can be bullish about property unless they expect to cash in (in whatever terms 'cash' applies) on the above panic is truly amazing
  8. http://uk.biz.yahoo.com/11122009/389/top-10-property-mistakes.html includes the pearls of wisdom "don't pay too much" and "don't believe the agent"
  9. i assume frizzers that you are mr frisby, i enjoyed the podcast last time
  10. i'm not sure anything they do can deliver "recovereh". the problem is far too big, they can only buy a little postponement, i think the real problems are not avoidable + any talk of recovery this side of 2012-2015 is probably wishful thinking. a patched up fascade of recovery maybe, the real deal no way
  11. should really all vote labour so that they reap what they sew + are hounded out of office by 2011, but unfortunately the tories will get the blame after coming to office + fixing this mess judging by the going for broke policies seen in the pbr, labour know they have no chance + dont care who has to pick up the pieces post election day bruiser ali c has been brought in to try to save them, but i dont think a manifesto of soft porn will cut much ice. "gordon rubbed ed's nipplies, yielding to his tender socialist lips + gave in to wave after wave of fiscal stimulae" looks like some major turd is on the way in Q2 + brown has decided slim chance of winning so best out asap
  12. somone i bumped into who works in retail in london + s.e. said the recession was nonsense + that people had lots of money to spend because they were saving bucketloads on their monthly mortgages. however, credit card interest is up but few realise that. how much she knows on this i dont know but she seemed to know what she was on about.
  13. all the elements are in place for a morons' housing rally:- property at prices which seem more out of touch with common sense sanity than ever before, low interest rates that can only go up, a government that has in our name borrowed £1.5 trillion from the future which we all have to pay for, firms holding off redundancies as long as they can as they keep blind faith, personal individual indebtedness/insolvency among worst in the world, huge tax hikes on the way, food price inflation kicking off big time (already started in the US), fuel prices soaring, job security wobbling, consumer credit card debt interest rising if that lot cant push house prices to new peaks with moron buyers, nothing can
  14. agents? they wont be happy until their estate agency offices are commandeered by the army as local aid distribution centres + soup kitchens, perhaps the uk didnt come close enough to total bankruptcy this most recent occasion + they want to finish the job this time once + for all anything to get rich quick rather than plan for the future with affordable, sustainable values
  15. i didnt see that programee no, but there are loads of pubs available + personally i dont think i have the expertise to turn a profit there so wouldnt touch one. theres so much to think about. someone i vaguely know bought a nice coffee shop, despite his contacts in business + years of experience in a related field, he's had to put it up for sale. he's been able to keep it running at a small loss for a few years as he's minted + lives in a prestige detached exec home with a park size garden so probably mewed it after settling with his wife for their divorce any of those savers taking on a freehold shop or whatever, be aware of considerable insurance, repairs, and worst of all obscenely high business rates which its hard to get any relief on. we're talking £3K for a tiny place to £10K or £20K+ for relatively modest floorspace.
  16. good grief balls really does have a website those who desperately seek power should never be given it
  17. you might be right, nothing would surprise me any more, they think they can do what they want because the govt has made property prices such a priority in the uk that agents probably think they have the blessing of HM Govt to pull whatever little stunts are necessary for queen + country.... i'm not sure i am joking actually. how long before estate agents are sworn to uphold property prices before a magistrate
  18. i was walking down a yob street the other day, solds everywhere. either they went cheap or the madness continues. was in leigh yesterday, every street i had to go into, sold sold sold.
  19. as i have said before + all joking aside, in 25 to 50 years time some of this govt's actions may be viewed by official historians as seriously destructive or even treasonous, that is if there still is a UK and its not just become an EU airport + shopping mall
  20. thats what the article says: Mr Healey said. The gap has widened in the recession, during which the average age of first-time buyers getting parental assistance has stayed the same but the average age of a first-time buyer without parental help has risen from 33 to 37 this is a very grim alarm bell
  21. i think you'll find anyone 'wealthy' as you call it has already paid this tax for nearly a year, as their interest rates on deposit have been more than halved or worse. this has subsidised people who wanted to buy property. the property you recently bought is also UP in value thanks to that wealth tax subsidising higher prices. this is a destructive cycle. the only answer is to stop it, not encourage it.
  22. average age of the first time buyer now gone to 37 from 33 ?????!!!! 33 was old enough - that alone tells us how ridiculously expensive UK property is. shocked
  23. no idea, the 'cheap' freehold shops on secondary parades seem to be selling in southern counties, pretty rapidly if my random sample is anything to go by
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